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I was unpacking my Bose F1 Sub and the zipper became stuck. The teeth on the zipper, instead of being locked in, one was sticking straight up. So, it was very difficult to get the zipper unzipped.

Anyone else having issues with the zippers?

Is this a warranted item from Bose?
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Hi Scott,

Please call Bose Support. They need to know about quality issues and they can tell you if this is covered under warranty.



Bose® Product & Technical Support at (877) 335-2673 (U.S. and Canada only)
Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM ET
My F1 sub bag zippers always get hung up on the bottom of the Sub when I'm slipping them on. They're new, so the case is still tight. I suspect they will stretch over time, but it is tough to get them on without the zippers getting stuck on the edge of the sub. I haven't had a problem with bent teeth, but you need to be careful lining them up..
I have the same issue.... The sub cases don't fit right or at least not as compared to the 812's which I have no problem with. I had to have one sub bag replaced as a zipper pull tab broke off with less than 10 shows played.

The zippers right at the bottom makes for several problems including the tabs getting underneath the cabinet when setting upright. Which caused the broken tab, have others that are bent already. I would suggest a redesign of the bags. I have the K series bags and they are engineered quite well for ease of use and long term durability.

Kudos to Bose support tho for quick turnaround, but fear the bags will be problematic long term.
Here is Nick's reply that was applicable to both conversations.

Originally posted by Nick from New Zealand:
Originally posted by John Baker:
...the zipper pull broke off... I'm trying to figure out a workaround fix

Cable ties (zip ties in some parts of the world). Big heavy ones, biggest ones you can find that will fit, then dasiy chain a 2nd one through the first one. Cheap and easy and nobody sees it.

I've not had much use for my F1 subs over the last few months. It's winter here plus I have a pair of L1s and 4 x B2s and packlites. I can tell you that if you leave the subs and bags alone for a few months, the bags stretch into place and get easier to use. No good for you guys in the busy northern hemisphere summer, I'm guessing.

Thanks Nick!

The Zipper tabs on the cases tend to break, but the zippers themselves are are at a position where they are frequent contact points during load in and load out of our band bus. So our zippers on bags less than two years old are busted. Not only that, but there are protruding tabs on the sub bottoms that apply and pressure point on the  bottom sides of the bags and have created rips. 

Not well designed bags, at all.

every zipper tab I have on all 4 cases is now zup ties.  I’m OK with that, as for no anyway, the zippers are still working.  I agree that the bags are a tight fit at first but mine are all worked in and are pretty easy at this point to get on and off the speakers, including the subs.   The only design change I could think of would be to have the zipper on the back but then you’re lying the case down on the floor and lifting the speaker into it.  Of course wheels on the bags would be nice too but unless they are really heavy duty, they tend to break too.

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