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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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I was seriously considering 2 Bose S1 Pro units for my wedding ceremonies. I'm on the fence but can't find enough Pros to offset the Cons acording to my application. 

I typically run 3 mics for ceremony but the S1 PRO has only 2 mic inputs. I would have to run an external mixer to accomplish my need. Also the additional price for the battery would put me greatly over the price of my current solution. 

If anyone is using this unit for the same type of application, I welcome any ideas or PROS and CONS

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Hi DJ8X,

Since May 10, 2018 the battery is included in the S1 Pro system at the same price.

How big are the wedding ceremonies (number of people, size of the venue)?

What would you be replacing with your two S1 Pro systems?


That's good to hear about the battery @ST

My average ceremony is roughly 100 people. I know the S1 Pro can handle that with ease. My only concern is mic input limitations. I run 2 lapels and a handheld..all wireless. I would run out of mic inputs with the S1 Pro. 

My current ceremony solution is a JBL Eon 208p. 


My Two Cents... I myself would run the three wireless systems into a mixer and send to the Bose S1 Pro's as line input. I always mute the three wireless channels before and after ceremony, I have found that unwanted conversation can be amplified as minister or groom can sometimes forget to mute, or sometimes mute the device (mistakenly during the ceremony) when it should be on. Once we begin the ceremony I prefer they leave the transmitters un-muted (Hands off) and I will handle it at the mixing location.    

I don't really want to run an additional mixer to a unit with built in mixer capabilities. If I have to do that, then I can just stay with my current solution. The point I'm trying to make is that the Bose S1 Pro would need distinct advantages over my current solution in order to justify the purchase. 


I think you’ve already answered your question. Namely, the S1 is not a solution for you. It seems your overriding requirement is to have a built in mixer with at least 3 mic inputs. If that’s the case, a single S1 simply won’t accommodate that. 

I wasn't really considering this unit once I saw the limitations (as stated in my original post). I was seeking others who use this unit for similar applications and get their feedback. My question was actually answered before my initial post. The ideas tossed have been very insightful however. 


 My current solution already includes a mixer which is why the Bose S1 Pro is not the solution for me. I do however appreciate your suggestions that DID NOT involve an external mixer. 

And to be clear, a mixer does not separate the professionals from non professionals. A professional could very well utilize the Bose S1 to its full potential within the context of their set-up...without an external mixer. 

This doesn't directly address the questions by the OP, but I thought I'd share my experience here. Two days ago I played at a wedding daisy-chaining two S1 Pros in battery-powered mode.  I played guitar instrumentals (no vocals this time) and used one of the vocal mic channels with a lapel mic for the preacher. I also used the Aux for canned music. I didn't have mics for the bride and groom. Anyway, it worked flawlessly. I set the S1 Pros on the ground in tilt back position so the stands wouldn't be in the wedding pics. Played for 60-100 people and the sound was great. I only heard very positive comments. There was plenty of headroom for more volume but I didn't need to turn it up past 50 percent. Another sound guy brought the lapel mic. Since it was wireless he had to connect it up to an DC-AC converter battery-charge type gizmo (which he brought). Had he used a regular mic or a non-wireless lapel mic, we could have easily connected it directly to the S1 Pros and gone with just the battery-power.  This setup gave us less cables, less visual clutter, less things to worry about like mixers, etc., and other than the wireless lapel mic, less "advanced" technology issues as well. It's very satisfying to know when you turn something on, it just turns on and works. And of course, setup and tear-down were a piece of cake, let alone getting the gear to the site which was about 500 feet away from the closest wall outlet.  Overall, a very satisfying day!

DJ8X posted:

Sounds like a winner. How did the vocal pick up for the groom and the bride sound seeing that you only had one mic

In this case, mics weren't really needed for the bride and groom since their speaking roles were pretty much limited to "repeat after me" stuff and "I do"s.  In knew in advance the script for the ceremony, so all parties agreed not mic'ing the bride and groom.  As you know, each case is different.  If we had a more involved ceremony that needed additional lapel mics, I'm sure I'd have had to pull out the battery-powered mixer too. 

Speaking of this, does anyone have any ideas for battery-powered wireless lapel mics?

Artie w/the Party posted:

Would one S1 have covered that ceremony do I need 2 for Wedding Ceremonys

Yes, I think one S1 would have covered this ceremony. However, I preferred two for the following reasons: 

1.) It's not about volume; it's about presence or fullness of the sound. Two S1's provide that fuller presence at a lower volume level. 

2.) Spreading the speakers provide better coverage for both sides of the seating area. 

3.) Not knowing exactly what the layout of the area was before arriving, having two S1s gave me more options and better confidence about meeting site location requirements. 

As it was, the layout was simple enough, and if needed, one S1 would have worked.

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