I want a cross between the S1 and the Compact. It should have bass response down to 40hz, 4 S1 type channels, phantom power, remote control of individual channel eq and volume, have volume/coverage/power capabilities that exceed the Compact, hard wired outs geared toward recording. Keep the multi position capabilities of both cabinets. Might have to sacrifice S1 tilt back floor configuration to allow stability for Compact style raised array.

Retain battery only if cost of battery can be the same as S1 and life is still in the 6 plus hour range.


There’s been a lot of S1 enhancement ideas in another post. So trying not repeating those items, It would be nice to be able control the S1’s mixer section from an app on a smart device.

Since the S1 is so portable, I find myself placing it at gigs in a variety of places which sometimes forces me to go back and forth from the unit to where I’m positioned to play to make adjustments. This may encourage use of a separate, centralized mixer to the S1 which, of course, complicates the setup and obviates some of the S1’s portability advantages.

Having an app vs hard controls might also allow some extra flexibility for the EQ such as having more ToneMatch choices or a Mid control.

Assuming wireless access, and not being aware of the power drain or reliability issues this might introduce, I fear this could have a negative impact on battery life and I wouldn’t want to see that happen. However, several competitors out there have done this with battery powered systems so it’s certainly possible. Question is, is it practical. I leave it to the Bose gurus to answer that! 😁

What would I like to see next? I agree with "oldghm" a bit bigger S1 Pro but that also has a matching sub with integrated stands, sort of a mini F1 system with top and sub. I currently use S1 Pros with small Behringer 500 watt subs for a very small DJ system. 

Just some S1 Pro upgrades.   The S1 hit a price range that made it possible for more people to own a Bose (average consumer/hobbiest that ocassionally plays out), made it portable and made it easy to use.  It would be great to continue creating items that fit into that category.  

Maybe a two channel version of the tonematch mixer -  that runs on recharable batteries.  I guess your first Tonematch was similar.  I never had the opportunity to use it.  Just something to give us more options for vocal and guitar.  Effects, eq and maybe some compression.  With none of those special connectors.  

There are some things that, apparently, will just never be cost effective, and others that seem like they should have happened in the design process of the S1, but didn't.

A bass line out seems to fit both categories, it should have been there to begin with, but it won't be in a updated model, at least not any time soon. That ship has sailed. (just one man's opinion)

There are currently available, battery operated, stereo mixers that sell for less than $100, I would not look for Bose to make a smaller T mixer, it's not going to happen. A battery pack for the existing T4, possible.

I too have used the S1 with a powered 12 inch sub with a built in crossover. It works, but it also defeats the simplicity of the S1. I am better off just taking the Model II. Low bass response requires a bit of weight in the cabinet, so that is the first sacrifice one has to make for 40hz and decent size room coverage. 

My reason for wanting a S1 / Compact cross that has a low end at 40hz is to keep the device as simple as the Compact and as useful as the L1S without the extra component of a bass module. 

Personally I think the S1 has the best vocal reproduction of all the portable Bose products. If that could be incorporated in a unit that would also reproduce my Logarhythm Travelog, it would do 99% of my gigs and I would be a happy camper, at least for a while.

I understand, I think, why some things happen the way they do. The S1, like the L1 series of products, is designed for, and work best, when used by a single person. The desire for more features is, in part, driven by the use of the products for more than one person. I have tried to imagine a small ensemble playing, with each musician having their own S1. I still think that a device designed for one person should have at least 3 full channels, preferably 4, simply because we use peripheral equipment, and we need them.



CityFolk posted:

In terms of a bigger S1 with subs, would having some sort of Bose interface from the line out to a B1 or B2 be something that could be a quick solution?


What about an S1 bass speaker, Battery powered and roughly the same size and weight as the S1pro. It could tie in to the current S1pro via the line out...maybe.

Starvin posted:


What about an S1 bass speaker, Battery powered and roughly the same size and weight as the S1pro. It could tie in to the current S1pro via the line out...maybe.

The weight of the S1 is not enough to have 40hz thumping without the cabinet walking or vibrating. It takes more mass in the cabinet for those lower frequencies to radiate out in the room instead of vibrating the cabinet itself.

If the sub was the same size and only weighed as much as the S1 and you tried to mount the S1 in a manner similar to the F1, the weight of the sub would be insufficient for stability once the S1 was raised.


@Oldghm you stated that ..."The S1, like the L1 series of products, is designed for, and work best, when used by a single person." 

From reading the Bose S1 product overview (see below) my understanding is the system is also designed for DJ's (probably in pairs) and general PA use (also shown is pairs using an external mixer). The system appears to be more of a multi use design for solo musicians, small DJ systems, and general PA. Do you concur what that assessment? 

Product Overview
Sound great anywhere with the ultra-portable Bose S1 Pro Multi-position PA system. Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor, practice amplifier and primary music system.

You also stated that... "I too have used the S1 with a powered 12 inch sub with a built in crossover. It works, but it also defeats the simplicity of the S1"

In my opinion using a 12" Sub in conjunction with a S1 Pro speaker does not defeat the simplicity of the S1 Pro, It's just a different application for a specific requirement, i.e. Sub Bass for improved DJ dance music. 



Hi Harry,

Point taken. 

Of course I speak from a live music perspective and you from recorded music playback. Without doubt the inclusion of the 3rd Bluetooth / 3.5mm channel tells us it was also designed for recorded music.

The absence of a bass line out might "suggest" that it was not designed for or intended to be a part of a system that needed a sub. 

 The fact that there are only two regular mic /guitar channel inputs, "suggests" only one live player. In the FAQS section when responding to question about placement on live stages the response from Bose is "performer", singular.

We have learned since the introduction of the Classic in 2004 that these small systems will be used in many ways not thought of or initially intended by the designers, and Bose has accommodated those users over time. The A1 and B2 comes to mind. The S1, multi position short line array, general purpose PA is another.

I am a solo performer and I have experimented with and played over many different systems in my career and will state unequivocally, for me, the L1 and the S1 when used for live music work best with only one player. In fact, in my experimenting, I have used two separate systems, one for guitar and one for vocal, and that is better than running both through one, but I don't think my audience would notice or appreciate the difference. The two primary differences between multiple users and a single user are clarity, and feedback issues. The lack of separation of sources or masking of tones can present situations that cause negative impact on players. 

As for the 12" powered sub defeating the simplicity of the S1. I went on to say, "I am better off just taking the Model II." I am fortunate to have multiple L1 systems, and yes, for me, If I need the low end, the Model II is preferable to the S1 and the powered sub. For me it is preferable because my sub weighs almost as much as the complete Model II system, is more ungainly to handle, especially if one is loading in and out of a sedan trunk.

I suppose from the perspective of a powered sub being a required component of a sound system, the S1 is a blessing, and I hadn't considered that perspective.


OK here it goes...

I would like to see Bose offer a new high performance speaker line which is outdoor rated and a step up from the F1 in terms of overall SPL output.

First cabinet I would like to talk about is a main FOH top box. They should be capable of a peak SPL of 135 db (or more). I also think this new box should have double twelve inch drivers giving the user more energy to the low-mids allowing for stronger reproduction of the frequencies in 300-100 Hz range where most of the lower information of rack toms and and snare reside. This speaker would not be used as a full range box and only needs to go down to about 75 Hz from there on subs in the system do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the bass frequencies.

I think it would also be beneficial to have the high frequency driver(s) only on the top of the box so that they can be raised over the head level of the crowd... basically more of a long throw design than the F1 812 series. These main FOH tops should be able to be pole mounted or ground stacked on top of the subs depending on how the user would like top configure the system. If use in ground stacked configuration it would be awesome if these speakers could be attached some how to the subs when there are at least to subs per side. 

I think this series should be available in both passive and active formats... perhaps only the passive versions would be outdoor rated. *Look at all the cheap Bluetooth speakers that are water proof.. I don't think it would be that hard.

I also think the dispersion angle of these new high performance speakers should be something like 70x50 or 75X40 allowing the user to get them closer together before having phasing issues... I would also like to see at launch recommendations from Bose on  more scale-able options allowing the user to use  two to three tops per side for larger shows. Perhaps this would require the boxes to have a more traditional HF driver to eliminate phasing issues... I would be OK with that as long as they had a lower crossover point like say 1.2 kHz to keep the vocals sounding clean. BTW Bose uses multiple HF drivers in there top of the line line arrays... perhaps use one of those.

 It would be nice to see  these main FOH top boxes coming in at around 65 lbs (or less). 

The subs offered in this new series should be able at least to hit 130 db (or more) and be able to comfortably go down to 32 Hz. Perhaps single 18" neodymium driver would be a good idea, allowing the weight and size to be kept to a minimum. The sub should be able to be stacked with at three high. The subs should lock together to create a solid foundation for the main FOH speakers.

It would be neat to see the subs be made of some new space-age dense polymer that would not sacrifice any performance. If wood has to be used  it should be something like 13-ply birch plywood with internal bracing for both strength and longevity of use. The wood should have a durable finish that is extremely scratch resistant. 

The sub should come in at 80 lb (or less). 

The boxes in this series should be ergonomically made, having the handles in the proper locations for easy transport. The grills should be heavy duty as to not be dented easily. Caps on the corners would be nice if the cabinets are made of wood for added protection.

I would like to see this line come with basic padded slip covers with deluxe bags available at launch for an additional fee. 

If passive boxes are offered it would be nice if Bose provided tuning data for the to allow the user to dial in the optimal settings for each cabinet with say a popular amp such as a Crown XTI 4002.

I feel price of these should be around $1500 or $2000 each for the tops/subs depending if you are wanting passive or active cabinets. This price point would allow people to buy a starter set like two subs and two tops and expand as they wish.

Perhaps Bose could use this line to introduce a new high powered floor wedge similar to the current F1 812 is size but having the proper angle to be used in this way. Perhaps this box may also need to utilize a traditional HF driver to get the vocals up over a noisy stage.  

I feel this speaker line would be great for mid sized live sound company owners like my self looking to expand, but do not have the funds/needs to invest in a large line array systems that Bose is offering. I believe this new series could also be successfully deployed by touring bands... the ones that are big, but not quite national acts. These bands typically require more overall volume than F1 series can provide. I feel there is a definite gap in the speaker lines that Bose currently offers. This gap unfortunately excludes the mid sized sound company's/"semi pro" bands that would like to be able to do outdoor shows for crowds of 750-1500 people with the adequate headroom needed in these live environments. 

...well you asked. 

From my perspective, it appears that a lot of folks are really liking the portability and ease of set up with battery power and wireless.  This just seems like the logical next step in the evolution.

That said, I'd like to see the following if possible:

  • The ability to use B1 or B2 units with S1.  
  • Battery Power for the ToneMatch mixers. 
  • ToneMatch Mixers with some form of wireless output to the S1s.  BlueTooth seems to be the obvious choice but there may be other alternatives.

I don't have one but I like the idea of the Turbosound IP2000 V2 . ..  a B2 type sub with ability to mount the two radiators in it with double the current power offering and at least 18 mid highs in the radiators... 24 if separate from the new B2.  With 3-4 channels built in w at least reverb and EQ per channel

Nice discussion , good to see people getting very specific with their desires /requests 

I own & L1 compact & an (new for me) F1 one system - for me ATM its hard for me to imagine something sounding better than the F1 - definately the best sound speak/sub combo I`ve owned yet IMHO

I did try out an S1 pro and didnt retain is because for me it just didnt have enough low end thump - I play with a bass stomp on the floor and do some aggressive palm slapping on the bridge of my acoustic , as much as I wanted to like it the S1 Pro fell short in being able to bring out the low end detail .....so more of that in your next build please Mr Bose :-)

I own a T1 & a TS8- for me I would most definately like to see remote control on the next mixer (or possibly even this one if a suitable software upgrade can be created) - remote control should standard on all digital mixers in this day & age , its a feature I find invaluable (having previously used a QSC touchmix 16)

more eq(room tunning) & more scene saving options would also be appreciated (again spoiled by QSC)

Thank you bose for making these discussions possible & listenning to your customers 

peace :-)

So at the beginning of this thread I suggested a S1 Pro plus. Something to fit between the Compact and a Model II or F1. S1 style only bigger.

The S1 has become my favorite of the Bose systems. Not because it does everything, it doesn't, but because I use it almost every day.

Now I want to go in the other direction. I want a S1 Jr. A friend was over the other day and we were looking at the S1. He asked about the array inside and the Compact was sitting right there so I pulled the array out of the base and handed it to him with a flashlight. As we talked and compared I began to think, Could Bose put three of those little speakers from the Compact in a cabinet half the size of the S1? Could they get the same sound, perhaps less volume or area coverage, but the same sound?

I was thinking about motorcycle camping. Picnics on the creek. Busking. Entertaining in 400 sq ft or less.

What do you think?


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