Bose P.A.S. Rocked the DJ CONVENTION...

Bose Staff:

Let's put all the anti Bose dj's in there place. Please consider setting up the sound for the dj convention that takes place in late August. It's attended by a few thousand dj's every year and the last few year's sound systems were awful. It would be so much positive exposure for the Bose P.A.S, if you guys came in and slammed them with a large P.A.S. demo/setup for the events in the main ballroom. These are the events that most of the dj's all go to and listen to the sound system.

During the week there are also classroom based seminars that have a mix of sound systems that hurt peoples ears. Bose P.A.S. in these environments would flourish due to the accurate voice it amplifies.

If you were willing to train me on how to set up the sound for super large ballroom, I would be more than willing to take a few days off from my regular job to help promote the systems. The event in the main ballroom includes performances, dj spinning tunes and general announcements. Popular pro audio manufacturers such as Crest Audio, Yorkville, B52 were used over the past years and were considered a pretty dissapointing audio experience.

I've used my system for an event as large as 500 people and was very impressed but most dj's I tell this to always come back with thos popular non-thinking man's cliche "no highs or lows must be Bose"

Please consider this great promotion for Bose!

Andy Look
Original Post
I've been to all DJ Times East Coast Expo's. Every year, they get smaller and smaller (down an estimated 50% in vendors and vendors space from 10 years ago), they remain at the DJ-101 level, and the quality vendors who have innovative hardware and software don't bother coming anymore.

Why? Traditional DJ mentality and Price wars!
"The guy at booth 102 said he'd sell it to me for $10 dollars less. What'll you sell it to me for? Okay, $5 less. Hold on, I gotta go back and talk to the other guy now."

One look at the price tag and 90% would drop dead from shock. Finding out there's no wheeling and dealing would kill off another 5%.

So, Bob, maybe having them this year in Atlantic City might help eliminate some of your competitors, eh?

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