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Bose L1 Model II - Power Drops


Over the years I've a number of what appeared to be "power output drops" when gigging with The Model IIs - this was manifested by a drop in music volume output.

We play a number of venues where the power available is "less than ideal" and we can get hum introduced when venue equipment is switched on and off during the night but, more worryingly, we have also experienced these "power output drops".

These happen rarely but are worrying when they do and are unsettling at best. 

I read somewhere that the Bose L1 contains a number of "protection circuits" to self protect the unit from damage.  I was wondering whether this was a possible cause?

Should I invest in a "power condition / stabaliser"?

Jim S.

Original Post

Hi Jim - 

I've been a happy L1 M2 user for many years, though the system hasn't been perfect (had a power stand failure, and Bose replaced it... long story, but a happy ending). These power issues are so frustrating.

After years of running into power issues at venues, I finally bought a power conditioner (Furman). My son's band is currently using it at every gig for the past six, as they play a ton of gigs. I found that it really helped keep things "steady." It's been a while since I looked at the features on the unit, but I recall it helped keep power steady by storing voltage/current to make up for deficiencies it could detect from the power source. Pretty cool.

Good luck!



not sure what you mean by power "dropouts" .. I did document here as far back as 2007 with the model 2 that after a while  (90min-2hrs), output volume does indeed seem to drop.  I bought another used Model 2 last year and still experience this.  Perhaps the amp just get very hot and loses efficiency .. I remember reading where a power conditioner is not recommended

Thanks for the feedback. 

By "power dropouts", I mean that the sound volume noticably decreases for a short period.  First few times it happened, the volume came back so quickly that I thought that I must have been imagining it.

However, other band members had noticed similarly instances over the years and, on a few occasions, the "dropout" lasted for a minute or more.

I can't see a power conditioner doing any harm and I thought it might "even out" spurious voltage spikes and so prevent trigerring of any "protection circuits" within the Bose L1.

I had the typical volume trouble last nite again.  Pretty much every gig... perhaps its just limiting that's giving me the sense of lower volume , who knows.   My lights on the power stand and A1 never turn red though, which makes me think I'm not limiting?  As per power conditioners, etc, I found the info I remembered from way back.... not sure if this pertains to what you have in mind ... "We do not recommend external voltage regulators because we found that in many cases they cause more harm then help. The amps and power supplies in the L1 use highly efficient switching technology, Many voltage regulators are not a good fit for this technology since they are simply not fast enough.
The L1 is designed to be quite resistant against any AC voltage swings and will operate fine even down at 97 Volts.
Source: Hilmar-at-Bose


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