Can anyone help please , Just had to cancel gig , it was a low ceiling so used just lower tower , after 20 mins I heard a crack or maybe a bang , the sound went off and power base  light turned red . I switched off and tried again after 30 secs  , it went normal (blue light ) for 30 seconds and then stayed red . Had to come home . Thanks Francis .

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I have read and done many times what to do with a low ceiling ( its actually in the Bose official instructions) with no probs what so ever . it says use lower tower with a simple jack plug in the jack output of the power stand to reduce bass boom  . absolutely  the lower tower has speakers in it !

Hi Francis,

There seems to be some confusion about which model L1 that you have, however, I don't think it matters as far as using it with just the bottom array.

When you contact support be sure to have the exact model and serial number available.


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