bos files not compatible with my mac???

Hi tpernal,

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Before updating your firmware: What version level is your T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine? (T1® for short)

  1. Turn the Rotary Selector to Prefs

  2. Press the first button

  3. Turn the first button until you see Versions
  4. Press the button

  5. The versions for the firmware will be displayed. The versions shown below are sample values.
    See:T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Firmware Updates for the latest firmware

  6. See:T1 ToneMatch® Audio Engine Firmware Updates for the latest firmware

Right now the latest T1® firmware is 1.8.

What have you got?

Notes: What version of the T1® Firmware do I have

Hi again tpernal,

tpernal posted:

I want to try updating my firmware but when I open the file/firmware installer it way file not compatible

IF you need to update the firmware in your T1® because your T1 is not at version 1.0

You'll need

Does that help?


Hi tpernal,

Great! You've got the latest firmware. You don't have to update.

Please tell us exactly what the error message says, and what you're doing when you see it.

Are you following these instructions?

Once you've got the L1 Updater software running you can download

Takamine Presets

Please check out this video before you try loading the Takamine Presets.

There is no Preset specifically for the Telefunken M-80.




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