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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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Bluetooth on S1 Pro...

Hi ST,

Just wonder: considering S1 Bluetooth connectivity is always “turn on” and actively “seeking” device to pair with (but also not being LE version or at least I was not able to find that exact detail information in the manual), would you recommend to use a very simple solution by plugin in a 3.5mm TRS male to 3.5m TRS female, right angle adapter - see the pic attached?

There is no option of switching Bluetooth on or of, except when the miniature headphone input is “occupied” - meaning is either wireless-bluetooth or wired/headphone cable for iPhone/iPad/iPod/laptop or MP3 player for backing tracks etc. What’s your thought on the subject of saving battery when there is no need to use INPUT 3?

As all mobile/cellular manufacturs recommending to turn off Bluetooth function to save battery, would that be applicable to S1 too?




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I thought I saw ST mention in a response to another topic that the Bluetooth goes into pairing mode when activated, but if nothing connects within 2 minutes, it turns itself off and you have to turn the S1 of and back on again to reactivate it. So it doesn’t take up battery power if nothing gets connected. That’s my understanding. 


In the link referenced above by ST you will see that the Bluetooth button can also be used to determine the battery level if you have one:

Checking the Battery Level
To check the battery, turn on the S1 Pro (switch in the top position). Wait until the power light is steady blue. Double tap the Bluetooth button (tap tap in under a second). Count how many times the power light blinks before returning to steady blue.

Looking at that link, I’m going to interpret things as Bluetooth is active in pairing mode when the S1 is first turned on for 2 minutes. If nothing is paired, Bluetooth turns off. If you want to go into pairing mode again, I’m assuming you could hold the Bluetooth button down for the appropriate number of seconds to reactivate or turn the unit off-on. 

But ST, perhaps you could verify my interpretation?


rahul bhattacharyya posted:

What is then the use of the bluetooth button? The manual says we need to press it for 10 secs to enable bluetooth. So, bluetooth may not be ON by default. But i may be wrong.

That's when your Bose S1 Pro arrives (if your unit hasn't been used). Prior to be able to use the BT, you have to press that button like that, in order for it to "wake up".

Ok, thanks for all the info, but here's the thing: when I have pair my iPhone/iPad Pro/iPadAir/and another iPhone for the first time with S1 Pro, speaker now remembers all that pairing sequences and now anytime any of those units are around (and have Bluetooth turn "on" which is all the time for a various reasons like Apple Watch Apps etc.), my S1 Pro is connecting with the first gadget available and that is draining it's battery at much quicker rate so it won't last even near promised 6 hours.

Basically for the first 2 days, S1 Pro wouldn't last more than 4-4.5 hours and I couldn't work out why. Now I know that unless I check if any of the above have Bluetooth turn "on" and Bose S1 Pro is still on the list (have not been deleted by using the option of "Forget this device"), it will connect automatically - and very quickly indeed (excellent job Bose if that's what we want).

Since I have deleted S1 Pro from all the units (and when I want to use the Bluetooth connection I will pair it every time), everything works as suppose to be - 6-8 hours no problem.

Hi Julian8028,

Yes, the S1 Pro system connects to previously paired Bluetooth device automatically when you turn on the S1 Pro.  You don't have to clear the pairing list and remove the S1 Pro from your Bluetooth device every time.

You can disconnect the connection on the source device and then the S1  Pro will eventually time out and turn off Bluetooth, usually within 2 minutes.

Please follow this link for more details.

Disconnect S1 Pro from a Bluetooth Device


@Julian8023 do you initially turn on the S1 with active Bluetooth devices around it?

Or after you have the S1 on for a period of time where the pairing should be off and there are no Bluetooth devices around and then get into a proximity of a Bluetooth device does the S1 then go into pairing mode without you doing anything to the S1? 

Yes, all my device have their bluetooth turn “on” almost all the time, so when S1 was turn on, it would pair immediately usually with my iPhone X. But once I have removed S1 Pro from the paired list on all devices, unless I want that connectivity to proceed, S1 will indeed wait for around 2 minutes and it will stop scanning for possible connection. By doing it that way, I am certain I can save the battery from draining it faster. If that makes sense?

Hi Julian8023,

Sure, what you're doing makes sense. I've found it takes fewer steps to go to the Bluetooth device and disconnect the S1 Pro than to remove the pairing completely, and have to re-pair each time I use a device. 


Hi CityFolk,

If the S1 Pro system Bluetooth light is off (because it has timed out), if you press it briefly, it will blink.

With the Bluetooth light blinking, I've been able to initiate a Bluetooth connection from a previously paired device. This worked with:

  • An IOS 11.4 device
  • An Android 7.0 device
  • A Windows 10 device


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