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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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I picked up this USB powered mixer on wish dot com, yesterday. With a USB Power Bank Battery, this mixer is usable of the grid, without AC power. Channels 1 and 2 can be assigned +48V phantom power, affording condenser microphones and my LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI box with active preamplifier directly from the mixer. The 3RD USB/AUX/BlueTooth 3RD Stereo Channel has it's own independent bass and treble tone controls, allowing equalization on the BlueTooth Channel, which has been a highly requested feature for the Bose S1 Pro battery powered PA System. This mixer has a high quality delay assignable digital delay effect, built in. This mixer can also be assigned to use as a recording studio to input a PC/laptop. This mixer will also accept the USB audio output from a laptop or computer. I have been experimenting using the 1/8” headphone output of this mixer into the Channel 3 1/8” input of my Bose S1 Pro with outstanding results! I've included the owners manual here, so y'all can determine if this can remedy y'all dilemas.























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Aloha e Michael. It came with a USB wall plug. I ran iHeart Radio Bluetooth through the mixer using earbuds in the headphone out at pretty high volume overnight powered by a 16 Amp USB Power Bank Battery I already own. I just started charging the USB Power Bank Battery and only one of the 4 LED's is blinking. That means that there's at least 75% battery life left in my USB Power Bank. Without doing further testing, I would guess that a 16 Amp USB Power Bank will run this mixer for, at a minimum, a full day. I have not had the opportunity to us it with my band in a live setting, yet.

Yes, @Michael , I briefly tried a Sennheiser E935 through Channel 1 and then through Channel 2 using just a little bit of delay and the delay surprised me, as it was clean when inputted into Channel 3 of my Bose S1 Pro using the 1/8" headphone output from the mixer. I have not experimented with the +48V Phantom power, yet. This mixer is solidly built, with a tough plastic case 

@Michael , either of the Left/Right outputs of the mixer could be used to input Channel 1 or Channel 2 on the Bose S1 Pro. I like using the headphone out, as it frees up Channel 1 and Channel 2 on the Bose S1 Pro to use with up to 2 additional microphones/instruments. Solo, y use the iReal Pro App for backing tracks.

Gotcha ..I thought about that after I messaged you why you probably do it that way ...cool thanks a lot ,certainly seems like a good mixer for the price and portability ...I'm happy with the S1 I think the sound is great for vocals ,but nice to be ablate tweak the sound to make it sound even better .

     Thanks again .

I do not keep the mixer far from my Bose S1 Pro, @Michael . With my battery powered Behringer 1002B mixer, I place it on a folding TV tray next to me with the Bose S1 Pro in front of it in the tilt-back position on the ground. This mixer is smaller, lighter and definitely has a smaller footprint than my Behringer 1002B and has the addition of a delay effect and built-in BlueTooth.

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