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We play in a bluegrass band that is all accoustic. The Stand up bass is the only pick-up.


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We actually set it all up last Saturday in a large metal building with a cement floor and were very happy with the sound we got.  Even got good volume out of just the one tower.  Our main problem that we always run in to is getting the guitar to be loud enough.  We have that mic so hot that it causes feedback.  It's a constant struggle even when others are doing the sound for us.  Do you have any suggestions on settings that would help mic a pre-war D-18 Martin guitar?  It's running through the Tonematch right now and set on Martin D-28 as there wasn't one for the D-18.

Hi J9,

J9carter posted:

Shure Beta 58A for vocals

SM 137 for instruments (dobro has his own mic, not sure what it is)


The Shure SM137 looks like it could be okay for this application, but you'd need to have it close to the guitar and be careful that it can't see the L1®.  That is, the line of sight from the microphone to the L1® should be obscured by the guitar player's body.

What kind of feedback are you hearing; a high-pitched squeal or a lower-pitched howl? 

From your sketch, it looks like the SM137 is the fourth microphone connected to the T1®.  The T1® has only 3 XLR inputs. How are you connecting the SM137 to the T1®?

J9carter posted:

PS.  I was told a few times that the L1 wouldn't work with so many microphones.  That the L1 was made for "plugging in"?

Well... this depends on many things like:

  • the volume of the voices and instruments
  • the number of microphones
  • the type of microphones
  • microphone technique and positioning relative to the sound source
  • the volume required for the audience
  • the position of the L1® in relation to the microphones

Here are some tips.

Microphone Feedback



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