Blue enCore 300 vs Shure Beta 87A - Follow Up

This is basically a follow up on my experience with these two mics and a Bose L1:

As some of you will recall - for about a year I used an 87A as my main vocal mic in a rock cover band where I sing lead vocals. Loved every minute of it. Then the mic crapped the bed at about the 13 month period. I bought it used for $150 from a guy that used it to record six songs and that is it. Always took good care of it, etc.

Went shopping for a new mic on a Saturday - as I had a show the next Friday. I tried several dynamic mics - and nothing felt as good to me as the Beta 87A. I then noticed the enCore series ads (from the promotion that they were running that month). I asked the sales guy about Blue -and he was really talking them up. All they had was an encore 100 - so I compared that to all the other dynamics that I used that day - and I was very impressed with it. Went home and started to research the 300 - and decided to give it a go at the sales price of $159.

Took delivery the next Wed - in time for a rehearsal for the Friday show. I was instantly impressed. The sound was very full and clear. Dialed up the zEQ on our T1 with the Neuman KMS 105 pre-set and cut the lows at 80 Hz based upon the experience of another Bose L1/Blue enCore 300 user - and it was essentially set for prime time.

Since then I have played many shows with the 300 - and I have zero complaints. Still love the thing.

Meanwhile - I decided to send the Beta 87A to Shure for repair - to have as a back up. Cost me $110 - and today - they sent me back a brand new 87A. Not a repair. Maybe a re-furb - but it was in a brand new type box - with all the accessories and liturature that a new product would come with - including mic clip and cable tie.

Tonight I did an brief A/B btw the enCore and the Beta 87A. The latter is going to be for sale - and I will be buying another 300. There is just no comparison. Blue really hit a home run with this thing - IMO.

One of my partners bought a 100 while they were on sale for $79. Talk about a bargain.
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