Hi everyone!! I am new to the Bose L1 system. Here is my story, I play in a 5 piece female fronted cover rock band, playing small gigs in North Tampa, Florida area. We have a top end triple system with mains, when stacked up on the sides of the stage, hits the 7 foot tall mark. Also, a full rack with effects, crossovers, over 3000 watts of power amps, 4 floor monitors and enough cables to go around the world twice. It takes an average of 4 hours to set up for a gig. Now, the band is not a full time working band, all the members have full time careers, and are just a bunch of friends that like to hang out and have fun playing music. We ended up getting a Bose L1 to try out at practice to see how we would like it. We were non believers but were interested in the ease of the system. The first night of practice, we hooked everything to the mixer (Bass, guitar, keys and vocals) and then to the L1 analog. We were shocked on how clear everything was, I could hear things the bass and guitar player were playing that I didn't notice before. Plus, the room volume was lower and everyone was smiling. We ended up getting another L1 with tonematch and played a outdoor party for some friends to try out the Bose system in a real setting. The sound was unbelievable and the system was plenty loud enough. In fact (IMO) I think the volume was lower than the triple system but seemed like the music had more engery. The bassist and guitarist are now getting their systems to round everything out. The best part, after the party, we had everything broke down, having a drink watching the drummer still breaking down his kit. I am sold on the L1 and I sit and wonder how I lived so long without it. Bill.
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