On behalf of a group of artist-owners and contributors to this message board, you are invited to a celebration of live music and an entirely new approach to amplification.

One of the members of our artist-owner community has graciously made available a stunning, private music and dance studio, high atop a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, CA, one of the most stunning places on earth.

We've made special arrangements to stay in a beautiful lodge located in the redwood forest.

More details will follow in this (closed) thread, where the organizers can place vital information about the event.

Attending from Bose will be:

Ken Jacob: Director and Chief Engineer, Live Music Technology Group

Clifford Henricksen: senior engineer, system inventor, musician, Live Music Technology Group

Kyle Sullivan: product manager, musician, Live Music Technology Group

Chris Ickler: senior research scientist

Guy Balbaert: European Manager, musician, Europe Live Music Technology Group

Wiechert Vermeulen: musician, product specialist, Europe Live Music Technology Group

Check out the three scholarships being offered for this event below in this thread.

We very much hope to see you there.

Ken Jacob
Chief Engineer
Bose Live Music Technology Group


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We'll leave this space for all the official details and announcements.

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Here's information on our accommodations:

I've made arrangements to get a group discount for the nights of April 23rd, 24th and 25th at the incredible Big Sur Lodge so that we'll all be in one place and not scattered up and down Highway 1. You can see and read about the Lodge, its beautiful setting and the many things available to us here.

I expect most of our group will arrive Sunday afternoon or evening, but several of us are planning on being there from Saturday until Wednesday morning. Our main Bose-O's day will be Monday the 24th culminating with a performance by the Big Sur Natives that evening, with a looser schedule of activities and a press event happening on Tuesday.

Standard cottages, normally $129, will be ours for $119. Cottages with wood-burning fireplaces, normally $159, will be $149. Extra rooms can be added to many of the cottage units, and units with kitchens are available as well. Camping is available right next door to the Lodge.

At the moment the Lodge is in the middle of a major remodel of the main building. It will be ready with new lounge, fireplaces, lobby and dining room by our arrival. They are installing a T1 line and have a WiFi hotspot planned.

If you're ready to book a reservation, please contact Jack Ellwanger directly at rocinante@pelicannetwork.net or 831/667-2025, and be sure to tell him you're part of the Bose group to get the special rate.

Jack has come up with a myriad of ideas for our event including:

• a wine and cheese reception by the river in the redwoods
• a spectacular breakfast buffet
• an outdoor BBQ
• a candlelight dinner on the deck over the river in the redwoods
• a catered buffet by the pool at the conference center
• guided interpretive hikes to wondrous waterfall settings
• unbelievably beautiful beaches for picnics, and much more.

This will be an amazing opportunity to make some music, enjoy an incredibly scenic part of the world, and hang out with the folks responsible for bringing us the Cylindrical Radiator®. Please join us!
Dear Musicians,

I am pleased to announce the creation of 3 BOSE BIG SUR BASH SCHOLARSHIPS.

Winners will have their hotel rooms and air travel up to $300 paid by Bose.


- Owner of one or more Cylindrical Radiator(r) speakers.

- Musician with a focus on live performance.

- Community member with a solid track record of helping others.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please send a Private Message to Ken-at-Bose.

The deadline is Friday April 7. Winners will be informed on April 10.

Thank you,

Ken Jacob
Chief Engineer
Bose Live Music Technology Group
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