Howdy folks,

Lightning doesn't strike the same place three times.

Something else is going on.

This "thing" called an L1™ users conference has been a spectacular success, and we're hoping that some of you are inspired to help organize one in your part of the North America.

We've had some discussion since Saint Louis, and we believe there are some common ingredients to a successful conference (I'm happy to hear suggestions for improving this list):

  • A local cell of L1 enthusiasts, willing to do a little work to help organize the event.

  • Participants from Bose who are knowledgeable and giving.

  • Local musicians that want to know more about the L1 approach.

  • A venue that's friendly and conducive to live music and conversation.

  • Sleeping accomodations that are economical for people travelling to the event.

  • Great live music, played by the participants.

Bose can certainly supply the personnel. We can also help to offset some costs, and bring goodies to give away.

So what are we waiting for?

Who wants to go next?

  • Colorado?

  • Canada?

  • Minneapolis?

  • Christmas in Connecticut?

  • Miami?

  • SoCal?

  • PacNW?

I look forward to reading your responses.



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Colorado sounds good!

I think a big part of the magic has been rural or semi-rural locations without many outside distractions. Vacation destinations with options for spouses and kids to get lost at the beach, on hikes, whatever, make it easier to justify the trip.

Traditional convention spots like Anaheim or Las Vegas make my flesh crawl...

I really loved both Big Sur and Ashland; I'd happily return to either or both locations. It was great having access to Bose HQ.

I second CO (or third, as I see Alan jumped in while I was typing). I actually mentioned it while visiting with my 3 favorite Bose boys in St. Louis, then remembered Mrs. Ickler's request for that locale.

Watching with anticipatory enthusiasm. Of course, that's pretty easy, since I'm still basking from STL.

I haven't yet checked the map myself (I am ashamed to say that in front of Ken Wink), but I thought just yesterday about the Broadmoor (sp?). I know they have adequate facilities, but I don't know about cost.

Staying tuned...

If Colorado, how about the Chataqua at Boulder? They have various lodging/meeting spaces, also some cabins, I think.

The Banshees have talked about touring in Colorado, but some how I'm guessing this will happen first. We really should have made it to Big Sur, doggone it. Was impossible, but I can still sigh.
I'm thinking of something at a rustic place with cabins & no phone/internet service like Big Sur was. I used to work at a dude ranch that would be perfect if it hadn't sold & become a private home. I'd like to stay on the cheaper end if we can. If the cabins place has a community room where we can play it would be ideal. I'm envisioning some place in the mountains with hiking opportunities & seclusion.

Is this what everyone else is wanting?
Nothing wrong with rustic.

I don't need internet service. A telephone, somewhere (or good cell service), would be nice (thinking of the child back home). A clean bathroom is a must, as well as heat and/or a/c, depending on the season.

Other amenites aren't necessary, but I wouldn't want to be completely "in the sticks". Well, you know, in a forest of L1's...that'd be okay.

Well, I/we am/are kind of a long-shot for attending. And I'm from Bakersfield so I'm not exactly local. But since I mentioned it, here are the Chataqua (Boulder, CO) rates.

Although it's all too easy to slide down the hill to the temptations of Boulder, the grounds are lovely, removed from the rush, and have meeting spaces along with cabins.

Any list folk from Boulder, by the way...?
When the Chautauqua Movement came to Boulder in 1898, the only accommodations on the grounds were rows of canvas tents on wooden platforms. Gradually, the tent city was replaced with cottages in an assortment of styles and sizes. Today, there are ninety-nine cottages on the grounds, thirty-nine of which are privately owned. Sixty cottages are available for rent.

Low Season Regular Season
Efficiency $109 $99-$119
One Bedroom $129 $119-$139
Two Bedroom $144-$226 $154-$242
Three Bedroom $176 $179-$194

All rates are per night and do not include 10.25% accommodations tax.
Regular Season dates: May 4 – October 29, November 21-27 and December 20-31, 2007. The rest of the year is Low Season.
I'm going to contact a few other L1 owners in Colorado who don't frequent our board to see if they have any knowledge of great places I haven't thought of in Colorado. I think the rural nature, beauty, & seclusion is key to creating the fertile ground for a truly unique & wonderful experience. We'll try to make it not too difficult to get to. I'm hoping something like the old Caribou Studio where so many great recordings were made in the 70's is available.
Whatever place you et al find will be wonderful!

As to timing: I LOVE Colorado in the Fall! But I'm afraid Sept - Nov are sorta booked. When I do manage to attend, I'm hoping to bring the bandmates along. Precious and few are the weekends for a while, here.

When it's right...and all that. Best to you for easy arrangements!

Originally posted by Tom Munch:

I know it's too soon for you St. Louis folks, & it may be too soon for booking a good place, but a lot of us haven't seen each other since Ashland last Fall & are ready for a face-to-face.


Good point.

I am certain you'll plan it perfectly, regardless of season. We'll try to make it work, whenever the time comes.

I'm not very sure of myself here, but I'll toss out my thoughts for consideration. I think the "tourist destination" factor is important in order to draw in folks by plane. The most natural sequence seems to me to be a conference this winter in someplace nice and warm, followed by a summer event high in the Rockies. That way Tom and others who missed St. Louis won't have to wait until next summer for the next conference. All that's missing in that plan is a southerly home for a winter conference, which I admit is a big flaw at the moment. Any takers there?
Oh, Oh, Oh! How about Orlando or the Atlantic coast of Florida?! We're already cruising for a four nighter the first week of January, so we'll be there!

Oh, yeah, good call, Chris! Okay Florida in January it is.

(sure, I joke - like I said before, whenever it is, hope we can make it)

Okay, I'll try to be quiet now...

I appreciate Chris' sage advice always, but I think Spring & Fall are better lull times for musicians. Summers are always booked up solid for me & tourist destinations are at peak busyness & prices. Between Spring & Fall, Colorado is best in the Fall in the mountains since the Spring can be a thawing muddy mess.

Then again, maybe twice a year is too much unless we have a lot of new faces attending. I think Ken's idea of leaning toward many smaller gatherings of musicians throughout the year with maybe one universal gathering may be more manageable.

Am I throwing out too many ideas here, or do we need to look at this more broadly?

I'm still game for this Fall if we can get a good venue, but it will limit who can make it since it's not very long from now it seems.

I can probably find a camp near Colorado Springs that would do. That would be close to an airport, & close to some tourist opportunities (Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, Royal Gorge).

I guess the last two weeks of August is too soon, but I'll be somewhere in the Rockies then anyway.

Choose a place with a good veiw of some high country, a little moving water, relatively easy access to some thin air, a temperture range that makes a sweater feel good, a porch with some wooden chairs, a weekend in early October, yea.

I can probably find a camp near Colorado Springs that would do. That would be close to an airport, & close to some tourist opportunities (Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, Seven Falls, Royal Gorge).

We're missing our annual Colorado trip this year due to work you're gonna make me come up with an excuse to come out there anyway. Roll Eyes

That venue sounds very hard to resist, Tom.
Arizona is nice in the fall - especially Sedona, Jerome, Prescott. Only problem is that the nicer the weather the more expensive it gets! I'm more familiar with places around the Phoenix area but they don't have quite the feel of Big Sur. Aaron Stone lives in Sedona (I think) He may have some ideas. I'll do some checking around if not for the next one, maybe a future event. I may be able to swing Colorado this fall with the Groove Merchants Horns in tow if it falls on the right weekend.
I was flying from LA to Boston, and about an hour out, we flew over a glorious red rock formation and a secret hidden golf course in the middle of nowhere. I was transfixed. I noted a few geographic landmarks nearby.

When we landed I talked to the pilot and he got me in the neighborhood of where we were. I think he said Four Corners.

I went home and used my online mapping tool to search the aerial photographs and finally found it. It's North of Sedona. At home, I have the exact coordinates.

Tom and I had a great talk yesterday and he's onto some really cool places. (The Sedona story is not meant to throw Tom off, it's just one of those things that if you don't share the tendrils of the twelfth dimension don't grow). Tom's totally on the right track. I get exciting just thinking about it.

Originally posted by Ken-at-Bose:
(The Sedona story is not meant to throw Tom off,...

Nor is this meant to derail anything, but man...wouldn't it be something to set-up in the bottom of The Canyon?? Not only does it already look like God lives there, but it would really sound like it, too!

I get exciting just thinking about it.


Shucks, Ken, you're exciting all on your own Wink.
Four corners is where Utah, AZ, N.M, & Colorado meet. It's is beautiful country up there but several hours from any major airport to get to. Sedona is only an hour & a half or so out of Phoenix (straight north ) and does have some great red rock formations and golf courses. From a birds I view it may not look that far away.
That is Sedona - Oak Creek which is straight north of Phoenix about an hour and a half. Sedona is a great vacation spot and home of Jazz on the Rocks which is one of AZ's biggest jazz festivals. Here's the link:

Here's the golf course you probably are seeing although there are several in the area:

We are doing a wedding up there in a few weeks. I'll do a little research. This would be a great place to have an event but it is relatively expensive as it is a popular tourist spot. Time of year will be a factor too. Probably fall or spring would be best. Summer is still pretty warm there and winter they get some snow.

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