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Bin a while, 'ah? Yo I bin workin.

The "this" is the "new recording method" recordings The Cliff Henricksen Band did using the Bose live stage and using only 2 mics. It's really a great, live-sounding but kickin recording.

The Big Red Sun recording "I'll Stop For A Dollar" is all-studio. It's a really cool recording too, but sounds like a record before they squeezed the life out of it. We advertised that it featured a new, unheard-of technology: "Dynamic Range". Not much of this in commercial releases these days.

Here's what some "insiders" have said about this one:

“ ‘ I’ll Stop For A Dollar ’ by Big Red Sun is a highly musical album. Its mix is perfect, needing no improvement in my opinion. Songwriting and musical arrangements are well-crafted and performances are played and recorded to perfection.”
Cliff Goodwin, Music Director and performing/recording guitarist (Joe Cocker, Mohican Sun Allstars, Bose Corporation’s “the Linemen”, etc)
“I really liked ‘ I’ll Stop For A Dollar ’ by Big Red Sun. The songs have strong melodies and catchy hooks, but the best part is the two phenomenal lead singers. Vocals are super-soulful and heartfelt. My favorite songs on this album are ‘Tokyo’, ‘It Will All Be Arranged’, ‘Take It Down’ and ‘Gotta Know Why’ ”
Lance Quinn, producer/guitarist (Jimi Hendrix, Talking Heads, Bon Jovi, etc)
Hey Cliff,

I did get the wrong CD, but I've listened to the first song on Big Red Sun, and it sounds like...Bob Dylan?
What a surprise!
So how long have you been working with Goodwin and the Big Red Sun?

I like it, and will go get the other one too, I'm really interested in that L1 approach to recording.
I can totally see how that could sound great, what a difference the L1 made on my live recordings.
No comparison.

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