Our Band is finding that most of our gigs are outdoors and although we have absolutely no complaints on the bass sound I was prompted to look into improvements. In my reading I see that one recommended idea is to place the B1 sides as close to a wall as possible. In an outdoor event this is of course not possible But I was wondering if it would be beneficial to place some sort of portable short wall behind the B1's as a sort of reflector. The more mass the better but would the theory prove something is better then nothing?
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Hi Mike,

I've done a ton of outdoor events with my all L1 band.
We've never experienced any significant (deal breaker) lack of bass.
Hauling around a short reflector back-drop wall would not appeal to me too much. Smile

We have experienced way more issues indoor than out.
Generally, the cure was to move the B1 (or B2) around, to find the sweet spot.
Last year, I discovered the Auralex Gramma Pad, and all bass issues have just gone away.
I'm not sure if the Gramma makes much difference outside, I haven't noticed, though I have used it outside a few times.
The bass is always very consistent now, from room to room, gig to gig.
Hi Mike,

I asked Cliff-at-Bose about this. I asked specifically if I could tip up wooden picnic tables to do this. The kind I'm thinking of are usually 8 x 3 feet and typically the top is 2 x 12s. They are very heavy.

The answer: Don't bother - the wavelength of bass frequencies is so long that the will just bend around anything that I could set up on a portable basis. If they didn't go around the obstruction, they would probably pass through it.

I think you're looking at getting a B2 as the next step up.

Also - here's an article about

Bass Outdoors

Hey Drumr,

Question please: When you say that your "bass" issues went away after using the Aurelax Gramma Pad, is that to say it took care of low freq. rumble / feedback like I sometimes experience with my Taylor 416ce (Grand Symphony)?? I have found this to be more prevalent when I use both my B1's Sometimes I have to turn down the bass control on my guitar and that's a bummer cause I like that big bottom end on certain songs. I've been on the forum for a while now and hadn't heard about this. Could it be an easier fix then trying to mess with the Para EQ which I don't feel very comfortable playing around with, I know I should though...

AND I'm curious if any else out there in Bose land have used this product??? Appreciate any input!

All good answers, Thanks! Sounds like I'll dis the reflector idea and look into the Auralex pad. As I mentioned I have never heard any complaints, and nothing but compliments with the L1's indoors or out. I'm glad I asked though since it puts it to rest in my head.

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