Better to connect to laptop via USB or audio Cable

Looking for guidance on pro/con to using the USB port or an audio channel from my MacBook to a T1 for a DJ gig.  Connecting with the audio cable I can use a preset, is that preset worth using?  Are there other considerations for either connection method?

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Hi Lake_Guy,

You can route a USB from computer connection through T1® Channel 4/5. This gives you access to the Presets, zEQ, ParaEQ, effects and Channel volume. You can also route the signal through AUX.

We have notes about that here: 

USB from PC

Does that help?



Thanks for the quick reply.  Computer connections being a fickle thing sometimes and dependent on drivers, software versions, etc., I'm wondering if there is any experience out there on how solid that USB connection is.  I'm running a MacBook Pro.  

Hi Lake_Guy,

The T1® relies on the native drivers in the operating system (Windows or OSX).  There are no T1® specific drivers to install.

The operating system should automatically recognize the T1® when you connect it by USB as Bose USB Audio.

The USB connection has worked very well for me over the years, both for audio playback and recording. The only time that I've heard about issues with USB has been when the T1® was connected through a USB hub or there was another high-speed device connected by USB at the same time. But those reports have been very rare over the years.


I have run my Macbook Pro from both USB and the 1/8" Mini Stereo out jack.

There is no audible difference in sound, to my ears.


When running the Macbook out of USB, pre-fader (so it doesn't affect my vocal/kick drum master volume adjustments), and need to quickly adjust an MP3's volume from the Mac itself, it's much slower than just grabbing the volume on Ch 4/5 of the T1, when running the Mac's 1/8" audio out into those channels.  Muting is also slower.


So for me, the audio output covers more bases, if you have ch 4/5 open.

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