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What are the best settings for male vocals on the Tonematch T1 for a Shure KSM8?

What is the ToneMatch mixer connected to? (L1 Compact, L1 Model 1S, L1 Model II, S1 Pro, F1 Model 812, or other)

The first things to do are:

  • Gain Staging (setting the Trim control)
  • Choose the appropriate ToneMatch Preset

Please watch this video.

You will set the ToneMatch Preset to:

Category: Vocal Mics
Preset: Neumann KMS 105 (try this one to start).

Then try

Category: Vocal Mics
Preset: Handheld mics.

Then try the other microphone presets in case you find one you like better.

Then you can fine-tune the tone (zEQ). You probably don't need to dig into the ParaEQ mentioned toward the end of the video.

Please tell us about your music.

Please tell us more about your music:

  • What kind(s) of music you play?
  • Where you do it (size, type of venue)?
  • Who is there (audience) - how many?
  • What are they doing while you are performing?
  • Do you have a website? If no website,  please post a picture of your ensemble.


This will help us to make suggestions about the other settings.

Thank you. 


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