Best Recommendations For Hooking Up A Talk Box To The Bose L1® via the POD XT?

Hey Guys,

First, let me just begin by sending out a big "THANK YOU" to both the Bose Staff in the L1® department and the crew at Line 6 for creating such revolutionary products that contributed to making my overall sound as a solo performer "1000" times better than I ever thought possible!

With that said, on to my question:
Currently as a solo guitarist/singer, my current setup for live performance with the Bose L1® system is as follows:
CHANNEL 1 My Vocal using a Shure SM-58 mic and the 01 preset. (Note: I run the mic through a Digitech Vocalist Performer first before sending the line out to the 1/4" input on Ch. 1)
CHANNEL 2: A Mini-Disc that contains .mp3 Backing Tracks using the 00 preset (Note: I prefer using this on channel 2 so that I can use the remote to make necessary adjustments to the individual channel volume and/or e.q. on the fly during a performance)
CHANNEL 3: POD XT (The line out from unit's left output to the optimized 1/4" input on Ch. 3)
CHANNEL 4: Not used
With this mind, my question is this: "What type setup (or departure from my current setup) would you recommend to accommodate using my current "Heil Talk Box" with the L1®, so that I can perform songs such as "Rocky Mountain Way, "Do You Feel Like I Do", "Sweet Emotion", "Livin' On A Prayer", ect."?
(Special Note: The "Heil Talk Box" is a "non-powered" unit unlike the newer "Rocktron Banshee Talk Box" (which I don't have yet) that is powered with an adapter, and under the "old way" of doing things, generally requires using a combo amplifier to hook it up (via the effects loop) by sending the pre amp signal by of a speaker cable and then sending it back to the speaker enclosure itself (contained in the amp itself) and connecting that speaker cable to the 1/4" speaker plug via a male to male connector. Once the connection is made, you would then have the option of either having your guitar sound come directly out of the speaker in the amp "OR" sending the guitar signal to the small speaker and driver located in the Talk Box device by depressing the stomp switch located on the unit. At which point (for those of you who aren't familiar with this effect), the sound then travels up the tube (which is supported by the microphone stand) and which can then be manipulated by the performer's mouth and picked up by the microphone and then out to the P.A. system.)
The reason for my question is to see if there is any possible configuration that can be used with the Bose L1® that would avoid me having to bring my amp (which would also then have to be miked) out to the show for just one or two songs? Thanks again guys, and I look forward to your great words of wisdom!

Kindest Regards,


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Original Post

Your Heil Talk Box will need a separate power amp - 'No way around that, but it doesn't have to be a guitar amp/combo. Since you're getting all other guitar sounds from the POD XT, you could use a small power amp for the Talk Box and feed it with an output from the POD - 'Lots of connection options here. Most any power amp would work, though you'll find that MOSFET types are generally more 'tube-like' in their response...

Please let us know if you have any follow up questions...

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