Best mixer for L1 Model 1S (not ToneMatch)

I am curious about why you don't want a Tonematch too.

Lack of more Inputs, seems to me, the only drawback.

I've heard many L1 users with analog mixers, it never sounds as clear as T1.

Maybe if you have golden ears, it could be replicated.


Digital mixers I've looked into are the QSC Touchmix, and the Presonus 16:4:2, which is what my new band uses.

It could be just my personal bias, but I don't think even the Presonus is as clear as a T1, and the guy who runs it is a PA Pro.  But I won't tell the band that, I am not the decision maker.

I DO use my T1 with the kick drum gate for my bass drum, and run it into a channel on the Presonus.  From their we can distribute sound to either or both Model IIs.



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