I gig with both a Model II/B2 or a Compact, depending on the gig, and the need for mic'ing the kick.
It's becoming apparent that positioning of the B2 is very important, maybe more so than B1s.

I've found this before, but now realize that it is most always better to place the B2 away from the back wall.
We'd always been told you get more bass when a B1 is against-the-wall, but with the B2's added range/output, it seems that it works better in the position I am showing in the picture below.

This might be the case with a short stack of B1s as well, as I've found, during the pre-B2 days, that it also works.

At the venue pictured, the kick sounded "hard" to me, moving the B2 onto the drum rug cured it, the sound was warmer, fuller.

Just something to think about.


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Interesting to hear about the differences in the B2 acoustics and placement. I'll have to try this out but being that I play electronics my first thought is that I would probably end up too loud for the band mix from turning it up to hear the kick sound that I'd get with it behind me.

ps...I like the Santa hats on the tower. lol.
Hi Drumr

I am using a B2 now instead of the 4 stack of B1s but am also experimenting with adding a 2 stack of B1s with packlite to it which to me is more about sound quality rather than volume. (See my other post on this) The B2 definitely brings some different characteristics to the mix vs the 4 B1 stack. Ive found that depending on the voices I'm using it can become too boomy sounding and sometimes lack punch. But with some tweaking on the drum voices I'm getting that dialed in. I've begun experimenting with building out my kits based on venue size/type. I know, just turn down the volume right? But there is a sound quality difference I'm hearing that isn't all about volume levels or playing softer. Also moved to a model II which for my Yamaha DTX900 I use now as well as testing it with my Roland TD20 before I sold it, is a major improvement in sound quality IMO.
Hi Lake Guy,

I'm not going to suggest which way is better - but you if you are in a mood to experiment:

Try connecting the B1s directly to the Model II Power Stand and the B2 to the A1 PackLite. Note: The B2 Bass Level Switch will have no effect.

Try connecting the B2 directly to Model II Power Stand and the B1s to the A1 PackLite.
... and try different settings on the B2 Bass Level Switch.

And another thought... consider putting a single B1 on each of the L1 Model I systems for the guitar and voice. Just give it a listen.

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