B1 upper frequency range

Hi Dallas,

I don't know the answer to your question. I don't know that I've ever seen a spec for this. The B1s are intended to be run at 40-180 Hz but that doesn't really tell us what they can do.

I was going to go into the other room to try this out. But out of curiousity, what will you use as a Guitar Preamp/FX unit?
Hi Dallas,

If you've got all the pieces handy, why not give it a shot and let us know what you hear. When using your Preamp/FX units try different output modes if you have them. (e.g. Guitar Amp or PA or Studio or ...). Had some ART gear back in the day. Don't remember if there were different output modes.

The PackLite is full-range so no issue there.

Please -
Let us know what you hear when you try it.
You're probably right intrinsic frequency limitations. I hear you; it would be nice to get some mileage out of the extra A1 and B1s - but as a gigging rig - I'd take the L1.

As nice as it is to use the System in a studio situation, you may have more alternatives there. It is pretty difficult to do better than the full Bose System in a live performance situation.
Actually I tried it last night with the following results:

Yamaha AEX1500 archtop with magnetic and active piezo pickups, on board mixing - really niceto my ears with either preamp, lots of range and headroom. Nice sustain and tone.

Yamaha AES620HB (like semi-hollow LP but with pups swapped out for low impedence ones) - not so great with either preamp, not enough headroom on the volume, maybe will put Jeff Beck humbucker back into the bridge position on this guitar.

Yamaha flamenco guitar with very hard nylon strings, piezo pickup and condenser mic with on board mixing - not so great sounding either

Keep in mind that my amplifier needs run to the extremely clean. I like the idea of a basic amplification unit with no on board anything to colour the signal. Thats why I thought this setup might be viable. Currently I use an old Roland Cube 60, or a Roland AC 60 acoustic amp.

The original reason for this post is that maybe I don't trust my ears and would like to find out what other folks experiences might be with guitar, B1 and no L1.
Well yeah, using the L1 I take for granted. Told wife to buy me another one, since she did such a good job of getting hers on ebay. L1, four B1's and a Packlite for 2200 US (I live near Victoria BC, by the way, and even with shipping and tax at the border it was still a good deal, I thought).

But, I have GAS for a AER or an AI, no?
Hi Dallas
Originally posted by Dallas Selman:
But, I have GAS for a AER or an AI, no?

AER AI ???

I guess my thinking is, no matter how good it sounds up close, running the full meal deal will be so much better off the stage, in a live performance situation.

Howdy neighbour. Since we're talking, what kind of music are you doing, for whom, where?
Sorry, Acoustic Image and AER (Highly regarded German made amp). I play jazz bass and am learning guitar. I use a Yamaha electric upright (SLB 200)which sounds fabulour through the PAS (00 with a Fishman preamp in front) and an acoustic upright which I have yet to try with the PAS. The EUB sounds pretty good without the L1 too. My wife is a singer and just took up the drums. We are both 65 years old, and play in little coffee houses around the Cowichan Valley.

the B1 was really never intended for "full range" usage. Otherwise we would have designed a little differently.

That doesn't mean you can't use it that way. It's a relatively small woofer and it's good up to 3.5 kHz or thereabouts, which is plenty for many bass applications. It's not quite as smooth in the mid range as I would like for a "full range" speaker. Ultimately, your ears would have to be the judge of that.

Hope that helps

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