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I ordered a second B1 module today and asked to receive the classic design instead of the new lighter one so it will match my classic L1. One Bose salesperson said I could order either version from them, but another said there was only one B1 model in their system. Now I don't know what the heck I'm going to get. He also was wishy-washy on what case it comes with, if any. I have the black and white slip case now and want it to match. He could not verify any details, only that there was some kind of case. I'm ready to cancel the order before it ships in the morning. Anybody know what I should expect to receive? Thanks for helping.
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Hi David,

The old and new B1s are almost identical. The difference is in the material of the handle. The new one is not metal. Here are some pictures of old and new.

B1 Pictures.

I cannot tell the old from the new unless I pick them up or look very closely at the fasteners. See the pictures above.
The old handle feels cool to the touch. The new one is not noticeably so.

I went through something similar when I ordered my "new" B1s. I wanted the newer lighter ones. The part number in the System is the same. There is no way to know the difference unless you physically look at the boxes. You can read about that here: B1 New/Old

As far as I can tell the "stock" cases have not changed. This would be a slip on case that covers five sides and the bottom is open. I understand that all B1s ship with this.

If you have a white (well cream) and black case with a zipper around the top then you have one of the discontinued "deluxe" cases.
I'm surprised how uninformed the Bose salesperson I spoke with today was. The only reason I called them instead of Guitar Center is to avoid the confusion over the two versions of B1 so I could get the version I want. Didn't happen -- the guy didn't have a clue. And when I asked about the case it comes with, the Bose salesman knew nothing at all and missed an opportunity to sell me a deluxe case.

Perhaps it's a good thing he didn't know anything. The Bose web store states the B1 module "Includes cable to connect module to power stand, professional padded gig bag and slip cover." That reads like it includes a padded, zippered six-sided case like the deluxe case AND a five-sided slip cover. I'm officially confused now. For the premium prices Bose demands for their pro products, I would expect the company to present clear, unambiguous product descriptions and then train their salespeople (yes, even the unlucky ones who have to work on Sundays) to know what they are selling. I called back immediately, put my order on hold, and will wait for someone at Bose who actually knows something to contact me.

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I ordered a second B1 module today and asked to receive the classic design instead of the new lighter one so it will match my classic L1.

When I purchased my system, an L1 Mod II with 2 B1's and a T1, I received one of each.

I did not notice it until I got home (about 60 miles away from the Orlando store).

One cardboard box, was slightly bigger for some reason, but both speakers, had the same all black covers. The only (barely) noticable difference between the speaker cabinets is the handle mounting hardware. At that you would have to be looking for it and if they are stacked, it would be quite unnoticeable. They sound the same, as I listened to them individualy and look the same to the general view. I really have not noticed a weight difference, when I pick them up.

For a closeup of the differences, go to the wiki.
Bose salesman knew nothing at all and missed an opportunity to sell me a deluxe case.

I really do not understand, why Bose includes a $49.99 Slip On case, that skips protecting the bottom of the B1, but sells a complete 6 sided protection case for $54.99

Obviously if given the choice, I would pay the additional $5.00 for the better protection case. It would seem rediculous to spend and additional $110. for new cases, with a wasted $100.00 set of cases not being used.
Does anyone have an explanation as to why Bose even bothers to carry 2 different cases, instead of just the $54.99 one. I mean at $300.00 for a B1, the extra $5.00 for a better cases is poor marketing, especially if there is no trade up policy.
It's probably not a matter off retail as much as cost. The case that comes with B1 I am sure is less to manufacture. I do agree with you. Why not add $5.00 and give us the better case. Let's remember on this forum we deal with the tech people and not the marketing people. That's a whole different world. All in all we do get more bang for the buck then any other company out there.
Hi David,

As ST and others have pointed out, the version 1 and version 2 B1 differences are minimal. They perform exactly the same, and look exactly the same from the front. The only cosmetic difference is that the handle on the 'new' B1 is reinforced plastic instead of metal, and the screws affixing the handle are slightly smaller. Only a trained eye can tell.

The difference is small enough that theres no distinction in our internal system whether a B1 is the older version or the newer version - so your sales person will not be able to identify which version you will get (an aside - your sales representative may have been confused because other Bose products are sometimes available in an older and newer version for a short amount of time while the older version is being sold out - but this is only for major product updates). Our stage here in Framingham for all our high-profile press events and shows has a 50/50 mix of B1's old vs. new if that's any indication.

If you are interested in obtaining an older style B1, the shipping cartons were slightly bigger. I can give you the box dimensions and you could possibly find one kicking around at a GC.

As for your options with the B1 cover, I apologize. You're absolutely right, the website description is misleading and we'll get it changed ASAP. The B1 comes with the black slip cover, which is listed as 'Standard B1 Carrying Cover' on the accessories page. The B1 also comes with a the blue 4-wire speakon connector and an owners manual. The new deluxe bags are gray instead of white, and are available on the website. The white ones have been discontinued for a while now - we don't have any more.

Please reply back if you have any more questions,
I didn't realize the differences were so subtle. I am primarily concerned with resale value when I decide to upgrade to a Model II in a year or two, but I'm convinced the minor difference in handles and case color won't cause much of a problem. Thanks to everyone for setting me straight. I completed the order and added in a deluxe case as well. I commend Bose for their incredibly prompt customer service.

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