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b1 Bass is overamping the L1 Model Power Base.

Hi MamaBear,

If you are not getting any sound from the bass module

Check the Cables

So, if you have a moment and a screwdriver, we can fix these cables together.

Remove the rear shell of the connector by unscrewing it. (See the pic below, not the exact connector but similar). We use a 4-wire connection so what you need to do is re-attach, possibly restripping first (need to use a wire stripper), the wire to the connector terminals. There are four terminals +1, -1, +2, -2. Each wire needs to be appropriately connected to the same terminal on each end of the cable. Luckily, no soldering is needed. These Speakon connectors have screw terminals. All you need to do is unscrew the terminal using a screwdriver, reinsert the bare wire, and then tighten the terminal.


B1/B2 Conductors Broken

The initial symptoms were clicking followed by silence. It turned out to be a problem with broken wires inside the blue jacket of the B1 cable.

Bose B1 cableDamage1.JPG

Bose B1 cableDamage2.JPG

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