Audix OM6 or OM7

Here is an interesting discussion about the OM6 / OM7.

Preset for Audix OM7

Are you using the microphone in an environment with really high ambient noise or at very high volumes?? I get the impression that this would tip the scales in favour of the OM7. If, not I get the impression that you might be better served by the OM6 or OM5.
If I may, I'd like to advise you to wait a little bit - at least until the end of the week. I'm going to be borrowing Drumr's OM5 for my wife to use again (uh, Pierre, may I borrow your mic again?). I have recorded with it in his studio, but not used it live. Mrs. LOVES it, but she's not a baritone. Pete loves it and I would say he is. I, like you, am a baritone standards singer, so I think I could advise you rather accurately in that regard. I'll make it a point to set up early and play a little before the girls start. That will be this Friday evening.

Based on my reading after following ST's link, I think you do not want the OM7. Don't you love it when people tell YOU what you do and do not want?!

For information's sake, I use a 55 series II (I also have a vintage 55 that needs new guts), and I alternate between the beta 58A and beta 57A settings. It kind of depends on the room; maybe my aural preference at the time, too (whatever that may be). I get pretty keen sound and tone, if I do say so, with that mic on both of those presets - the 57 being a bit brighter with the 58 warmer.

I am so sorry, I did not have ample opportunity to give the OM-5 a go tonight. I went early to set up, but there were a bunch of people there already, getting the place fixed up for their event. I was also busy getting various mics set-up for vocals and a grand piano, and adding a mixer as well. Just had a little more to tackle than I gave myself time for.

I'd been looking forward to doing this all week, too! I think I'll go out to drumr's studio and play there, if he's up for it.

For what it's worth, Mrs. sounded great again tonight through the OM-5.

Based on everything I've read, intimate user reviews, and my own little bit of use recording about 1-1/2 years ago, I'd say you'd not be disappointed. If you're willing to wait a bit, I'll try to give it a go again for a more current review. Certainly don't let me hold you up, though.

Best wishes,

I am new on this site...its actually my first time here!! I bought an OM2 today...bc it was cheap. I didn't love it. I am thinking about getting the OM5, 6, or 7 instead. I am a female singer in a hard rock band. I am looking for a mic that has high gain, is directional and warm sounding. I tour a lot and sound guys always seem to have trouble getting my vocals over the music!!!

I am really looking for suggestions for mics. I have been serarching for a long time!!
Originally posted by Leocadio:
No Problem Sir! Will wait.

Thank You!

You are a patient man! Have you done anything yet? I finally was able to go out to Drumr's studio last night. Buuuuuuutt...I didn't sing anything I usually sing. I could tell how the OM5 would be beneficial, though. It clearly had very nice characteristics. I was singing more bari/tenor than straight baritone.

I'm getting an OM5 for my wife very soon, so I'll have one at the ready. Sorry I've not done very well in reviewing one for you.
I just purchased an Audix OM5, and tried it head to head with my EV 767a. I like the low end better for my voice on the EV. The Audix seems to need a higher gain setting on the L1, to get the same volume, and I haven't found a preset that lets it sound quite as good as the EV.

The preset for the OM6 seems to sound the best to my ear, but still not quite as good as the EV.

Oh well, I finally have a backup mic, and even though it sounds great, not quite as good as my EV. Maybe I'll sell it on Ebay, and get another EV. It just seems to brighten up the low end on my baritone voice.
Either of these mics is excellent for singers who are not feeling that they need something to add power/resonance to their voices. Both are flat and transparent, very accurate, no hype. So, if you like the way you sound naturally, you'll love either mic.

We use both mics in my band, and while I really like the OM-7 for being super clean and having excellent feedback rejection, the OM-6 is the better overall choice.

It's slightly warmer/fatter sounding and has similar transparency and detail as the 7, but you don't have the low-output penalty with the 6. The 7's sensitivity is around .9mv, while the 6 is 2.8mv I think, which is nearly identical to the OM-5. None of this is a problem if you have a killer mic pre, but with most on-board trim controls in mixers or the PAS, you're going to have to crank it nearly full out to get comparable input, and some preamps sound a little wierd at the top of their range. I don't know if the PAS preamp exhibits any linearity problems when it's cranked or not, but every soundman we used before getting the PAS, was really crabby about me using the OM-7. They just didn't know what to do with it, level or tone-wise.

Also, there's a PAS preset for the OM-6, so the system is tweaked for it and sounds really sweet. I know that the OM-7 would be dynamite with a specific preset for it, but for now, I can tell you that I've not heard any dynamic mic yet that I like better than the 6 on this system. It sounds sweet and present even in problem spaces. I'm going to replace my 7 with a 6, at least until bose decides to do a preset for the 7, but even then the output thing would still be an issue because I don't sing that loudly.

What are your zEQ settings for the OM6? What reverb settings do you use? I know this is all personal preference and situational to the singer and teh venue but just wanted to get some more info on what others are doing. One of the guys in the band who has been using traditional PA for years dialed in about 4 db off the mids and then added 5 db to the highs which I'm sure probably isn't quite right. He said it's best to remove a lot of the mids to clean things up. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I use the OM7 occasionally.   It's great for loud bands with incredible gain before feedback.   The vocals really cut through the mix.  If you're having trouble with feedback it might be great but for an average volume performance I feel like it can be little harsh & nasally.  As mentioned above you do need a mixer with good pre-amps as you have to really crank the gain.  Don't even think about it if your singer can't stay right on their mic. I use a Mackie DL1608 which seems to have good preamps for it.


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