ATTN L1 Compact Users

I use the Compact L1 for those occasion when the larger L1s are more effort than necessary:  In order of frequency of use.

-- temporary audio in a medium-size conference room / social hall (seating 40-60 people) ... both for voice (mic) and audio from a video source (e.g. computer, DVD).  Usually without T1.

-- as a portable PA for moderate outdoor gatherings (40 - 200 people).  (Usually without T1)

-- as a keyboard amp (e.g. on the top deck of a parking garage for a sunrise worship service), or as acoustic guitar (w/ pickup) amp (with mic for vocal); usually WITH T1.

-- sound for a wedding ceremony (not reception).  The most recent was a planned outdoor wedding:  played pre-ceremony music from laptop playlist as the guest gathered in a ~1/4 acre lawn.  It started to rain -- just before the processional.  Grabbed everything (with help from 3 others) and hustled indoors to the reception area (same site), set it up (with a mic on a stand pointed vertically at about waist height between where the bride, groom, and officiant stood), played processional, let everyone hear the vows, and played recessional.  (Then "yield the floor" to the previously set up DJ for the reception ... packed up the Compact, mic, & cables in 2 minutes.)  Usually with T1.

Dan Cornett posted:

I use the Compact L1 for those occasion when the larger L1s are more effort than necessary:  In order of frequency of use.

For me this is where the Compact really excels. I like the "more effort than necessary" description Dan.

Just for the transportation of clear sound without the "oomph" of a Model II the Compact is ideal. The ease of transportation etc. make it a joy to use.

I'm really glad to have the luxury of owning a Model II and a Compact and being able to make the choice as and when necessary. I also find the Compact to sometimes be useful as an addition to a Model II. Sometimes as a monitor and sometimes (using an in-ear transmitter) as a wireless "delay-line" to help transport the sound to more difficult corners of a particular location.



another day..another wedding..the Bose L1c amazes again.  Had a nice large outdoor wedding this past Sunday..only about 100 guests, but a very large open space.  I only had to cover the ceremony audio...the DJ came over to visit as I was getting ready to push sliders.. mix position was way up a hill about 250ft back from the actual pastor position down the hill in front of a pond.  The first thing the DJ noticed was that I didn't have 250ft of xlr... as I was using Sennheiser wirless from mix position down to the Bose..second thing he noticed..was that he couldn't see the was positioned under a low decorative tree in a planter it was pretty much in a blind from many positions of view..and then I brought up music track to test the system..and within  a minute he was saying he was going to have to buy one..his jaw dropped over the amount of sound that was climbing up that hill rise which was well over a 50ft rise.. I challenged him to go walk around the area down there and realize that what he heard back where we were..was also what you heard all over...he didn't even ask me, but reached across to the mixer just to play a bit..volume, bass, etc...tried several different songs..he was having fun playing with it...seeing what it could do.. I was having fun watching him experience what many of us already know...the L1c is "amazing"

excited to announce yet another L1c has come home to the warehouse...this one was a craigslist find...been browsing used in lieu of any current price break on the retail side....watching closely, there seem to be some good deals out there..just have to weed out the ones that were abused by guys thinking they had gotten a big DJ rig...but there are plenty of guitar on a stool guys who finally retire from their $50 nights on a bar stool in the corner..and the L1c in this case came with that kind of for well under my $600 threshold that I set for myself, I landed an excellent condition unit including the original covers...already put the order into my daughter for another white spandex slip cover...these L1c rigs are the dope for fact just wrapped another wedding last week..outdoors, over 100 an area that was wider than normal...was smiling to myself as I walked the perimeter and found that the sound was still there...Bose has this one figured out fer sure

I have been using my Compact for a couple of years, for solo (guitar & voice) shows and to host open mics.

On the solo side, I have gone direct into the Compact (pretty good sound, great small package), but I prefer some easily accessible volume control and a little reverb.  I occasionally go in through my TC Helicon Acoustic Live, but again volume control is a problem.  I usually run my Allen & Heath Zed60-14FX on the front end, pan everything left, and run a single line to the line in on the Compact.  

I run the setup with the A&H when I host open mics.  While my typical performer is a guitar vocalist, I have done keyboards, electric guitars with pedal boards, up to groups with 4 vocalists, two acoustic guitars, and a bass with no problem.  The Compact with a little eq runs a bass pretty well (not a booty thumping eardrum rupturing experience, but better than I expected).  I get plenty of volume even in a fairly noisy bar.

I'm tempted to try T1 or Behringer Air because of the digital scene memory, but for now I am happy with the sound results and the tiny footprint.

hey PParker...yes..definitely like to have a digital mixer in front of the bose...well..any of my speakers for that matter... I have run numerous events with just a simple mackie 1202vlzpro..but that's just treble/midsweep/ as I mentioned earlier, that just gives you more bass in whatever freq range is of the first times I demo'd an L1c  in our studio.. I had been working on a mix down of a live show we had just finished for a 6 pc band..using a personus studiolive to MAC I simply plugged the L1c into the presonus deck...the channel eq had still been set for the live stage where there had been big ol 18" subs and 15" on the 3way mains, my low end was cranked in that 40hz area for example...not where the L1c bass lives..and that's fine..not asking it to...with a couple players standing around me, I quickly hit the FAT channel and grabbed the low end at that mid 60s freq range and the bose bottom end came to life..really big delta.

when I send a small wedding/party rig out with one of my techs..some of them are not really sharp on digital systems I still send out an analog mixer..but add a graphic eq preset marks for bose or larger powered speakers as needed.

but when it's me or my better audio guys... we pack the behringer XR18 quick and easy to dial in eq, fx, comps etc, and find the magic in the bose...the 18xr and smaller racks are so light and easy to carry that it's an easy decision.  If any of you have not yet tried a mixer in front of the Bose L1c..and preferrably with a more defined'll be jazzed at how well the Bose takes to the front end signal enhancement.  I'm tellin ya guys... I'm not a forum lurker in most cases..but this L1c product keeps surprising me...and if you haven't spent the money on a second one yet... these units, in stereo.... oh my !!

I am a mobile DJ in New Jersey with about 20 years experience. Prior to my Bose purchase, I've lugged around two massive PV SP5Gs and their stands pushing over 1500 watts through them. Superb sound, but we're talking at least 70 pounds! 


I bought one Bose L1C in 2016. After a few events with 120 people (including MakerBot, Tesla, and TravelZoo parties), I decided to purchase a second L1C earlier this year. There isn't a party that I can do without hearing a compliment about this system!

Tokiah and Gabriel DJ Setup

Now I've been rocking weddings upwards of 300 people, though at times, I feel that I'm pushing these guys too hard and am opting for an RCF 702 Sub over the Bose F1 because of the 20 pound difference and lower frequency range.


Photos (2)

I am a solo acoustic guitarist/singer.  The L1C seems to have been designed for me.  I have read all the comments and agree on some points.

For most gigs, I originally used my L1C with straight input from guitar and vocal mic and had great clarity of vocals and instrument, but this lacked chorus effect on the guitar and a slight bit of reverb on vox.  So I added a chorus foot switch, and that appeased for a while but the no reverb eventually got me to go to a small mixer with reverb.  I also wanted more bottom end so I got a subwoofer amp and powered a B1 with it.  This configuration drove me nuts, three extra devices for guitar, vox, and bottom end.  So for a while I only used the L1C for specific uses (Outdoor weddings was one) and used a non-Bose solution.

Quite by accident (playing a million acoustic electrics at a guitar center and the had me use a Fishman Loudbox Mini) I walked out not with a guitar, but the Fishman!  It has the perfect options for the solo acoustic guitarist singer that I wish were on a 2 or 4 channel super small mixer, and quite frankly on the L1C.  So I have the vox and guitar in the mini and out of it I pushed it with a single (or two or three or four, depending on room size) Harbinger 2012 powered speakers.  They weren't quite as clear as the Bose, but that's where I was because it had a greater bottom end.

So if the L1C were to have the inputs/controls of the loud box mini (optionally add separate line outs for each channel like the loud box Artist but with a toggle for pre/post on each line out) AND be boosted on the bass or allow for a B1 to be added, I would pre-order one as soon as I found out it was offered.

They are great for outdoor weddings as I will set up my L1 Model I and II inside the reception and use the oh-so-portable L1C for the outdoor service and such.  Great sound in both places.


nice review Bob.. the boys n girls at Fishman have long ago figured out how to do acoustic electric fer sure.  I've worked a number of shows with nationals like Kenny Loggins and he still prefers the older Taylors with the old Fishman electronics....and as a player myself, I'm right there with you.  If I were out doing weddings as a musician I'd probably carry the mini with me always.  used to carry the fender acoustasonic jr (the smallest of their line) handled piezos better than running straight into a PA..but it lacked the volume and dispersion to use beyond a personal monitor or for it's preamp and then to out to a larger audio rig. 

for the work we do I've always got source mix with wet fx, comp, etc..and I'm running remote...very remote  to my powered I'm happy that they are just dry and straight up doing their job...if an artist brings a small pedal board with delay/chorus, etc...all the better, but if not, I'll add whatever color might be appropriate..but like a pretty woman, the makeup should be un-noticable.

As an audio provider I never know what I'm going to encounter...did 3 guitarists a while back at a wedding..2nylons, 1 steel acoutics  and none of them were acoustic/ it was condensor mics pointed at them ...string trios/quartets are very common  and most of the time they want as little as possible in front of them.

many weddings have included keyboard/synths


so..yeah...from our side of things... I have to come to work with a good these days with all sorts of eq/fx options..make all the magic happen somewhere in the back where no-one sees me, and then send the main's output wirelessly out to some powered speakers..and I want those to look as sleek and formal as possible...used to be that was mackies/QSC boxes perched atop their tripod stands with the white scrim spandex tent thing around the legs...these days it's a white spandex slip cover over the bose l1c and the wedding directors think I'm the bomb cause of the cosmetics and the sound being so transparent...


glad you found the fishman.. I wish more artists showed up with a great tool like that...

Hi Michael..thanks for your post from the DJ side of things.. one of my daughters is a very successful party dj.. i set her up with some old school mackie 450s over SWA1501 powered subs many years back and she refuses to give em up..but it's a heavy load-in for her if she doesn't book I've been trying to talk her into going Bose...she has complete confidence in the larger L series  but the cost has kept her away and by the time she rolls in enough bose to match what she gets from the old mackie setup, she feels she's no better off from a load-in standpoint   

So I'm interested when I hear from DJs like you that have gone with the compacts.. I'm likely going to pull the trigger on a compact powered in a 12" package and go out with her on an event..let her set up the mackies per normal but then setup a pair of L1c and a single 12 EV or other powered sub and let her do an A/B of the systems..she has actually gotten rebooked and compliments from some high end venues where the venue director/owner has told her they appreciate that she isn't crushing loud like some DJs that come I think she's learned that you don't have to blow the windows out to make the night happen.

Carolina Backline posted:

...and go out with her on an event..let her set up the mackies per normal but then setup a pair of L1c and a single 12 EV or other powered sub and let her do an A/B of the systems..

I always have some type of bottom end (Usually a Harbinger 12" powered speaker with bass edged up) to get the low end feel I need with the L1C for guitar or DJ music.

sure Bob...a typical wedding/party setup for our audio looks like this:

1) wireless lav/headset mic - sending signal to our mixer ch1

2) wireless handheld mics for guest reader, string section, etc

then on the main output of the mixer I use a Sennheiser SKP100 transmitter

(originally designed to plug into a handheld wired mic to make it a wireless, but it works great for my use)

Sennheiser SKP 100 G3 Plug-on Transmitter

This then talks to a wireless beltpack receiver connected to the input jack of the bose L1c or really any powered speaker.  

I have run from about 300 feet with no issues... other folks report running these literally through walls in ballrooms, signal problems.

this youtube is the DJ that turned me on to using this system.

the only cord you'll ever see at my wedding gigs is a power cord...and with my digital mixers I'm able to run from an you'll notice a guy in a suit standing around somewhere in the back with an ipad in his hand...that's all you'll see

the DJ sub thing - my challenge is finding a quality compact sub that offers one important feature that the mackie SWA models have..which is a hi-pass connect..this is because i don't want the L1C to have to deal with the low end..granted the lil guys only run down to I think around 68?..whereas my subs are just getting started thumping at I either have to ask my dj/audio guys to have a more complicated mix setup to feed L1 seperate from the sub, or use a sub that allows a single main out to go to sub first, then highpass to the L1c...this works really well with the big mackie 15s/18s..but only a few subs in that smaller market offer this feature.


I love my FIshman Loudbox Mini - I use it for small shows or quiet dinner type situations.  While I usually use an A & H small board with effects in front of my Compact, I sometimes use the Mini with my Compact, running the DI out of the back to the Compact line in, when I need a monitor.  A couple of weeks ago I played a room that was large enough that I had to crank the Compact to be heard in the back of the room, meaning that the Compact placed behind me blasted me pretty good (for 4 hours).  When I played the room again last week, I put the Compact in front of me, and used the Mini as a monitor: guitar/mic > Mini > DI out to A & H > L1 Compact.  Perfect - good volume, accurate monitor without ruining my hearing.  

PParker posted:


I love my FIshman Loudbox Mini - I use it for small shows or quiet dinner type situations. 

When I played the room again last week, I put the Compact in front of me, and used the Mini as a monitor: guitar/mic > Mini > DI out to A & H > L1 Compact.  Perfect - good volume, accurate monitor without ruining my hearing.  

With my L1C I don't thinkI would use just a LB mini or the LB Artist for a show by themselves.  I love the sound going through the mix on them enough to push it with the L1C for smaller gigs.

And Thanks for your reply!!

Carolina Backline posted:


then on the main output of the mixer I use a Sennheiser SKP100 transmitter

(originally designed to plug into a handheld wired mic to make it a wireless, but it works great for my use)

Sennheiser SKP 100 G3 Plug-on Transmitter

This then talks to a wireless beltpack receiver connected to the input jack of the bose L1c or really any powered speaker.  

I have run from about 300 feet with no issues... other folks report running these literally through walls in ballrooms, signal problems.

this youtube is the DJ that turned me on to using this system.

LOVE this solution, but it is pricey!

I play a restaurant where It would be awesome to use this upstairs with a powered speaker when I'm playing downstairs.

So many places I'd like to tap into the "house" system and this would be great for that as well!

The video having actual usage was very persuasive!

yeah..that DJ yuotube guy does a lot of videos..he's been a good reference to see how the big time city boys do things..but when I saw the one with the Sennheiser wireless... i tried doing it with some Shure guitar beltpack stuff I had and was impressed but wanted the best fidelity transfer and really liked the dongle adapater..knowing I'd also have it as an option for handheld mic just works so well the way he showed us in the video.  I'm also now completely wireless DMX..since my lighting is mostly stage wash, basic color scene motion I'm not asking a lot of the wireless units and they are way cheap..they also are doing fine with program change info to my DJ FX lights..again..not sending a lot of info..dream has always been to loose as many XLR cables as possible..just need the costs to come down..but with artists using IEMs I'm able to drop some stage wedges, more and more of my mics are wireless units, DMX light trees now wireless, and I'm a budget PA my "mix position"  is usually a wedding or private party where my console is crammed stage side...being able to walk out into the room with an ipad for final FOH tweaking  is a huge plus..that's all live band world it only made sense to try and bring that same wireless thinking to the actual wedding ceremony setups where so often we have to find someplace to hide a small mixer and then run hundreds of feet of xlr to get to speakers on poles up all that is gone..and if it's a real problem I can toss a Duacell powerpack on the ground next to the bose and it'll last through the ceremony no problem.

my daughter brought me her next custom sewn L1c white spandex cover for my most recent L1c acquisition..she says they are a pain to do, not so much the radiator tower, but the odd shaped base unit along with flaps for the control and power cord access..but she's doing a great job with them..and I think it says so much to the wedding director and client when you show up with your PA rig and pull a nice white cover over it all...tells them you really care about how their special day looks...we've been using the spandex scrims over the speaker tripods for quite some time, but to have an L1c perched out there for a wedding , covered in form fit stretch spandex slip's as good as it gets.

Note: I'm a One Man Band Keyboard/Vocalist

Equipment Used

  • Roland BK 5 Backing Keyboard
  • Shure SM 58 Microphone
  • Bose L1 Compact
  • TC Helicon Harmony Singer
  • Art Pro Audio Tube Mic Preamp

Single Bose L1 Compact Configuration

  • Keyboard Left Channel 1/4” (Unbalanced) into TC Helicon Instrument Input
  • TC Helicon Output 1/4” (Unbalanced) to Bose L1 Compact Line Input (Tone Match Off)
  • Shure SM58 XLR to TC Helicon “Mic In”
  • TC Helicon Mic Out to Tube Mic Preamp XLR “In”
  • Tube Mic Preamp XLR Out to Bose L1 Compact Mic In

Daisy Chain 2 Bose L1 Compact Configuration

  • Main Bose L1 Compact 1/4” Unbalanced to Second Bose L1 Compact Line Input (Tone Match Off)

there ya go...nice setup...clean n simple...was just having a conversation with a friend who is only now discovering midi and I was recounting early years of performing in country clubs, weddings, etc as a duo or trio  against midi.

I would have computer midi'd up to a small rack of a couple different synths (this was before GS), those would have their own audio outs to a mixer, then vocal mics, guitar, sax, keyboard..mixer was a small powered thing in the early days that would drive a couple full-range speaker (columns), then aux out from that mixer would go to a Boss bass eq pedal to help adjust bass into an old bass guitar guitar tap dance including my pedal board, and a lighting pedal board to change from full lights, to blue dim to flashing fx, my lap top was in front of me, my mixer was off my left was crazy...but man the work we got..local country clubs..back to back nights $350 a night, wedding duo work at $500-$750...4 hours of midi music in the library...good ol days. (grin)   at 60 yrs old now I'd consider acoustic on a stool with a mic and an L1 compact in a bar in key largo for $50 a night and all the leftover customer sandwiches I could scarf (lol)

different note - this on surprising sound DJ daughter had stopped by yesterday evening to pick up her trailer and was asking to borrow a couple pigtail cables.. I told her to hang on cause I thought I had what she needed up in my office studio as opposed to going out to the big audio trailer and digging into the road cases...  I happened to have a couple of the L1cs up there from some recent work I had been I plugged up to one quickly just to test the cables was cranked about 40% when my iphone tune started playing...  when I returned downstairs she was asking what the heck I was playing through ...cause the bass had really traveled down through the floor.. I just smiled and told her it was one of the lil L1c rigs...she just laughed and said  "showing off your toys again eh?"   

she knows how much I like those units  and they continue to surprise us both.

I have been using this "clean setup" since i entered this business full-time (2014) - As a One Man Band it works. Note: I do not use Backing Tracks or MIDI but Play Live only using the "built in styles" provided by the Roland BK 5. It's is truly amazing how many people have noticed that I'm actually "paying live".........Some samples of "direct to record" may be found on

Just had a phenomenal wedding this past weekend, thanks to some phenomenal speakers. Check out the one-shot load-in from my Uber, a Honda Civic and for load-out into a Toyota Camry Uber. 




I received multiple compliments from the staff about how so much came out of so little! 

The system is Rekordbox through a Pioneer DDJ-RR into an RCF Sub 702-AS II and out into Mic Line 1 of L1C R and L1C L.

The RCF Sub helped wonderfully in providing that floor-shaking rumble not offered by two L1C's. The only issue, probably only audible to my ears, was that the L1C's seemed to be a little too loud, with the array taking all of the mids and highs, but their subs were still pumping a some mids. And the slightest movement of the Mic line volume, caused a significant change of output volume. It was hard to get a good balance. 

Can I get advice on the best way to set this up? I think I want to XOVER at 110 Hz with 0* Phase. Would it make a difference if I'm plugged into the XLR Mic line in or the 1/4in line in? What are the frequencies that trigger the L1C array vs the L1C sub?


Photos (4)

Well I would feed the DJ line signal to the subwoofer's inputs. From the outputs I would use a XLR female to stereo jack cable and use the standard line in. So you would get best results and hasn't to care about the question "What are the frequencies that trigger the L1C array vs the L1C sub?".

Simply see the Bose L1 compact as a kind of full range box, where you miss some low end use a subwoofer. And don't use the microphone input, this could make unwanted effects and the level is too high.

If your computer has no built in equalizer, try to use a graphic equalizer, this helps to get the best sound.

About microphone I would suggest to plug it in one of both L1 systems.


I am very new to all this and this forum, it fact I only doing this on my daughters behalf. She has just started gigging and she's has the following setup , Shure SM58 mic , T1 tone match and two l1 compacts and an ipad for backing tracks.

 ✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - 

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Please see:  L1® Compact - what do I need to add more sound (louder)

Thank you.

This post was forked into a new topic here: L1® Compact - what do I need to add more sound (louder)

To this statement, “But it is very spendy!”, I always reply, “How important is your sound?”.

I have had the L1 Compact for over 4 years.(?)

It would be nice to have the Tonematch port.

We use it for everything, solo, duo, 4-5 piece, monitor, individual acoustic guitar with full band, with or without the T1, or with a separate mixer.

The other night we played a Valentine’s Day Gig, in a smallish highly refective room. With the T1 we had two acoustic guitars, two vocal mics, and Electric drums. We used the mic channel on the Compact for another vocal mic. We ran the bass, lead guitar and keyboard through separate combo amps. We did not have to be very loud. We had the Compact set up behind the drummer. The audience loved it. We had them dancin’!

I use it with a Martin guitar, thinline pickup, harmony pedal and a Sennheiser mic.  If I busk I use a battery pack with an inverter. It sounds great. That is why I have it.

ok.. first EV ZXA1 (12" sub) arrived today.. I need to get it out in some open space to see how well it projects, but in the cluttered mess of my studio office with one L1c.. I've got to say "WOW!"   totally impressed with how much punch that lil sub is creating.. i can see that, in near field in doors, the sub can overpower a single L1c...but I expect that a pair of L1c units matched up with his sub would make for a completely capable little small DJ rig..certainly it should add that low end that we on occassion need for some recorded music playback.  I had only a bit of time this evening in between prepping and loading trucks for stages this week, so I didn't pull out a digital mixer..which will let me really dial in the eq...but I was curious to see how I could get it sounding just hitting it with an old analog mackie 1202vlz that was sitting nearby.

main out of the mixer when to the bose, and aux send 1 went to the sub so I could dial up the balance between them on volume...the mackie mixer also provides for pre/post of the aux signal so I was able to mess a bit with the mid/bass control...finding that spot were the bose was doing what it does well, and giving enough extra pre-fade bass to the aux to get it come alive...i'm very pleased with this setup... my digital mix units will really let me dial the entire setup in...but for just  a grab n go of old school mix...for my lesser skilled techs, or my daughter's smaller dj gig needs...she's a great talent on the dj personality side..but she's not an audio keeping it simple....anyway...i'll plan to take this rig out pool side in a few days and let her audition it and get her opinion...but wanted to give you guys the first impression update.j


Photos (1)

hey there ya go...and an Ovation primary praise n worship guitar for many years was my 1993 collectors edition Ovation Elite style...great action, nice tone..served me well for a lot of years.  The bose compact seems to translate the piezo pickup nicely without any pedals etc. My ovation preamp is a bit more limited with just a 3 band eq..but the bose just makes it come out nice... my taylor 614 is an older model with the nice fishman system so I've got a lot more preamp options with it and it's fun to see how dynamic the bose is when I mess around with the Taylor's settings.  but end of the day, I've got to say that whether it's been my personal rig, or when I've done audio for weddings where I've had classical (nylon) guitars, standard steel string,  string trio/quartets.. I've been extremely pleased at how transparent and accurate I can get on tone and detail  via the compact....good to see you playing...

1) Solo: Vocal Mic direct to channel one, guitar direct to channel 2, appropriate tonematch selected.

2) Duo: 2 vocal mics and 2 guitars to T-1; T-1 to L1 Compact

3) Trio:

a) Small Space: 2 Vocal Mics and 2 guitars to T1, T-1 to channel 2 Compact. Lead vocal Mic to Compact Channel 1. Separate Bass guitar amp

b) Larger Space: 3 vocal Mics and one ukulele to T-1; T-1 to Compact channel 2. One separate Bass/Amp 2 separate guitars/amps (One of which is my S-1 Pro sounding great!)

It depends on the venue and the musicians. For just me, it is guitar and mic direct.

For my duo/trio, usually T-1 to compact with 3 vocals and one ukulele, with separate amps for 2 guitars and bass.

For smaller settings with the trio, we skip the extra guitar amps and go with 2 vocals and 2 guitars to TI to Compact channel 2, with lead vocal to compact channel 1. Bass goes to separate amp. We have found that bass into the compact just doesn't work well.

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