L1 Model II

Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

Hi All,

We know there a lot of L1 Compact users on the forum and we wanted to get a better understanding of the effects and processing that you use with the system.

For example, Are you using the T1 or just the L1 Compact by itself?

Please reply to this post with a description of your rig. We would love to see pictures and understand the effects and mixing options that are most important to you.

Looking forward to your participation.



Original Post

Hi Craig,

I use the Compact primarily in two configurations. Private house concerts, dinner parties, some small venue gigs that are for one set only, I go direct in with mic and guitar. No peripheral equipment. It's not necessarily the sound I want, but I sacrifice a bit for simplicity when it seems appropriate. 

On gigs that last 2 or more sets in venues up to the working capacity of the Compact, I use a harmony box as an interface. It has eq/effects capability with multiple presets and works quite well with the Compact.

I would use the T1 if Bose had been considerate enough to include the ToneMatch port.

If I could redesign the Compact to better fit my personal desires it would have the following in the order listed.

ToneMatch port 

Lower bottom end, enough to be effective for the Porchboard or similar foot bass devices. This is what I miss the most when using the Compact. The same spectral range as the B1 would be great.

More on board eq capability. Possibly with a simple reverb or delay. I would like one more independent input and perhaps a more flexible design of the mixer section. ToneMatch port might be redundant if you improved the on board mixer.


A few more dB. The Compact covers many gigs quite well but on many other occasions it is just a bit under powered.

More flexible connectivity to additional Compacts or house systems.

I think I'm describing something between a Compact and 1s 



Without being too lazy, I tend to agree with all the comments from "Oldghm". The lack of tonematch interface is almost unforgivable and lacks an understanding of the Bose User base. There are many "New" competitave choices out there with more inputs, EQ and at least reverb. Thanks for requesting input from the users this time.

We're probably not a typical user as we're a hire/production company.   We have 6 x Compacts which we use pretty regularly including:

-Outdoor weddings

-Fill speakers (eg we might have 2 x Model2 or F1's at the front of the room then a pair of Compacts at the back or also at large outdoor events.

-Easy listening bands in small rooms.

-Corporate events for speech & video sound tracks

-Outdoor picnics (we supply with a battery/inverter pack)

Here's some pics:


As for processing.   We don't really make much use of the on-board processing.  Not that's it's not good but people inevitably want more.   It's never just 1 guitar & a mic.  It always seems to be 2 mics or 2 guitars so we normally plug a mixer in & use the processing (reverb/eq) on that.  Not having any on-board reverb is a bit of a  limitation as you can't rent it out as a standalone solution, the musician needs to also own a vocal effects pedal or as above we have to supply a mixer too.   We do also own a Tonematch with the power adapter but we've only used it once with the Compact & that was a hire to someone who already owned one & was coming from overseas so they were familiar with running it.  The Tonematch is a bit complicated for a dry hire user compared to a regular mixer.

Hope this helps.


Sydney PA Hire

Hi Craig,

First, I've got to tell you that the L1® Compact with the Kemper Profiler makes a great guitar rig. This is my backline of choice when playing in non-L1® bands. I also use it with the Kemper at small gigs where my band-mates are using an L1® Model II. They'll be the rhythm section and I don't need much low-end support for what I'm doing.

Most of the time I run my L1® Compact with the T1®.

Typical setup for Band gigs

T1® Channels

  1. Microphone: Neumann KMS 105 (requires phantom power)
  2. Electric Guitar through Kemper Profiler
  3. Acoustic Guitar (occasionally)
  4. Another processor e.g  Roland VG99 or Digitech Trio+ (solo gigs only)

T1® Outputs

  • T1® Master Output to L1® Compact channel 2 (Line Level input)
  • If there's a Front of House system (FOH) and the Compact alone won't cover the room I use the T1® Aux Output to FOH. I usually stand close to one side of the stage. Sometimes, I'll run the T1® Aux output to Input 2 on the F1 Model 812 closest to me instead of running through the FOH board.

Small FOH setup: Two L1® Compacts with T1®s

I've done countless shows in small venues with two L1® Compacts. I run a T1® to each Compact and can easily support four to six performers.   These are typically acoustic-oriented shows. 

L1® Compact without a T1®

I don't run the L1® Compact without the T1® very often. When it I do it's for:

  1. L1® Compact with the Kemper Profiler as my backline amp. When I'm running without a microphone I can run the L1® Compact wicked loud. And if I want to run saner stage volume levels I can still run the L1 Compact line out to the FOH.
  2. Simple acoustic gigs where portability and fast set-up/tear-down are more important than versatility, effects and more channels.
  3. Speaking gigs: Typically I'll use a wireless microphone into Channel 1, and I run background music during breaks running into Channel 2.

I hope this has been helpful.


Hi Craig,

I bought the L1 Compact just over a year ago along with the T1 to cover smaller performances (nursing homes, retirement villages, small church sanctuaries & socials) that didn't warrant our normal two Model 1's.  Plus, I keep it in the music room where it's easy to pick up and go, rather than pull the trailer out of the garage with all the ancillary stuff (carts, rack with wireless gear, multiple B1's, product table, spare gear, etc.)

Based on my experience with the Tonematch presets in the Model 1's, I knew I wanted the same (and more) for the Compact.  Plus, the T1 accommodates our inputs perfectly (SM58, Beta 58A, Taylor 424ce or 816ce, and laptop via USB).  Also, with the T1 I can still process all my inputs in case I am without one of the Model 1's.

As for using the Compact without the T1?  Sure, I could, but the way I have things set up, it's just as easy either way.  I built a custom box to Velcro the T1 and laptop on top with three "cubby holes" underneath for the mics and guitar cord as well as the laptop and T1 power supplies.  I store the whole box in a Rubbermaid-style tote for transport.  At the gig I set the box on top of the tote, run the Master Out to the Compact, power up, pull out the mics and we're ready.  When performing with another group, I have run the master out to their system.

Besides the presets, I use reverb judiciously (a little goes a long way) and zEQ, a little chorus for the guitar, and the tuner is handy. I occasionally plug an iPod straight into the Compact for background music when tone adjustments or effects are not critical.

Hi Craig,

I would echo what Oldghm has put on his "improvement list"

originally posted by Oldghm: 


"ToneMatch port 

Lower bottom end, enough to be effective for the Porchboard or similar foot bass devices. This is what I miss the most when using the Compact. The same spectral range as the B1 would be great.

More on board eq capability. Possibly with a simple reverb or delay. I would like one more independent input and perhaps a more flexible design of the mixer section.

 A few more dB. The Compact covers many gigs quite well but on many other occasions it is just a bit under powered."

Regarding my own personal use of the Compact I have 4 basic ways of using it:

1) My main way is in the so-called Singer/Songwriter set-up as a solo singer with acoustic guitar and sometimes also a hybrid guitar (Taylor T5, Godin Steel SA). In this set-up I normally use the set-up shown in this picture which I took at a living room concert at my house on Saturday.

I have a T1 mounted on my microphone stand. Near the window (on the other side of the Compact on the floor) is the T1 power supply which I always keep near the Compact as it means I don't need to have mains power at my feet. I connect the power supply to the T1 by means of the cable supplied with the T1 (I think it's about 18 feet long?) and use a Neutrik NE 8 FF ethernet coupler to make the connection between the cable and the power supply. The T1 is connected to channel 2 on the Compact set to line.

If I do house gigs with my acoustic trio and use more than 1 guitar I connect my guitar cable to the Kemper where I've got one or two profiles I've made of the T1 to save Channels on the T1 and also to save having to change the EQ on the T1 (as I've got everything programmed into the Kemper which I control with a footswitch).

My microphone stand is always completely cabled for this use, including the bracket part of the T1 mounting system which goes around the stand itself. The cables are coiled and held on the stand with velcro when not in use. This means that I can be ready to go at a gig in a very short time. The cables are also fixed to the stand itself using velcro which keeps everything tidy and acts as a safety net should someone knock the T1 off its arm.

For these gigs I have a small aluminium (english spelling) case where I keep a T1, power supply, Neutrik coupler, and a microphone + clip. In conjunction with the prepared microphone stand + Compact, I have everything at hand without having to search for it before a gig.

2) The second way I use the T1 is similar to ST as I also have a Kemper profiler and use the Compact as part of my rig. To just connect up the Kemper I can go directly into channel 2 on the Compact set to line.

3) The third way would be to use my TC-Helicon VoiceLive3 directly into Channel 2 of the Compact set to line.

4) For gigs where I might want to keep it really simple I'll just plug a microphone into Channel 1 on the Compact and an acoustic guitar into Channel 2 set to guitar.

There is a fifth way that I sometimes use the Compact, and that is for small gigs with my acoustic trio. I won't describe that here as this post is already pretty long, but I'll give you links to a couple of posts I've already made in the "at the gig and rehearsal" forum which you can read if you're interested.



I hope that this has been of interest and helpful Craig.


PS Just a word regarding the Compact Survey, I find that limiting the possibility of only being able to choose one configuration very restrictive. For this reason I haven't taken the survey as I do have multiple uses for the Compact.

 (Edit was to replace limiting with restrictive. I do miss not being able to "cross out" words as you could with the old software.)




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Hi Craig, thanks for asking..  hope you're not sorry you did, after this :-}

I'm an L1 Classic guy from Day One (PAS!), have and continue to use two of the original units.  Bought a T1 its day one also, but didn't care for it and sold it.  THEN, bought an early SoloAmp - GREAT design and implementation.

L1 Compact?  I resisted this for many years, because of so many shortcomings compared to SoloAmp electronics and options.  I finally bought a used L1C couple years ago, and now a second one a week ago. 
I like:  small size, sounds like Bose.  I dislike: most everything else (sorry).  Mainly LACK of controls, connectivity, things like that.  I HAVE learned to work around what I consider shortcomings (because its natural sound is so good), but this requires a lot of other gear and is a bit complicated.

I always: place L1C on a piano bench and use one extension, SO I can hear the base bass better, and so I can reach the controls reasonably.

SON Of L1 Compact?  I would like to see:

1.  Make one extension 6" longer and one 6" shorter - same total length, but more flexibility for different usage situations and rooms
2.  Separate channel Line Out, preferably XLR, but TRS would be ok
3.  Master Volume / Mute Switch
4.  A few simple basic reverb choices, independent but applicable to both channels --- if NOT this, then insert/return separate for each channel so we can use an external fx 
5.  A connection for a guitar tuner, with mute
6.  A port for T1, even though I don't want it - omitting that was not smart
*** 1-6 above SHOULD be included in the $1,000 base price, in my opinion - this is basic, needed connectivity (Solo has all this and more.. just sayin)

***  I would pay extra for:
7.  Extension(s) WITH SPEAKERS, probably including a way to power 1 or 2 of them with the A1 power amp, or something like it
(my original annoyance with the L1C was the empty extensions - seemed (and still SEEMS) dumb, cheap, insulting to the user) 
8.  An optional REMOTE - even just like the old Classic would be fine, something spiffier & wireless would be even better!

Thanks - LOVE my Bose stuff, my Bose SOUND!!  MIKE O'

Hi Craig,

I use 2 Compacts for band rehearsals.  One for my guitar modeler and vocal, the other for the lead vocal who occasionally plays guitar.  Playing live, we use one or both Compacts as monitor/backline and my 2 L1 Model II units as mains if room allows.  I'd love to see some verb built in to complete the Compact's intended purpose for the singer/acousitc player.  I do think something that size to cover a little larger audience (say up to 225) would be nice.   More power, maybe a couple more high drivers.  Keep the height.  And, you know, if that weren't enough, if the extensions could collapse somehow or stow in the base, that would be awesome.  



Hi Craig,

I'm starting the use of two L1 Compacts in our local church for the preacher, worship duo (Singer and guitar player) and sometimes one keyboard. The main use in terms of time is for the preacher mic.

Our first impressions are very good, because the voice (preacher and singer) sounds beautiful, and also the acoustic guitar.

I'm dealing with some noise while using both units with a mixer, but obviously it's not fault to the systems. I think it is a cable (length or type) problem.

Using the systems directly to the microphones and the guitars makes me happy with the purchase. And surely I will learn from all of you in this forum how to maximize the use of this equipment.


Sergio A. García

I use the Bose L1 compact 

- for playing an arranger keyboard (birthday parties and senior dance, but also open air events)

- for a band with guitar, singer, bass, piano, cajon

- together with HK Audio Lucas nano 300 for a complete band including electronic drums and bass guitar

- in a duo, my fellow musician played guitar and sang via Bose L1 compact, I played keyboard using the nano 300, but had a subwoofer, so this system was for frequencies above 100 Hz

- on a lake for speech and guitar playing, it was good audible in distance

- on the street for a flash mob, we danced

- speech applications

- with a video projector for the film sound.

- could help a guitar player

Hi Craig,

If you're still asking, I have been using an L1 Compact for just over a year in a covers band with two singers, guitar, bass, two keyboards and drums. We use the Compact as a monitor behind the two singers, with the feed from the back going to the band's main PA. Just bought the T1 Tonematch last week and tried it out at the weekend. Wow! really pleased I did. Now running both mics through the T1 into the right hand port on the Compact and the result is superb. Still trying to get my head around all of the settings, but given both vocals a little reverb and delay just to fill them out a bit. My fellow singer was really happy with the results. She uses a Shure SM58 and I have an AKG D5, both seem to work well with the Compact/T1 combination. As mentioned elsewhere shame there is no setting for the AKG mic, so just got it on handheld at the moment. Big learning curve ahead.


Craig-at-Bose posted:

Hi All,

We know there a lot of L1 Compact users on the forum and we wanted to get a better understanding of the effects and processing that you use with the system.

For example, Are you using the T1 or just the L1 Compact by itself?

Please reply to this post with a description of your rig. We would love to see pictures and understand the effects and mixing options that are most important to you.

Looking forward to your participation.



@Danny Miller

We have started a new discussion for your question. Please follow this link:

L1 Volume Control compared to F1 Model Volume Control 

Thank you.

Bose Pro Community Admin  

As others have said the Compact would be great with a Tonematch Port to eliminate a wall wart.  I am not performing live much but still love my Compact with T1.  I have it set up in my little studio.  I use it with keys/vox/electric & acoustic guitars. The T1 also makes a great USB recording interface in Logic X or Garageband.rig1rig2rig1rig2


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Joelheck posted:

Without being too lazy, I tend to agree with all the comments from "Oldghm". The lack of tonematch interface is almost unforgivable and lacks an understanding of the Bose User base. There are many "New" competitave choices out there with more inputs, EQ and at least reverb. Thanks for requesting input from the users this time.

Hmm, this comment cleared up what I've been wondering for a while now. Thank you very much for the feedback, Joelheck!

Hi Craig,

just added our first Bose L1c this spring. I have a pro rental company - focus is on backline gear for national tours..drums, guitar amps, keys, etc.  but we also have a thriving biz in private party events that includes audio.  the Compact has admirably met a couple important needs for us.  the wedding ceremony outdoors..amazing coverage and nice profile when cosmetics matter.  And also for cocktail hours..whether for programmed music, or that acoustic guitar/vocals or keyboard/vocals in the background.  I always run a mixer in front of it so I can better dial in.  Looking to purchase a second unit  but it'll either be a used model  or I'll have to wait until you guys relax your price lock on your resellers.  With my various wholesale opptys and the amount of $ I spend, I tend to bristle when I find myself being asked to pay the same price as some guy walking in off the street.

but that aside, there's definitely a place in my equipment roster for the compacts...good addition!


Hello. Nice to hear this. I´m Backliner, too in Germany.

Some Vintage Vibe Rhodes copies, Kurzweil Stage Keyboards oder tube Amps from Engl with 4x12" guitar cabinets, Aguilar USA Bass-Tops i. e. 

Using Bose L 1 Compact with switch to Tone Match ® Level (not the Line switch) to an acoustic Western Guitar or with a stompbox including distortion with an E-Guitar.

Nice results with Bose L 1 C.

Using Line Level switch as a Delay Line to multi-room PA.

I never have been able to make a trip to Germany..always wanted to..much of my heritage is German..did business in Holland and Sweden and UK... Nice to see you on the board.

We do still keep a very nice Fender Rhodes in stock..and of course the Nords and many other keyboards...stacks of drum kits, guitar amps and bass rigs.    The audio portion of my biz has grown sort of by accident, or default. Our main business is pro level concert backline , but we get calls for a keyboard rental for a wedding and then they realize they need a couple speakers on stands, wireless lav for the preacher, etc...so we started putting a bundle package together and it took off...then the wedding directors/party event planners would ask us about audio to support live bands as well  and we realized that we had stumbled into a nice niche in the market being able to provide all the backline and cover the audio all from one truck/crew.   So we now are able to present 24-32 channels digital (Presonus), up to (4) 3-way mains, and subs, using old mackies and jbl eon powered speakers as wedges..same speakers that often serve duty on stands for smaller events.   But I wanted to try the Boss compact and very glad that I did.  It has now covered multiple outdoor wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours for acoustic guitar/vox  or keyboard... I particularly like that I can use them for keyboard work and get the coverage of a room of guests that you just couldn't do using old school roland keyboard amps on the floor.

I'm also doing some nice stuff with the bose as remote by running Sennheiser SKP wireless...these are the plug-on units for the bottom of a microphone..but I plug one into the output of the mix console or the back of a speaker that is wired in and then send that signal to a receiver pack at the bose...the Sennheiser is top quality product..great range, and lets me put audio in other parts of the venue...multi-room old mansion or patios, or separate conference rooms, etc...the signal is strong as a opposed to a blue tooth that will fail past line of sight or distance.  Will definitely be adding more compacts to the inventory this year.

Schön, Sie zu treffen         



Hi everyone!

I've been a solo singer on the pubs/clubs circuit for over 20 years using a PA that has shrunk considerably over the years owing to dwindling audiences and venues getting smaller - ie. I do more pubs than Working Men's clubs these days and the large clubs with huge concert rooms have mostly downsized or at least moved their entertainment to the lounge. The equipment I currently use (2 Mackie C300z plus Dynacord Powermate 1000) is very heavy and bulky, along with poles, bags of wires, etc. I was complaining about this to the DJ I was working with at a venue a few months ago and he told me about the L1 Compact. When I heard it was Bose I just assumed it would be out of my price range so disregarded his recommendation but it stuck in the back of my mind.

Fast forward to last Friday: I had a terrible chest cold and had to gig at Scarborough WMC which is three flights of stairs to carry the gear. On my fourth trip downstairs at the end of the night I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest and I decided enough was enough. After a 2 hour drive home I got straight on the net and was gobsmacked when I saw how much the system was.  After another upstairs gig on Saturday (this one up a very dodgy fire escape) I spent an hour or so reading this forum and decided to pay my local Bose store a visit today (Sheffield Meadowhall). The staff there were really friendly and helpful and let me play one of my backing tracks through the system, I had brought several to listen to but in less than a minute of listening to the system whilst walking around the store I was completely sold and bought one there and then without a moment's hesitation. When I got home I borrowed a mixer with built in reverb from a friend and spent several happy hours playing around with the system, my grin slowly getting wider and wider. Seriously guys I am absolutely blown away with this set up; I know it's going to revolutionize my working life and I cannot thank you enough. If I find I need extra oomph, at this price point I honestly don't mind buying a second one for larger venues but having spent the entire day with it I think that is going to be unltimately unnecessary. I love the sound from my old PA but I have never heard my backing tracks or my vocals sound this clear and crisp before. When my vocal chords ran dry I stuck Les Miserables on plugged directly from my phone and I felt like I was in the theatre, the sound was so incredible. I swear I heard instruments and harmonies I had never noticed before. There is a reason why Bose is so widely acclaimed and I am ashamed it's taken me so many years to buy one of your products.

Anyway back to the point. I don't find the lack of built in reverb a problem for me. All my tracks are EQ'd but every venue is different so I still find the need to tweak my settings on the fly based on my ear so I would always want to use a separate mixer, I wouldn't want to be crouching down mid-song to adjust a knob. Maybe it's because I'm a creature of habit, a control freak or just need something to do with my hands but I would rather Bose keep the price point where it is rather than add in reverb and a more complex mixer that would push the price up. I think you've got it spot on; it's not cheap but it's certainly not overpriced. Considering how much I have spent on speakers and amps over the years I would say this system is perfectly pitched price wise and the quality of sound has exceeded my wildest expectations. I did look at a similar set up at my local music shop - the LD systems Maui 5 that was a little cheaper (although when you add in the price of the bags which Bose include it was not much cheaper) and was hugely disappointed. As soon as you moved to the sides of the room you got dead spots. It is simply not in the same league is this system.

I apologise if I have posted in the wrong thread and for waffling on for so long. Please feel free to move this wherever you deem most appropriate. I was just so thrilled with my purchase I felt I had to share my experience and my heartfelt thanks to whoever designed this amazing piece of kit. I haven't done a gig with it yet but I can't wait to give it a maiden voyage next weekend. I'll let you know how I get on.

Well done and thanks again!


I agree with your assessment of the Compact. I do a similar thing with mine . It's just so much easier to have the lighter uncomplicated setup. Surprisingly great coverage and the clarity will have you not missing reverb at all. 

I recently got to sit in with some folks using some "copycat" systems that the specs sounded great on but there was no wishing for the little extra power and bigger array on top when measured against clarity and being feedback prone. 

I walk in with my guitar and collapsible mic stand in one hand and the bose compact in the other with the column bag over my shoulder. In the Bose pouch I carry microphone, cord,mp3 player and cord. Setup in minutes and it's a go. 

The only thing I had to change was to EQ some of my tracks which was not hard. There were a few that were mixed down on a system without the clarity of the Compact and were a bit bright ,bordering on strident when used on the Bose system. Bottom line is you will be fine and cover the area better sound wise and be able to hear yourself better as well. 

Well, I think, this is encouraging.

When I began to use my Bose L1 compact, I wasn't interested in the usual heavy cabinets anymore.

My PA systems are Bose L1 compact, HK Audio LUCAS nano 300 and LD Systems MAUI 5, possibly I may add a bigger bass, when I want lowest frequencies, but this would be something about 20 kgs.

I must confess, too long I allowed the fans of traditional PAs to play the Bose L1 down and at this time much stores boycotts Bose.

just an update for the L1c   just wrapped another wedding..outdoor wedding this past weekend..even more important than the good report I'm about to give, is that the very high end lake front venue director was so impressed that I've already gotten a call from another mom of bride who was recommended by the venue director...

this particular wedding sat 185 guests open air facing out across golf greenways looking down over a lake. inputs included tracks, wireless headset on the pastor, wireless lav on the groom, reader mic, and a string trio. The single L1c covered the entire area beautifully with plenty of volume and headroom to spare.  I used a Behringer Xr18 in front of the bose as I was needing to be wireless myself from an ipad as I moved about the venue..so I had that unit to cover eq...I always run something in front of the bose..not that it isn't well balanced, but when you're dealing with male/female voices from such a variety of sources, and then dealing with things like a violin/cello...it's just nice to have more than a bass/treble...and of course the ability to mix each channel and to mix it remote. I've had a family member make the custom white spandex sleeve for the array and a matching cover for the base unit so it looks perfect among the white decorations...the wedding planners love that we care enough to do that and between the sleek profile of the bose and the fact that I'm virtually invisible walking around in a nice suite with just an ipad mini in hand...instead of some table setup on the side with a bunch of wire pasta hanging out..yeah...the cosmetics alone I think are winning business for us, but the amazed venue directors are responding to the combination of cosmetics and sound quality.  I also liked that I was basically packed n 20 mins and out the door in 2 trips to the truck.

also forgot to mention...have been looking at either adding more L1c to the inventory, or wondering if I needed to add some QSC K8s for "when I needed more volume/projection"

so I had the oppty to sample the K8 and while it packs a lot of wattage into a small box, I couldn't find a reason to go that direction (and no, I wasn't looking to compare a K10 or K12)..those are in a different market use.. I'm strictly talking about wedding ceremonies, cocktail hour stuff...now that I've stacked the K8s up against the L1c  ...for my purposes....    it's clear that I'll be spending next years budget on more Bose.

I use a few different mixers with the compact and with good results on all. If you don't need the heart pounding bass frequencies and the sheer db level of a rock concert these little guys will certainly project seemingly forever with great clarity. As an acoustic guitarist it's wonderful to have the clarity where each note is projected in such a true fashion. Vocals are so much easier as well. No muddiness.

I've done bar gigs with another guitarist as well as pretty rocking backing tracks with a lot of bass content and still not felt underpowered. The teardown and load out is pretty nice as well.

yeah when it's a guitarist on a stool thing for small venues/cocktail time etc...then there's usually a mackie vlz pro in front of the bose..just cause we have a pile of those in our inventory.  but any treble/mid/bass tone control mixer is only going to add more bass...not necessarily in the optimum freq range...when I can get prop eq in front..ie the behringer rack, or presonus, etc.. I can dial up the low end freq that the unit is capable of handling and then the preceived low end really comes out.. big difference than just hitting it with a bass knob when the lil bose only goes so low on the hz scale...when I can dial the compact in..oh my...sound is full, project continues to impress and coverage...amazing.

When I don't think I'm going to have enough horsepower on the low end I use a 150 watt studio subwoofer to take the load off the Compact but that's in a huge area if I have a Bass player running through the system. The sub carries its own crossover and controls . I just feed the highs to the Bose Compact. It stretches the coverage and adds bottom in those places where they speak fluent Rock Band. Not my usual thing but I don't want to give up my easy load in . The sub just weighs 45 lbs. Easy to adjust as well. 

yeah I've seen some other forums where guys are putting smaller powered subs....ie EV's 12" compact sub...more than a studio sub, but not some beast.. I can see where that could make a big different.  we've got a half dozen of the old mackie SWA1501s  that still get pressed into service..built-in crossover etc...a lot more than I'd care to lug around just to support an L1c platform..but I could certainly see where a compact 12 or 10 if I could find one...could take the L1C up another notch....when we need to take that next step that calls for powered subs coming out..then I've moved beyond my intended purpose for the bose...but I understand that most folks might not have more than one system option...especially if we're talking players trying to make some $ on the weekend...for us...it's how we make our living...so we have tiers of systems...DJ rigs mean pulling the older mackie 450s or QSC K12s over top of their respective subs...beyond that we are into live band systems.

but more than one of our wedding/party events has found us with full band stage setups in part of the venue, but an L1C perched somewhere else covering cocktail, ceremony, multi-room support...just too easy and so many reasons to keep at least one of these lil wonders in the truck...glad to see you guys putting them to the test...helps me know what I might can expect in terms of artist satisfaction if I need to place an L1C to meet a need.

Just done my first gig with my new L1C and I am very happy indeed!! It took a little getting used to as I am used to my old PA deafening me so to begin with in a medium sized pub with about 50 people in it felt like I was underpowered and I started to worry. However, a few things struck me through the first set. Usually in pubs no matter how loud the volume is I can hear conversations as people are shouting at each other to be heard over the music; tonight although some people near me were talking I couldn't really hear them as they weren't needing to shout and most importantly I could see people at the back of the room singing along so it was clearly reaching them. Another thing I noticed is I wasn't having so sing as hard, I could still go all out on the big notes but the rest of the time I didn't need to project as much which was excellent news for me as I am recovering from a nasty cold.

At the end of the night I asked the manager what she thought to the sound and was it loud enough. She said it was more than loud enough and sounded "really great"! That's good enough for me. 6 minutes after finishing my last song I was packed up and in the car ready to go home. My ears and voice were fresh and I didn't feel like I had just done a triathlon despite the venue being up 20 stone steps.

The only issue I have is it was so quick and easy to pack away I spent the entire journey home convinced I had left something behind!! Thankfully I was wrong.

Money very well spent, I am delighted.

@Wayne Steel

That's what it's all about Wayne.

"The only issue I have is it was so quick and easy to pack away I spent the entire journey home convinced I had left something behind!! Thankfully I was wrong."

But you have left something behind ... The feeling of having to really carry a load of gear for a less pristine sound. 

Glad you're enjoying it.


Just awaiting delivery of my first L1C today!  Already have an F1 set-up for a five-piece band, but we also have a three-piece set-up (keys, omnibass & vocal), increasingly I sing solo with backing tracks and also I do a lot of public speaking (where PA is usually provided but not always excellent quality!), so hoping this L1C will prove versatile.

The F1 kit is awesome for the venues we play as a band, but really looking forward to this for solo/trio/speaking work and smaller venues.
I also usually use a TC Helicon VoiceLive processor...and occasionally don't use it, especially when using backing tracks.  I fire the backing tracks from my iPad with OnSong, or sometimes from a MacBook Pro or iPod.

At the moment I'd be a bit nervous approaching the classier restaurants that want a very clear & controlled sound.  The F1 would do well, I'm sure, but looks a little overbearing, so hopefully the L1C will allow us to approach this market with confidence...and elegance.

Really glad to hear the rest of you guys are loving the L1C

congrats on the new purchase Monty...I've got to say that on the first several gigs that I planned to use the L1c  I carried a traditional system as a backup in the van..ie mackie SRM 450s and mackie 1501 subs..yeah.. I know..old school..but these original versions have served faithfully for so many years and nothing new out there has given me cause to put the mackies out to pasture.  but I've taken the L1c out for "guitar dude on a stool", outdoor wedding ceremonies (150 plus seated)  with keyboards, guitars, string quartets...things that I would have used a mackie or two on sticks to cover in the past..and each time I've been pleasantly surprised that the lil L1c has properly covered it and I've yet to have to run back to the van for the mackies... I have no frame of reference for guitar on stool in a crowded noisey restaurant/bar gig.. If I were playing or providing sound for say a duo.. I'd likely leave the L1c at home and go with the bigger units..

I really believe that you'll be experiencing the same surprises I have been with the little L1c   you'll pack the bigger box just in case but find that it isn't needed in many cases...let us know  when it arrives and gets it's first gig


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