Craig Anderton in the December issue of EQ magazine includes the L1 Model II system.

In the article, Craig says:

I used the Bose an amp for the guitar and found that turning up the volume past about halfway enabled me to get really excellent controlled feedback. For recording you can just tap off the line output, which incorporates the sound of the feedback. I don't know exactly whay I get such good results with the L1 and feedback, but I suspect it has something to do with the speakers being at the same level as the guitar, and with the sound field "surrounding" the guitar. Furthermore, the bass bins are separate and on the floor, so I don't get that undesirable boomy feedback that can happen. While I've just started using this technique in the studio so I can't give it a blabnlket recommendations, check it out -- so far the results with humbucking pickups have been stellar.
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