Hi Gang,  Don't know where else to put this so hope this thread is okay.  I use the Pigtronix Infinity Looper and have for some time.  Excellent results, especially through the L1 Model II and T1 Engine.  I'm seeing in the manual where I can expand to store up to 50 presets.  I have only used the nine plus of course the (0) open bank.  For the life of me I cannot find how to store beyond the original 9 in only one bank.  For anyone who knows how to store more presets I am forever grateful for the help.  Thanks gang!   Tom H. 

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Thanks Tony....I really appreciate your taking time to look at this for me.  I have gone over the manual before several times and page 22 explains how these extra banks are there, but I cannot figure how to dial them in or use ones past the original 9 presets I have already created.    I came here because I can't find the info or any pigtronix forums or youtube tutorials that cover this and so I'm just searching for an experienced user.  It's supposed to be there...and I'll find it...and likely feel silly for not realizing the magic words and secret handshake right from the start.   Thanks again...I appreciate your responding!   Tom 

Ummmm.....I almost hate to admit that I discovered the secret handshake....and I was right in that I'm feeling silly for not finding it sooner.  Turning past the 9 original presets puts you into another bank of 10 more of 1-9.  The lights that tell you which new bank only blinks for a few seconds and then go off....and THAT is why I never noticed I could be in another separate bank.   Once again, I really appreciate your looking into it for me.....I should have just kept up more trial and error...that's what did the trick....and yes, I kinda feel dumb not finding it before.  I'm pretty technically savvy normally....perhaps because this was so obvious?     Thanks again.....onward and back into Boseville!    Tom  


I'm glad you seem to have found what you were looking for. I don't see any reason at all for feeling a bit "silly" here. Nowadays things have so many different possibilities and buttons with many different functions that it's sometimes difficult to see the wood for trees.


Musicianthomas posted:

Thanks Tony....I really appreciate your taking time to look at this for me. 

Happy to help out if I can. Sometimes it can help if you get a nudge from someone. That's what I like about this forum. And sometimes we just stumble across the solution almost by accident.


Thomas et al,

I am a year late to this thread, but although I have successfully used many features in Infinity Looper so far, I am just now trying to record and play back presets.  Thomas' question and self-answer helped me, but I still can't get the recorded preset to play back.  I have a Beat Buddy in the circuit, using its MIDI clock to sync with the looper.  No problems there, but maybe that is complicating and impeding playback of the preset?  The Infinity manual is not very detailed on presets, but this is probably my own ignorance at work.  Thanks for any help!

James,   Although I have since upgraded to the Boss RC-300,  I still use my Infinity looper for busking with the S1 Pro...(less real estate).  

    But to see if I can help you, are you able to save presets WITHOUT the Beat Buddy connected?  Or you just can't save and replay presets at all? 

    If you can save and replay without the Beat Buddy, then it likely has to do with your Master/Slave selection.  Pigtronix just doesn't have the same kind of user forum like we have here, but Beat Buddy does and as I did some reading I found others with similar, though not the same, problems in synchronizing and getting their presets to work the same as if they were only using the master blank preset.   I also saw where a few said being sure to update both the Infinity and the Beat Buddy to the latest versions solved some problems.   Might want to Google up Beat Buddy Forum and do some reading there and see if anything fits your situation.  

   However, if you cannot save and replay your presets at all, even without the BBuddy connected, let me know here and I'll see if I can help you out.  It's an awesome looper.....I just expanded for various reasons.   Just don't like all that extra foot real estate.    Keep the music fires burning!    Tom

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