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Bose S1 Pro

Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

This is the place to discuss the S1 Pro system.

My second S1 Pro purchased recently came with a battery, but unlike my first one, no “slip cover”, an item I consider essential for protection against rain, dust etc., when transporting between gigs.

I called Bose, who agreed to supply one free of charge and sure enough, true to their word, it arrived today.

They had also previously supplied me with (as promised to “early adopters”), a backpack, so they have kept their promises on both counts and I am delighted with their support.

Together with my one active sub bass, the two S1’s now form my main PA in most situations and the sound is absolutely superb!

Kudos to Bose.......couldn’t be more pleased +++++

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