I work most weekends as a speaker and worship leader for Church/youth rally events. About 70% of what I do is larger conferences with sound provided. The other 30% is churches where the PAS would be markedly better and more completely within my control than the existing church system or a pore quality rented rig. SO.... do you think it would be possible to fly with it? Has anyone investigated this before? If I had an Anvil case made for it would it hold up under the banging around? I travel about 40 weekends a year. It has been a full time profession/ministry for 12 years. I would be willing to test the idea for you if you would find it of any value. Anyway, any advice would be welcome. I postitively DON'T want to spend two thousand bucks and then break the thing in a month!


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Hi SteveA

Here are the specs in case you haven't found them.

•Power stand: 26.0 in (660 mm) W x 26.0 in (660 mm) D x 5.0 in (127 mm) H
•Cylindrical Radiator® loudspeaker (each section): 3.5 in (89 mm) W x 4.0 in (105 mm) D x 43.0 in (1092 mm) H
•Remote control: 2.8 in (71 mm) W x 5.6 in (141 mm) D x 1.6 in (40 mm) H
•Bass module (optional): 10.3 in (250 mm) W x 18.0 in (457 mm) D x 15.3 in (380 mm) H

•Power stand: 35 lb (16 kg)
•Lower line array: 16.0 lb (7 kg)
•Upper line array: 14.5 lb (6 kg)
•Remote control: 0.6 lb (0.27 kg)
•Bass module (optional): 28 (13 kg)

Here is a thread where Shawn has given the whole air travel business a lot of thought.
Read more about cases

Sounds like you are a busy fellow - 40 weeks a year. I can't imagine it.
I was thinking maybe a company like Anvil might make something like this for a reasonable price.

The idea is similar to the deluxe bag, only sturdier. The case for the L1's would hold both sections and have wheels and handle built in. To make it stable enough to pull around with the rest of the gear attached, it could be made a little wider than the two L1 sections and that could provide enough space for a mic stand and other small accesories. It would work like a hand truck to carry the rest of the gear. A small slide out or fold down shelf would be on the bottom edge but the B1 case whether for one or two would also have a hooking device (2) to attach to the L1 case and the PS1 case sitting on top would have the same double hooks.

With the shelf and 4 other attachment points to support the wt. and spread the stress, that should reduce somewhat the overall strength neccessary for it to work as a single unit to get in and out of venues or perhaps an airport.

I dont know what kind of regs. there are for air travel but surely something could be made in molded plastic or the more conventional 1/4 inch ply with aluminum corners and latches.

The PAS unit is made so sturdy that unless there are regs against it a case with 1/2 inch closed cell foam should provide enough protection for almost all situations, and that would keep overall dimensions down as well.

ST and I were thinking the total wt for PS1, L1, 2 B1's and cases could be kept under 200 lbs. maybe as low as 170 lbs, but quite honestly that is just a guess, as I have not even attempted to put together a materials list.

If you have comments or ideas post them, maybe some of the case companies can be enticed here to take a look......Oldghm
I haul my system around on a dolly like you show, but I put the PS1 flat on the bottom with the L1's in a gun case against the back, then I put B1's & other cases against the gun case. A couple of bungees holds the whole mass against the back of the dolly. The thing to remember is that you need a balance of the weight over the wheels so that it doesn't pull your arm forward or backward.

ST's (very good) sketches might suggest that the dolly is external, but the idea is that the L1 case becomes the dolly when needed ("casedolly").

I first thought "dollycase" but that implies something totally different.

The handle would be built in and the wheels would fit in slots or pockets on the bottom corners protruding just enough to allow easing up and down stairs, or across the parking lot and down the hall, or through the terminal. When separated they would be three easily handled, individual, protective shipping cases.

The 2 B1 case would be built in the same manner as cases described in another thread, with the B1's inside in a stacked position so the removal of front and back allowed stage use without complete removal of case. All moving, rattling parts of latches would be on the lids that are removed.....Oldghm

I'm not much of an engineer, but I'm pretty good at imagineering, I can see a system that would have the PS1 laying flat, with wheels on one edge . The L1 case would have the handle and could slide into place on top of the back or wheeled edge of the PS1, and 1 or 2 B1's could latch on top of the PS1 and against the L1, the latches to provide stress relief so the unit could work as one without the need for straps or bungee cords. With the PS1 as the base it might invite loading up beyond the strength built into it.

I think just from looking the 3rd sketch from the top, with two b1's on the bottom keep the wt. both low and back, near the wheels. With only one B1 the PS1 on the bottom, but still on edge, might make more sense. A good engineer would place the hooking mechanism so those pcs. could interchange.

Fun to think about, but will anybody build it at a reasonable price?......Oldghm
Hi - getting in late on this...

Have you guys DONE this, or in idea/design mode?

I use a big keyboard case (Gator - not hard not soft) for both L1 sections, 2 or 3 (light) mic stands, and a bunch of extension cords and cables, and I can attest that it is HEAVY, when you combine all this stuff together. I CAN'T lift it, and it is a burden to even ROLL it.

I can't imagine managing a "lean back" dolly with all that PLUS the bass and sub(s).

I want a ROADIE!

Best of luck... Mike
At one point prior to getting into this discussion (here) I said to Oldghm, that the gear alone would weigh 122 pounds (1 PS/1, 2 L1s, 2 B1s and Remote). While pondering this, I cannot imagine trying to maneuver *anything* that weighs this much on two wheels.

On the other hand, I am delighted that the heaviest single piece is what... 34 pounds? And I don't have to try to hoist that over my head to impale it on a stand, in dim light, without nailing another member of the band who is laying cable.
I move the whole system on a $40 folding hand truck from Staples. It's not that hard to maneuver. The hand truck has a fairly long base front to back so that the PS1 fits on it flat with only a little tendency to slip off. I put my gun case with the L1's against the back of the hand truck on the back edge of the PS1. This holds the PS1 on the base very well. I then stack my B1 against the gun case. Another case about the size of the B1 goes on top of that with cables & mics, etc. I stand a guitar in its case in front of the B1 & case. I bungy the whole thing with two adjustable bungies to the back of hand truck. I have rolled it over sideways a couple times when I pulled it behind me, so I push it now which is easier once you get the hang of steering from the rear. I notice that's how most delivery guys do it. As long as I can maneuver through doors & over small curbs it all works quite well. I can take a photo if my description doesn't paint a good enough picture. I'm sure it's very heavy, but it's not hard to manage.

"...another member of the band ..."


Thanks for the photos. Much easier to understand, although you must be stronger (and braver) than I.

Must be great to wheel everything in, in one trip.
I got one of those Rock N Roller carts (R10, I think). It is expandable and collapsable and will hold two PAS systems and all of my guitar gear. It can be used as a two-wheeled cart or a 4-wheeled cart. I use the 4-wheeled method for almost everything because its very stable and requires me to hold zero weight, I just have to push it where it needs to go. Big Grin I got a really good deal on mine from Musician's Friend because it was a return.


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