Hi everyone,

My trio played a 60th birthday party for friends yesterday using just a Compact + T1 (+ a small 30w Bass Combo for monitoring + a bit of help with the low end). The Set up was as follows:

The Band consists of:

Main guitar + lead vocals

Cajon/small percussion instruments(shaker, Tambourine etc)/Flute/soprano sax/Backing vocals

Bass Guitar/(sometimes acoustic guitar, but not yesterday)/small percussion instruments(claves, shaker etc/)/Backing vocals

This means:

1xCajon mike
Main acoustic guitar
Bass or Acoustic guitar

At any one time 6 inputs

Compact + T1

T1 into Channel 2 whereby The T1 is used as follows:

T1 channels 1-3 Vocals

T1 channel 4/5 Seagull or T5 (using the Mike stand bracket makes it easy to change the presets on the fly. The T5 preset works extremely well and for the Seagull I use the Steel String with Condenser).

T1 into Compact channel 2 set to Line.

Bass/Guitar into a Line6 POD with 1 output to Compact channel 2 RCA connector (the other output to Bass combo). Using the POD means that I can split the signal and control the volume which is important if you're "sharing" Channel 2 on the Compact. The Signal level to the Compact is set to fit in with the T1. The Bass combo volume is adjusted on the amp itself.

Cajon Microphone into Compact Channel 1 with the highs rolled off (preference).

There was also a Dynacord PA with Hughes + Kettner Loudspeakers which was used by a couple of other "acts" and for general purpose, but we didn't connect up to it. I'm saying that because quite a few people came and complimented us regarding the sound and were really surprised when they heard that it only came from the Compact. In fact, they were gobsmacked by the quality of the sound and the coverage. The sound was the same everywhere. We used no monitors, and because we play sitting down and used both extensions, the highs weren't quite as brilliant as if we'd only used 1 extension. Our sound was still really good, but the audience got the full benefit of the system.

When all's said and done, 6 inputs into a Compact is a compromise, but the sound was really good. For us (I bought the Compact for myself) playing sitting down, a Model 1S would probably be just right (we'd then have loudspeakers at roughly ear level), and could then use a B2 for the Bass guitar, but I can't see that happening. Our bassman is old school, and we have an HK Audio Impact system which actually does sound pretty good. I'd be prepared to trade it in against an L1S + B2, but I only own 1/3 of that system. He was, however, surprised at the sound and coverage that we had yesterday.

I hope that this was of interest for one or two of you out there. I've no pics of yesterday myself, but I do have hopes that we'll be getting a few when the guests let the hosts have the pics that they took. Should this happen, I'll post something.

If you have a good sound, you generally play better as a result. Yesterday we played a really good gig.

Have a nice day everybody.

Original Post
Hi Tony,

Thanks for the detailed gig report.

It sounds like you're out singing again. I'm happy to hear that. And how nice for you be gigging with your new T5.

The horizontal vertical dispersion of your Compact is 40° so if you were probably not missing a lot of the highs unless you were seated very close to it.

How big was the venue?


edit: 'horizontal' should have been vertical.
Hi ST,

Regarding the "detailed gig report" you're more than welcome.

It sounds like you're out singing again. I'm happy to hear that.

Yes it was a nice feeling to be playing in a gig-type situation again. The fact that it was for friends where no money changed hands (it was our birthday present) made it much easier, but also showed me that I'm well on the way to getting back in there. I've still got one or two slight adjustments which have to be made, but they shouldn't (hopefully) change things for my tongue too much (things should actually improve). I started off our part of the evening with about 4 songs as a solo act, and that went down really well, (some friends told me that I should definitely do solo gigs) so I'll be looking for possibilities in that capacity as well. I think that Saturday has a gone a long way toward breaking the ice for me again. It's a good feeling.

And how nice for you be gigging with your new T5.

Yes, that was a lot of fun. Our third man (on bass etc.) has become a real T5 fan. He prefers it to the sound to my Seagull with Anthem. I don't see it that way. The Seagull with Anthem sounds, to use my wife's words, "just like when you play in the living room, only louder." I have a similar feeling when I play it amplified. The L1 system (with T1) does the rest. I can understand what he means, because the T5 (for me) sounds really good through the system with the T5 preset. If I had to absolutely choose just 1 guitar for an acoustic gig, it would be the Seagull, but fortunately, I don't. As an all round instrument the T5 is awesome.

The horizontal dispersion of your Compact is 40° so if you were probably not missing a lot of the highs unless you were seated very close to it.

The Compact was about 7 or 8 feet in front of me, and very slightly to my right (I also sit on the right when we play because it gives the bass guitar more room for the neck if he sits on the left, with cajon in the middle). The Compact was turned so that I was sitting very adjacent to the "Stick" (probably something like 160°/170° which meant that the audience could be anywhere and have the same quality of sound). I sit slightly higher than the other 2 (cajon + chair for bass) because I always try to take my own barstool with me (it swivels, and I can adjust the height very easily. When I use it I have no back problems which I sometimes get when playing longer gigs using a chair. It also looks pretty good). Uwe on bass was probably about 13 to 15 feet away but sitting lower than me, and my wife on the cajon maybe about 10 to 12 feet. All distances have to be approximations because I didn't measure them.

The "stage area" was the first few feet (maybe 7 or 8 feet) of a double garage (maybe 15 feet wide)with a really nice backdrop (a large projection screen in the middle with a video projector projecting a picture of the host's old workshop including a few old-timer cars an curtains to the left and right (he used to make a living restoring old cars and drives a white MGA himself). From the garage entrance/stage area was a large tent which was about 23 feet wide and 40 feet long.

If I come across any fotos of the gig I'll try to post something.

Regarding the highs, we probably didn't miss out that much, but if you know they're there, you can miss them. I don't think, however, that it was detrimental to our playing.

All in all ST, it was a really good gig all round.


Edited spelling
Hi Tony,

I was typing too fast last night. I meant to say
"The horizontal vertical dispersion of your Compact is 40° so if you were probably not missing a lot of the highs unless you were seated very close to it.
(and have since corrected it).

I really like playing solo gigs. The responsibility and the freedom is all yours. I like to play with dynamics and time and arrangements, and I like to spritz with the audience. You can do that if you're alone on stage. It's hard if you have to wonder if someone behind you will get lost, frustrated, or just roll his/her eyes.

If you've got a great rhythm section you can go anywhere, but it sure takes work to reach that point. I REALLY like playing with a band, and as you may have picked up from the Digitech Trio thread, I'd rather jam with a Bass and Drums than not.

"just like when you play in the living room, only louder."

If you've got a little time, you might enjoy this:

When is an Acoustic Guitar Not an Acoustic Guitar

and here's another video
Rick Jordan a Country Gentleman drops by for dinner

Thanks for the detailed description of the space. It sounds like it was a great time for everyone.

Hi ST,

I was typing too fast last night. I meant to say "The horizontal vertical dispersion of your Compact is 40°

No sweat on that one ST. I'd interpreted vertical for horizontal. When you're typing, sometimes the fingers are quicker. Basically the same goes for speaking too, but in a conversation you can usually correct it immediately.

When is an Acoustic Guitar Not an Acoustic Guitar
I had already read it at some time or other, but it was good to read it again. There's an awful lot of truth in there. The possibilities you have with a plugged in guitar are almost endless. From being able to really play percussive things through to any type of effect that you care to use, or even connecting up to a guitar-synth ... etc. etc. etc. ... but who am I telling all this? You already know what I'm talking about.

I've saved your "ST Performing with the Bose L1®" to my bookmarks.

The video of "Invitation To The Blues" I really enjoyed, and this means that I've finally been able watch at least one song played by you. Very nice. I like your use of Ghost Chords. The sound was really good and the vocals are also not to be "sniffed" at. An all round good performance. If we didn't have the big Pond between us and the complete width of Canada after that ... Are there any more videos of you Online?

I've also saved your Youtube channel. I noticed that you liked a Janne Koskela song. If you haven't already listened to other songs of his, here are a couple that I go back to once in a while. I discovered him while searching for stuff about the VoiceLive3. I could imagine that you discovered him similarly?

Jo nyt ja ei vielä (Livelooping with Voicelive 3)

Aamu (Live looping with TC Helicon Voicelive 3)

They're definitely for headphones or L1.

Have a nice day ST,


(corrected for spelling)

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