Hello Community

here is the configuration I had

T4S mixer

Track One Vocal

Track Two Vocal

Track 3 Acoustic guitar with pedalboard

Track 4 RC 300 looper with pre recorded Loops in Pro Tools 

like this I couldn't record my guitar in the looper.

I tried my guitar in my pedalboard Gtr-Tuner-Boss OC3-EQ-El Capistan-Bigsky into RC300 input, great I can loop my guitar with effects. but all is in the same track 4 on T4S... I can't control both volume except with RC 300 instr level and master lvl.... 

I would like to know if there is a way to use for example the T4S compressor on track 3 for acoustic guitar or should I have a compressor pedal on my pedalboard? easier... 

And if there is a way to wire so that I can have my guitar on track 3 and the RC 300 on track 4 of T4S. and still be able to loop guitars with RC 300.


I thank you in advance






Original Post

Two ways I can think of,

1, Use an ABY switcher, live guitar into switcher, CH3 via output A, and looper via output B, The Y setting on the switcher lets you send the guitar to both CH3 and the RC300 simultaneously.

2, Use the L/R outputs on the RC300 to send to CH3 and CH4 routing the live guitar, unaffected or looped to L>CH3 direct and the loops to R>CH4 inside the RC300  (great looper BTY, I have one).

Somebody else will have to answer WRT the compressor question.

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