Four and a half months back I wrote:

I had the rare privilege to work with a fellow a few months ago, who has spent the last thirty years touring, doing something like two hundred shows per year for all that time. He has had big bands, filled stadiums, and has been know to open ... read the complete post ...
I went on to say:
The point to all of this? We will probably be doing this show again in a few months. I will bring the (Bose Systems) this time. As I got one, and then the second PAS, I wondered many times if he would benefit from it.

Tonight we did another Cancer benefit and Valdy (name used with his permission) was again the headliner. You may remember him from 34 years ago "Play Me a Rock 'n Roll Song". For him, that would have been 6 or 7 thousand gigs ago.

Last year we had (very successfully) run 802's and a powered board. This year I was prepared to do the same but set up a single Bose system for Valdy to try during sound check.

He had not seen this new system before, but it took less than 5 minutes to explain what was what including: the remote, microphone angle, avoiding feedback, and how I had routed the signal path for his vocal, guitar mic, and piezo pickup.

This man was on his 15th show in as many days, and had been on the road all day today before arriving at the gig. He still took the time to look at this new system and to make the effort to understand how to operate it. So he took control of the remote and his sound. Within 10 minutes he had everything tweaked for his voice, his guitar, and the room. He went off to get ready for the show and I tore down all the other gear.

Later that night Valdy entertained 130 priviliged fans in this wonderfully intimate concert. At the end of the evening I got dozens of compliments on the quality of the sound. The most frequent comments were about how well you could hear in every part of the room, and how natural he had sounded. "just like there was no amplification - only louder". Because Valdy had thanked me "for the sound", the common understanding was that I had something to do with it. Little did they know that my contribution had ended the moment Valdy picked up the remote.

Valdy is a living legend in Candian folk music. He still does over 200 shows a year. Back in July as I got my second Bose system, I had wondered how someone like Valdy would find using it. I have the answer to that one now.

This is the first time ever... that I've "done sound" for another performer where I got to sit back and enjoy the show.
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That's great, ST. Thanks for the report!

It's so empowering for musicians, almost liberating, the moment that they look at the remote and realize that they are the ones who have control of the sound.

No more of that feeling you have inside when you are playing and thinking "this stage sound is bad... I HOPE it sounds good out there" and having no control in terms of being able to repair it.

Please invite Valdy to our community if you get the chance. Thanks for the post!

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