After a 5 months of try period in Germany (16 stores) Bose Europe decided to make the BLEW (Bose Live Experience Wall) as from end of March 2007 available to al of the Europe’s participating MI stores.

What is the BLEW?
The BLEW gives MI stores the possibility to demo the L1™ system. And it demonstrates the new approach of amplifying live music. Normally you would need at least 3 musicians who play on different systems. But as you now that these guys mostly perform at nights and sleep in the daytime; we had to come up with a solution to this problem.

So to overcome this problem we obviously thought of multi-tracking a band and playing it back true the L1™ system. But finding out that using an 8-track recorder is an expensive way to do so, we thought of using a DVD player.

The DVD-player allows us to use at least 4 AC-3 line-out signals to reproduce a live band. After some tinkering and recording we came up with a DVD with the content of three different songs and about 20 different instruments to be played from this DVD.

And this is how it looks like in 16 different stores in Germany….
The little screen we use to navigate true the content.


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Hi Wiek,

That's just amazing. So let me understand... If I wanted to do this (assuming that I've got four L1™s lined up and ready to go), what else would I need?

Fancy Bose Floor Mat
Cool Posters
The little screen (what is that?)
and then what? ...

Hi St,

Well the screen I talked about is actually the little television screen you see on the stand.
Connected to the DVD-player it gives the user the possibility to navigate true the DVD-content.

There are three songs to choose from. And there are 25 tracks (solo instruments) divided in to the chapters: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Brass & Woodwinds, and Percussion & Drums. So everybody can have an idea how his/her instrument would sound on the L1™.

We use the “Fancy Bose Floor Mat” to create a dedicated space in the shops. The posters are helpful to explain the costumer where L1™ system differs from the conventional way of amplifying.

The two main reasons we wanted to develop this tool were:
1. Explaining the new concept of the L1™, amplifying live music.
2. Help the actual sales people on the work floor without the need of a live band.

On this moment we are in preparation of an update of the DVD. We want to have more styles/songs, and we need improvement on some of the solo instruments.

Furthermore, we are busy to create a BLEW version that will be completed with one “life” musician (guitarist). This musician will be able to do a real 45 min show that demonstrates the concept and the system accompanied by the BLEW. We also will use the capacity of the DVD using movies and graphics. We are going to train about six to seven Guitarists from different countries, so they can address there audience in there native language.

I’m sure you agree on the fact that when you demonstrate the system in this way, that a lot of the questions people might have are answered immediately.

Originally posted by Wiek-at-Bose-Europe:
...I’m sure you agree on the fact that when you demonstrate the system in this way, that a lot of the questions people might have are answered immediately.


Very nice idea! It handles the issues that so many of the current users in the US had (have) when trying to demo properly at a Guitar Center (although they have improved since the 'early days').

Cool! Cool


Now that looks like a serious demonstration tool!

I imagine it would be difficult to set something like that up in a Guitar Center store. Those stores are usually crammed to the hilt with gear. No guitar store I've ever patronized had anywhere near that amount of space to set up a Bose demonstration center to that degree. Though it sure would be nice to see something like that!


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