L1 Model II

Let's talk about the L1® Portable Line Array Systems

Using proprietary Bose® technology, L1 systems combine  PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit. The  loudspeaker can be positioned behind or to the side —and you hear what the audience hears.

Highly portable PA and monitor combined for solo performers, DJs and general-purpose use. Fixed vertical control with 180° horizontal coverage Reduced vulnerability to feedback.

Three systems to choose from (Compact, Model 1S, Model II)
Two passive bass module options (B1 or B2)
Consistent coverage and tonal balance, portability and easy setup.

If you could have anything you want in an L1® ...

Ask, even if you don't think it's possible. It wasn't that long ago that the L1® was impossible.

Have fun with this.


Feature Requests

Original Post

What I would like in a nextGen L1 compact, based on my current position of being an experienced live sound engineer yet very new to Bose Professional products, listed in order of priority: 

  1. Balanced line level input on an XLR or combo connector rather than TRS. Even better a pair of balanced XLR/combo inputs with the option to mix the signals to mono or run the one of the signals out to a second L1 in order to create a stereo pair. 
  2. Clear level markings on the knobs to show how much gain/trim is being applied to the signal. 
  3. More comprehensive metering, or at least a 0dB indicator in addition to signal present and clip. 
  4. The option to bypass the tonematch preset on the mic channel, as is currently available on channel 2. 
  5. Some way to continuously vary the height of the array for different applications and room sizes. 
  6. Built in coffee machine and ice-maker. 


For all L1 family products:

  1. Agree with Bruno on the combo jacks.
  2. Wedge stand to allow for slight tilt up or down. Similar to the F1 but I just want the whole array tilted. I've done it with bricks under one L1 for balcony seats, worked perfectly.
  3. WEATHERPROOFING!!!!! Would love to be able to run a weatherproofed powerbox next to the L1 and XLR cable and not have to worry about rain!

For just the Compact:

  1. At least a 2 mic combo mixer PLUS stereo line in (RCA/3.5mm). I hate that I always need to bring a micro Mackie mixer for events that just need 2 mics. Each combo input has a 3 way selector (mic, DI, line) perhaps even reverb.
  2. The option to mount the array towards the rear of the bass unit, rather than the front. Since the L1C is usually behind us on stage, it's more awkward to adjust controls that are facing the wall. If I turn around on stage, it should be facing me. Essentially, like having the L1C facing backwards but the array and woofer facing forward.
  3. A way to stack 2 L1C when in storage. The sloped top is weird, I stack them facing opposite directions and it kinda works but feels unstable. Unlike stacking B1s in storage.
  4. Retractable extension tubes. Would be so awesome to not have to carry the extension tube bag that contains nothing except wires. Would be nice if there was a way to make the tube collapsible. And maybe the option of making it taller too. Unlike the full sized L1s, the Compact array is only at the top, I've had a few instances where I wish the extension tubes were a bit taller to shoot over a dividing wall in a restaurant. This could be an optional accessory for existing L1 Compacts, like different extension tube configurations. 

This reply is my suggestion from several months ago, received no comments - maybe my ideas are of no value, except that I think they are very good suggestions!

I'm an L1 Classic guy from Day One (PAS!), have and continue to use two of the original units.  Bought a T1 its day one also, but didn't care for it and sold it.  THEN, bought an early SoloAmp - GREAT design and implementation.

L1 Compact?  I resisted this for many years, because of so many shortcomings compared to SoloAmp electronics and options.  I finally bought a used L1C couple years ago, and now a second one a week ago (many months ago now). 
I like:  small size, sounds like Bose.  I dislike: most everything else (sorry).  Mainly LACK of controls, connectivity, things like that.  I HAVE learned to work around what I consider shortcomings (because its natural sound is so good), but this requires a lot of other gear and is a bit complicated.

I always: place L1C on a piano bench and use one extension, SO I can hear the base bass better, and so I can reach the controls reasonably.

SON Of L1 Compact?  I would like to see:

0.  I like the recent suggestions of having BOTH channels accept XLS, TRS or TS - with a very basic switch for each channel to indicate mic, guitar, or "00" preset.
1.  Make one extension 6" longer and one 6" shorter - same total length, but more flexibility for different usage situations and rooms
2.  Separate channel Line Out, preferably XLR, but TRS would be ok
3.  Master Volume / Mute Switch
4.  A few simple basic reverb choices, independent but applicable to both channels --- if NOT this, then insert/return separate for each channel so we can use an external fx 
5.  An insert connection for a guitar tuner, with mute
6.  A port for T1, even though I don't want it - omitting that was not smart
*** 1-6 above SHOULD be included in the $1,000 base price, in my opinion - this is basic, needed connectivity (Solo has all this and more.. just sayin)

***  I would pay extra for:
7.  Extension(s) WITH SPEAKERS, probably including a way to power 1 or 2 of them with the A1 power amp, or something like it
(my original annoyance with the L1C was the empty extensions - seemed (and still SEEMS) dumb, cheap, insulting to the user) 
8.  An optional REMOTE - even just like the old Classic would be fine, but better and preferable would be an iPhone App, like the QSC, Behringer, Mackie and others - this would be GREAT!

Thanks - LOVE my Bose stuff, my Bose SOUND!!  MIKE O'

There are a few things I would like.  

1.  With a Tone Match, 6-8 Chan XLR combo, USB, Wifi and Bluetooth, sd card for recording or MP3 playback, fully adjustable eq on every band hi, mid low or a fully adjustable eq like what QSC mixers have.  Better hall reverb.  A app for iPhone to adjust mixer eq, level, effects and  and name inputs. 


2 in a Compact make a full array so it's easier to hear at sitting level.  A connection for the T1 Tonematch (no power supply needed) Blue Tooth, wifi and an app tomadjust eq.    A spot where the mixer would sit nicely.





1) A stereo T1 with at least 8 channels and 8 independent outputs controlled by 1 master fadar/knob to have the ability to conect up to 6 L1 Model ll 4 minimum and control the entire mix and DSP's.  

2) international voltage for the big models, we always want to perform overseas with them but it is not practical to take voltage converters, and it is practically imposible to find L1's for hire where we had to perform.

3) more power??

4) To have the ability to connect a small bose speakers as monitors whe you put the L1 in front of the band. Or maybe for the sticks to have speakers (4 drivers) on the back to make it possible to place them in front of the performer and be able to have monitoring as well?

I know they are meant to be placed behind the performers but what about when the audience is too loud and you need more power, you can't push them to much because of the feedback it creates when you have them too loud behind you. 

5) iOS controlled ??

Our gear:

We have 2 L1 model ll + B2 + t1 and still have to use a QSC TouchMix 16.

The Compact is what it is but the idea of moving the array to the back and the control knobs to the front is the best thing I've seen on here. You generally looking back at the unit while performing and not seeing the lights overloading is bothersome. The controls are pretty basic but it would be cool to be able to reach them from the front rather than walk around to the side to monitor lights or knobs.

Leave the L1 stack controls behind the column.

change the connections on bass cables to tight angled connectors, then the cables coming out are not facing upwards producing trip hazards, also the cable facing out of the now horizontal connector doesn’t have the resultant stress point where cable meets connector which has raised issues with core breakage.

turn the speaking mount around so the speaking now faces the rear.

change the ethercon connector to a right angled connector for same reasons.

supply a right angled power supply cable which also benefits from above and reduces trip hazards.


In addition to relieving stress on the speaking cable and reducing trip hazard  the speaking would also cover and protect the power but from inadvertent operation.

Changing to right angled speaking also protects the protruding cable at the back of the B2 bass bins.

with a cable straight out there can be a tendency for the cable to be bent against walls, bent or kicked or caught in the resultant loop of cable hanging out - again a trip hazard.

This is how my right angled swap out looks...


No stress on cable, less likely hood of core stress fractures, no cable loop to trip on or damage.


Photos (2)

Could also consider changing airflow vent to fans on the sides rather than in the handle well.

over Xmas just gone someone kindly placed a pint on my B2 which vibrates off in the direction of the handle / vent well. I swiped it away as it fell and only had a small amount of fluid enter the well which I immediately put tissue into and soaked up. Had the well filled there is only one place the liquid could go.

Venting from the side would mean liquids would gravitate down past vent holes - not into them.

An alternative and simpler yet would be to drill holes in the bottom of the handle / vent well as it stands.

Bluetooth app providing full control of all T-1 functions on a phone or I Pad.  We are constantly using Channel Mute, Effects mute, adjusting volumes, etc. during sets. Would be very cool to control the T-1 with an I-pad and Android compatible App. 

I've owned and used an L1 compact gigging with an acoustic duo for about 2 years. 

As others have said, XLR line input or combo would be my #1 request. Also line array off the back not front. 

Beyond that more mixer capacity but that would add cost. I've used the T1 and TS4 mixers with the L1 because I need 3 channels but moved to a tablet based system. Ideally you could make a mixer module that you could plug to the L1 or any bose system that had a tablet interface. I'd even suggest a propitiatory tablet that is part of the system. 

Oh IMHO you need to have reverb with any mixer functionality (like on the S1).  

Love my l1 products. 

I own 3 classic, 2 model 2's, 3 compacts, 4 b1's, 2 b2's, s1 pro, and 2t1's

On the t1's, I could use more inputs, but the t4 does not have enough new features for me to upgrade. 

Features that would get me to upgrade my t1's:


1/8" input

iOS control

Headphone jack with monitor/cue capability


Keep up the great work!!

I would love to see you create a new B2 Bass module that is just as efficient as the current model (or even more efficient), but weighs less. Because the current model is just so heavy. It would be nice to have a lighter model to choose from. I know you already have the B1 bass module that is lighter, but it isn't as loud. 

Thank you for allowing us loyal Bose users to make suggestions, I really appreciate it! And I look forward to seeing what the creative minds at Bose come up with next!

Hi Everybody,

Thank you for your ideas and suggestions. It's a joy when people are using their Bose products and are so enthusiastic they can imagine ways those products can be better.  

Although Bose can't comment on every suggestion or talk about future products or developments, please know - they are listening.

Thank you,


I'm using right angle speakons for the bass connection and that puts the cable pointing towards the ethercon port.

If you could turn the bass out speakon 180 degrees then a right angle speakon would not only come out facing the rear it would protect the power switch.

I have a photo if anyone needs it.

Hi ScubaBadger,

ScubaBadger posted:

I'm using right angle speakons for the bass connection and that puts the cable pointing towards the ethercon port.

If you could turn the bass out speakon 180 degrees then a right angle speakon would not only come out facing the rear it would protect the power switch.

I have a photo if anyone needs it.

Just this morning I was looking at your picture in your post above and thought - no matter which way you turn the connector, someone will observe that the right-angle connector blocks access to something.


I like to connect everything before turning on the power and turn off the power before I disconnect things. That would be hard to do that if the speakon jack was turned 180 degrees and the 90 degree connector covered the power switch.

Horses for courses


Hi ST, I think you meant you like to turn off the power before you disconnect things. 

Thanks for your thorough responses throughout the Bose forums. I've learned a lot about the products and their applications from observing the posts and responses from you and users.



Hi, grodzilla,

Nice catch. I've corrected my post above.

I appreciate your kind thoughts.  It's great we have so many Bose owners here sharing their knowledge and experiences to help each other.



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