Bose F1 Model 812 with F1 Subwoofer

Discuss the Bose F1 Model 812 and F1 Subwoofer here.

  • Live music performances
  • Bands of all styles
  • Solo musicians
  • Mobile DJs
  • Places of worship
  • Schools and universities
  • Resorts and hospitality venues
  • Business presentations

The way I look at these situations is to consider what level performance you are expecting from the speakers and how much "presence" you need. If you are hosting a somewhat acoustic show where the performance is just meant to he heard, I think you'll be fine. If you want more physical experience with thundering bass and low-mids you can feel, you might want to look at larger PA.

Hi Wave, I beg to differ. We have used the same soundman for numerous indoor and outdoor gigs over the years who exclusively employs a F1 system. We are a loud 9-piece with horns, two keyboards, two guitars and up to five vocals at a time. The F1 system takes a lickin', but keeps on ticking! As an aside, the same soundman sings in a 4-piece heavy metal group and that same F1 setup will ring the house down. Just my observation...

Hi @Mr. Hoon, my comment was not a knock on the F1. It is a very capable system and I find mine very useful. However, when I have a large crowd of kids that want their chest caving in to EDM beat that starts earthquakes down to 30Hz flat, the F1 comes up short. I can't blame it, that level of output and depth is far beyond its intended use. For those applications, I just bring more PA with something like 4x double 18" subs so I can run the subs at +6-12 dB over the mains at 140+ dB continuous.

My answer was intended to suggest that the @Ogre Joe be aware of the level of performance to expect from his system in the context of the size of his audience and their expectations. For most people, the F1 will work fine. In fact, Bose advertises that the system will cover audiences of up to 1000 people (See the bottom of the attached photo). For your garden variety 5 piece band at the local fair with a 1000 guests seated quietly in chairs in an open field? Absolutely! For a crowd of 1000 rowdy EDM fans? Bose doesn't have anything in their Portable PA portfolio for that application. For everything in between, use your best judgement.



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I have four F1 stacks and I would rate them of handling 500-600 person crowd. I like having headroom. BTW this rating is for an outdoor venues.

I think for two stacks it would depend how much stage volume the band has. The less eaten up by the stage the more you have upfront.

I have done several live sound/band shows indoors with two stacks and felt there was enough headroom for a 300 person crowd.

On a side note I think just like with any power amp the F1s system may be capable of more volume with a stout power supply vs a weak one. 

Food for thought.

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