Here are new "Custom Instrument" presets that our PS1 owners can load into presets 90-99 for the specific instruments or devices as a result of this fall's collaboration. Monster sound. This is very exciting. Stay tuned for how you can get these in your town, specific announcements soon...

[Kyle-at-Bose tweaking some info here to better reflect future preset names}

NS Design, presets series 1
Supporting instruments: NS Bass, NS Bass Cello, NS Cello, NS Viola, NS Violin

David Gage, presets series 1
Supporting instruments: Czech-Ease™ bass, Realist™ transducer for bass, Realist™ transducer for cello

LR Baggs, preset series 1
Supporting instruments: M1™ passive pickup, M1™ active pickup, X-Bridge™ passive bridge, iBeam active bridge plate transducer, Element active undersaddle pickup, X-Bridge™ bridge with Ctrl-X™ mixer, iMix™ preamp/stereo mixer

Duncan | Turner Acoustic Research™ (D-TAR), Turner Renaissance Guitars, presets series 1
Supporting instruments: Renaissance LB6 pickup, Renaissance RBS SL, Renaissance Compass Rose Ukulele, Renaissance RS-6-B, Renaissance RS-6-B, D-TAR Timber-Line™ pickup

and more.. please stay tuned.
Original Post
Hi Cliff!

Thank you for all the work that must have gone into this.

Makes taking a look at the LR Baggs and Renaissance/Turner gear - all that more enticing to me -

I'm sure that this is equally applicable for the players of the other stringed instruments too.

Nice move dude!

ST, GH et Al (Al as in Al Snyder, to be exact. Al, are you out there? You would love this).

This is all a new wave of musical instruments. It's the edge of space, in my opinion. I think Ned and Rick in particular have taken very bold steps, creating instruments that deliver "traditional tone" but don't make any sound of their own to speak of. This is, to be conservative, exceptionally difficult to do. David Gage's "CzechEase" bass is a small-body upright bass but when coupled to the system becomes a high-quality full-spectrum electric instrument for live performance. It's sort-of a bridge between a full upright and what Ned is doing. The pickups (Baggs, Gage, Duncan/Turner) are voiced with presets to simply bring out the quality of the instrument they are installed on. This recent work, besides being a thrill and inspiration for me, is a brand-new direction for the use of our system. It creates a total instrument that realizes the tone intended by these amazing and talented inventor/luthiers. Current v2 presets are simply how we (Bose) hear it. This new wave of "custom instrument" presets are totally what my collaborators want their customers to hear. Very exciting.
One more thing about the edge of space. Rick and the Seymour Duncan Company ("DTar") have collaborated on a pretty amazing little spaceship: "Mama Bear". Although a very convincing "traditional tone" can be achieved from structure and pickups on a point on the structure (like in the Renaissance guitars), it's basically very simple compared to the total sound of a real instrument. The Mama Bear box, a digital signal processor, has DSP code that adds all the other stuff that contributes to the sound of a real acoustic guitar, like structural and acoustic resonances and reflections. It's a pretty bold step. We just got one here and will be playing it soon.

Any of you reading about all this for the first time might be innerested in this post HERE, basically describing a recent preset expedition to California.

I suppose if I were pickin my own, it would be ten most closely related to acoustic guitar.

I thought maybe we would be able to download the presets and they might show up as separate tracks or files that could be minipulated into our own "playlist", that we could then arrange and load the PS1 to suit ourselves.

Will these ten preset "slots" be semi-permanent or can they be replaced at any time without messing with the current V. 2 presets?

You know I get really good, satisfying tone with my current setup, but it would be nice to match pickup to the designers EQ of choice to hear what they think is a good starting point, based on their taste and knowledge, realizing of course, that guitars, playing styles, and listening rooms vary a great deal.

thoughts for future presets....

Okay, nuff about guitars and high end digital instruments. How about fiddle scritch and hammered dulcimer thunk? Hmmm?

Probably an impossible preset wish.... but for the acoustic fiddler with a minicondensor under the bridge, and the hammered dulcimer player with pickup... the scritch and the thunk would not be missed. The partials and lovely undertones below their registers would be so welcome.

At this time, I use a 15-band EQ on each and notch em out. I bet your fancy preset-generating EQs have lots more bands than that! Twould be so lovely to have a finer sound and no heavy outboard gear box: my bandmate complains about The Box: dual EQ, dual compressor, preamp, and Furman conditioner.

Perhaps this is too way out there for foreseeable future... but let me continue putting in a word for the acoustic ones.

Mary Banshee
Perhaps this is too way out there for foreseeable future... but let me continue putting in a word for the acoustic ones.

Not so way out there Mary, I just talked to our old fiddle player last weekend who really liked our systems, I could see his wheels turning. Also, am seeing lots of dulcimer players around now that I'm frequenting the local wineries. They really need some good amplification.

Maybe two requests will get more attention, ya think?
Greetings, folks-at-Bose. Here it is a year or so later and I boldly ask again: Might there be more acoustic instruments to come in the "Special" T1 presets list?

Still thinking 'bout that hammered dulcimer. It's so much easier to run direct from the pickup than to pack another mic, mic stand, and what not. Call us spoiled.

If it would help, I could send a picture of the 15-band EQ 'preset' I've created for my bandmate's instrument. Heck, I could send an audio file comparing processed and bypassed..! (Or you could come here and we'd serve you tea and sandwiches whilst you studied the beast.)

To be fair, bandmate has not assented to a T1 yet. Still have that little sales job ahead of me. However, I know she would love to lose the clunky rack box with the dual preamps/EQs/compressors. And its sale would certainly defray a nice new T1.

BTW, I love my Taylor presets! I feel very lucky to have such luxury! Decadent, really...


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