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Designed for musicians, DJs and general PA use, the S1 Pro is the ultimate all-in-one PA, floor monitor and practice amplifier that's ready to be your go-anywhere Bluetooth music system for nearly any occasion. 

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I fell in love with the S1 so much that I bought three of them. I play acoustic gigs in small bars and coffee houses and this is perfect for it. My issue is that I like to have people sit in when I play, whether another guitar, vocal, mandolin, etc. Im looking to buy either a T1S, T4S, or T8S. I'd like to use one S1 for the L and R mains and one as a monitor. Before I invest can anyone point me in the right direction. Is it even possible to link all three together and have a nice pa sound by using a T model mixer? Which one would be best to purchase? Any advice would be helpful.

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Hi Matt8324,

Thank you for joining our Bose Portable PA Community. Welcome.

Yes, you can connect three S1 Pro systems to a T4S or T8S. It would be harder to do what you described with at T1 so I would use one of the others.

With a T4S or T8S

  • Connect Left Output to one S1 Pro system
  • Connect Right Output to the other S1 Pro system
  • Connect Aux 1 Output to the S1 Pro you are using for a monitor


To determine which is better (T4S or T8S), please tell us how many inputs you need (microphones, instruments, other) when you have people sit in. 



Thanks- I guess my other question now is do 
I need to buy tonematch chords or do they come with the T8S when you purchase it? We play folk, classic rock music. Usually happy hour settings. Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, America, CSNY, BeeGee's, Donavan, etc

Hi Matt8324,

Nice to get to know you better.  Thanks for the info!

The T8S comes complete with the ToneMatch power supply. You'll just need 1/4 inch (6 mm) Tip-Ring-Sleeve cables to give you balanced connections from the T8S to the S1 Pro systems. You can use unbalanced cables (Tip-Sleeve), but you'll get better signal to noise and greater resistance to electromagnetic noise with the balanced connections.



Matt8324 posted:

Thanks- I guess my other question now is do 
I need to buy tonematch chords or do they come with the T8S when you purchase it? We play folk, classic rock music. Usually happy hour settings. Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, America, CSNY, BeeGee's, Donavan, etc

My kind of music @Matt8324 ! Whereabouts do you perform?

@ST I do have an issue. So I bought a T8S and hooked it up as you directed. When I turn the nob to reverb and try to make the adjustments the reverb is not working at all on any of the channels. I wanted to put some reverb on my guitar and I tried it with every channel. I also tried to adjust to a mic on every channel and it is not working at all. Any thoughts?

Hi Matt8234,

Congratulations on getting your T8S.

Let's do a little troubleshooting.

  1. First - have you updated the firmware?
    See T8S Firmware Updates for instructions.

  2. Connect the S1 Pro systems to these outputs the T8S


  3. Connect a microphone to T8S Channel 1 and then set the gain staging and ToneMatch Preset as shown in this article (there's a short video)
    ToneMatch Mixer Gain Staging

  4. Let's use a Scene that has reverb enabled
    1. Turn the Rotary Selector to Scenes
    2. Select Singer Songwriter
      Load it.
    3. Turn up the volume

Do you hear reverb in the S1 Pro systems connected to the Left and Right Main Outputs?



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Thanks ST. I think I got this to work.

My other question now pertains to the tuner. When I plug my guitar into the mixer and switch to the tuner the lines on the tuner just keep moving back and forth. Almost as if its picking up noise from something else. I tried it with just the guitar plugged in and no mics and the tuner is just all over the place. Any ideas on what this could be? 

Hi Matt,

When using the tuner, make sure you have the CH EDIT button selected for channel connected to the guitar and, if you have a volume control on the guitar, turn it all the way up.  You'll probably want to mute the channel too.

Does that help?


I got the tuner to work, but I'm now having issues with feedback. Am I supposed to let the T8S control the volume level or the S1. I've given myself plenty of room between the S1's and my microphones. I am only able to turn the S1's up about one or two notches and then I start getting feedback (a loud hum) it then forces me to have to turn up the volume using the T8S. I when attempting to do so I was still getting feedback, and If i turn down the S1's all the way then there is no sound at all.


Additionally, how do I load additional scenes, Are there scenes I can load through Bose.com? I think there was only like three or four pre-loaded scenes...


Any advice is appreciated.

Hi Matt,

It's good to hear from you again. I'm sorry you're having trouble, but we can get this sorted out.

The first step is to set up the gain staging (trim setting) for each microphone and the T8S. You don't need the S1 Pro turned on for this part.

Next, let's connect the T8S to the S1 Pro system.

Turn off the S1 Pro.

Use a Tip-Ring-Sleeve cable to connect the right output (1/4" 6.35mm) output jack to the S1 Pro channel 1.

On the S1 Pro channel 1

  • Set Reverb Off
  • Bass and Treble at 12:00 o'clock
  • Volume at 11:00 o'clock

On the T8S, assuming you have set the input trims as in the video.

  • Turn the Master Volume Off
  • Turn the microphone channel volume Off
  • Mute any channels that you aren't using
  • Turn on the S1 Pro
    • Do you hear a hum or any odd noises?
    • Turn up the Master Volume
      • Do you hear a hum or odd noises?
      • Turn down the Master Volume
  • Turn the microphone channel up to 12:00 o'clock
  • Bring up the Master Volume until you can hear your microphone well

From this point on, you can leave the S1 Pro channel 1 settings as they are and control the sound with the T8S.

Things should sound good at this point. So you can try setting up the other microphones. 

If you are getting squealing feedback from the microphones, please see:

Microphone Feedback 

How do things sound now?


The ToneMatch mixers come with a few sample Scenes to give you some examples of some settings to try for different situations. You can use those Scenes or modify and overwrite them. The rest is up to you. 

Does that help?


Hi again Matt,

Once you have the first S1 Pro working, you can add the other two connected to Left Output and the Aux Output. Use the settings you had on the first S1 Pro for the others.

When you are turning things on, start with the ToneMatch Mixer (with Master Volume Off). 

Then turn on the S1 Pro systems.

When everything is powered on, you can bring up the ToneMatch mixer Master Volume.

When shutting down, turn off the S1 Pro systems first. Then you can turn off the ToneMatch mixer.


Hello all, thanks for the advice on all of this. I am experiencing a technical issue with setting up the monitor. So I did everything above to hook up my 3rd S1 to use as a monitor. The weir thing is that when I balanced cable into any of the Aux channels I’m getting a hum out of the monitor, even when the volume controls are at its lowest. It almost sounds like a power hum. Any idea what may cause this? It doesn’t come through any of the mains, just the Aux channel. I thought maybe it was the speaker so I swapped speakers and it happens with all of them. I have the Aux taps for each channel set to dry and I’m not using phantom power. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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