2 pair of bose f1 and subwoofer

Hello, DJ Stone.

Thank you for your contribution to the Bose Community. 

To All:

Bose engineered the Bose F1 Model 812 to be mounted on the F1 Subwoofer integrated stand or a tripod stand. They are not designed to be used stacked (one F1 Model 812 on top of another) as shown in the video. 

Bose Pro Community Admin  

in large venues i need more power. the only way to achieve that without phasing issues is one being above  the order (bose f1). some people use tripod stand to achieve that good. all i did was order two more bose f1 stands did some cutting and drill two hole to match the M8 thread on top of the f1. i make sure the levels and support are the same as  Bose F1 Model 812 being mounted on the F1 Subwoofer. 


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