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What are the optimum settings for zEQ and Para EQ for Karaoke singing on T1?

Sam K ·
Hi - Currently, I have an L1 Model II and T1 Tonematch using pre-built scenario of DJ/Playback in T1 and Shure 58A Beta Microphones on Channels 1-3. I use Channel 4/5 for playing Karaoke Tracks from a laptop. With this scenario I do not get much base and more treble. I was wondering whether I should set zEQ and Para EQ, but need some advise on optimum settings for Lows, Meds and Highs. Open to other suggestions. Thanks in advance! Sam K

Sub woofer for my L1 Compact and T1 Tonematch

Danny S ·
I need more base in large open areas for my solo acts and open-mic nights. Is there any way to plug in a Sub woofer into my L1 Compact with T1 Tonematch? If so how and what sub woofer to you recommend?

L1 1S Tonematch Channel Effects Question

Chris Newcomb ·
Hello, I have an L1 S1 with a T1 Tonematch. I love the system! Can you add more than one effect on a given channel under the "comp/gate" channel parameter on the rotary dial? For example, if I am running a microphone through Channel 2...can I put a compression effect on it and also add a De-esser as well. I have tried and when I go to 'Prefs' under 'Global' on the rotary dial...it shows Channel 2 with just 'cmp' and 'rev' (compression/reverb I assume) and no de-esser even after I have...

T1 blank blue screen when connected directly to L1 model 2

Cary Shumack ·
I get a blank blue screen when connected directly to the L1 model 2. The display works when connected to the optional power cord. This system is new to me. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this since I prefer to connect directly? Btw the firmware is 1.8. Presets 1.0 and Scenes 1.0

problems with T1 sticky buttons

william ·
I have a T1 that works beautifully, however when I opened it for use this evening the three "editing control" buttons and the "Phantom Power" button all feel very mushy, and the rubber sticks to my fingers. All other buttons seem to be fine. When I pushed one of the buttons to make a selection, it actually left my fingerprint in the top. I am afraid to touch or do anything more. Please let me know how i can fix them, or if they can be replaced and how I get new buttons. Is this an ongoing...

Connecting 2 S1's to L1 Model 2 w/ T1 Tonematch

Thomas 4 ·
Is it possible to use the "Party mode" Bluetooth connection between my 2 S1's, then use a TRS cable from my T1 to have all three systems play together? (Using the S1's to fill in the sound behind our guests at our acreage.) If not possible, what would be the most elegant solution? Thanks in advance!

Trouble connecting to a venues in house system

MikeS ·
I've used my T1 Tone Match with my L1 system and most recently with my S1 Pro speakers and I love them, but I recently had two venues ask me to pipe my sound through their in house audio system. Since I use my "Master Out" to go to my S1 Pros, I thought I could use that (using a TRS to RCA Y cable at one venue and to an XLR Y cable at the other) I was unable to get any sound at either venue and they had their systems up to max as did I on the T1 Tone Match. When I swapped out the T1 for a...

T1 partially unresponsive

Nick from New Zealand ·
I had the need to run a PAIR of L1 Model 2 this weekend. Last time I did this, I ran dual mono and didn't get enough separation between the sticks and it sounded bad bad bad. So this time, I set everything up, followed all the instructions for a proper stereo config and with 6 metres between them, and used a power supply for the T1. I ran from a stereo DJ mixer to ch 1 and 2. XLR to TRS. Ch1 was presumed master out. Ch2 was set up for AUX out. Here's what was wrong during the test set up.

Recording with iRig 2 and T1

Lee 5 ·
Hi I am trying to record from the T1 through an IRig2 to my phone. I can get channels 1-3 individually to record from the preamp out (no effects, eq, etc), but what I want to do is record guitar and vocal, mixed through one of my Scenes. I get no output volume to the phone from either the master or auxiliary outputs. Is there a way to do what I am trying to do? Thanks Edit Subject: Previously "Recording"

Connecting L1 Compact to VL3X & T1

TB ·
Hello all I am wanting to connect a VoiceLive 3 Extreme with my T1 and L1 Compact. Although the sound of the guitar and mic work properly when all three are connected, the T1 controls don't seem to work (can't adjust volume with mic channel etc). Also, there is no way to connect channel three or four as there are only two inputs on the Compact (guitar & mic). Any suggestions about alternative ways to connect the T1 using the VL3X? I am using a single guitar and mic but would like to add...


Jean Guénette ·
HI, I would like to add 2 more monitors with the compact L1 combine with the Tonematch T1. Is it possible to do it and how should I do it? Thank's JG

Comparing T4S channel 4 to T1 channel 4/5

ST ·
I've put together some notes about the differences between channel 4 on the T4S and the T1. The T4S channel 4 compares favourably to the T1 channel 4/5 because T4S channel 4 is fully functional like channels 1, 2, and 3. T1 channel 4/5 has one function that is not available on the T4S or T8S. T1 channel 4/5 can accept two inputs (left and right from a mixer or instrument) and convert it to mono. You can combine two inputs to mono on the T4S with the Aux inputs (channels 5/6) but there are no...

DIY T1 mixer mount onto an L1 Compact.

I, (and apparently other people) wish that my T1 tone match could mount to my L1 compact. I did review the other options and eventually purchased the Bose mic stand adapter which works well enough, but still wished for the on-the-column option. In studying/measuring the bracket inside the base which holds the column, I started looking at off the shelf items that might be able to emulate the Bose bracket and allow me to attach the T1 bracket that came stored in the lid. After a visit to one...

How do I Connect a T1 to a T8S for additional channels?

Rotnick ·
Our band now needs 10 channels. We have two T1s but are thinking of buying the T8S soon. How can we connect one of the T1s to the New T8s to expand to 12 channels? Also, am I correct that we would connect the systems using the xlr T8s outputs with XLR (female) to balanced 1/4 TRS cable into the analog inputs on each L1M2? Finally, how could we connect a third L1M2 system to the T8s if desired? Thank you for the help.

Running signal from pre amp out on T1 Tonematch to RC300

David Gauci ·
I’m running an RC 300 looper with a separate second microphone to loop vocals that connects directly from mic to looper. Everything runs to my T1 Tonematch. My T1 is the original model. I’m looking to minimize cable and gear and was wondering if I can simply run a 1/4” to XLR M cable from from the Pre amp out on my mic channel #1 straight into my looper. In theory, I could then work with one mic for both vocals and looping. Effects are not that important when looping. I’ve programmed my FX...

How do I connect an iPhone 8 to T1

Colin ·
hi , I'd like to be able to connect my iPhone 8 to my T1 , now on my older iPhone I had a lead with 2 x 1/4 jacks going to a 3.5 mini jack but iPhone 8 don't have the 3.5, so is there such a lead that I can buy does anyone know ? Kind Regards colin.

T1 Rotary selector Comp/Gate

Garry ·
Good afternoon all. A question that is not easy to put logically so I hope you can understand the meaning. If I select Comp/Gate, firstly can you use both the Compressor and the Gate together (This is input for guitar) secondly if I select comp 1 and do not bypass comp 2 and 3 are all 3 compressors working on the signal. Also if I have not bypassed the Limiter / De-esser / Kickgate 1 & 2 are they still acting on the signal? Now if you can only have 1 effect selected at a time then the...

Connecting a third party mixer to your T1

ST ·
We have a new article Connecting a third party mixer to your T1 Please click the picture above for more details including gain staging. ST

Tyros 5 with T1 and L1 Compact

derek 4 ·
Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and would like to ask if anyone could suggest or has experience of settings on the following arrangement. I have Tyros5 Keyboard with L1 compact and have just purchased the T1 Tone Match Audio Engine. derek Edit subject: Previously "suggested settings" Bose Pro Community Admin

T1 Tonematch V S1

Steveconwaymusic ·
can anyone help ? Trying to get the same warm reverb on the T1 Tonematch as I have on my S1 standard Reverb cant seem to get that lovely warm depth on the T1 steve

Popping sound on tonematch

Geddis ·
Hi I am using a Huawei t10 tablet to play backing tracks and also music via T1 tonematch mixer. The issue I am having is that there is a popping noise at the start of each track just before music plays also at the end of the track and if i hit pause there isia delayed pop. The pop is quite loud. Any ideas on how to fix?

L1 Model II with AX8 and Boss RC300 Best Preset.

Arnieus ·
I have used the Model II for years. I also own a Compact. T1 effects are good but after one too many Youtube videos I was sold on a Fractal AX8 modeler. Currently I plug into the AX8 then to a Boss Looper then to the T1. I am playing solo on a Taylor jumbo equipped with a Baggs M1 passive. I want to loop different parts with contrasting acoustic tones from the AX8. First question: I am not really sure which preset would be appropriate for FRFR modeling. Nothing in the manual really explains...

Bluetooth transmitter solution - for T1 to S1 Pro

hoohaa1 ·
Looking to purchase an S1 Pro. I already have an L1 Model 2 that has really been a game changer for me the last few years. What I'm looking for advice on is a way to extend the coverage of my L1 on occasions wirelessly to the S1 Pro. I can obviously do this with a cable, but seeing as the S1 Pro has bluetooth - can anyone recommend a simple solution that I can connect the master from my T1 tonematch to transmit the same signal to the S1 Pro - say at the other end of room for coverage? I've...

Using 2 L1's

weeo ·
Hi, Had my L1 for a couple of years now and i'm very happy with it. I'm thinking on adding another L1 (for a bigger venue). but just 1 B2 . Would this work ? I'm a Guitarist/ vocals, set up is L1, B2 and T1. Thanks for any help

Connecting T1 to the venues own system

Laymans terms ·
Hello, I would greatly appreciate some advice. I have a Bose L1m2 with a b1 and T1, I've had it 10 years and I love it. Some of the bars I play in require me to plug into their house system at the wall port on the stage, when asked to plug into these I don't get to see what the system the bar is using, very often the staff operating it switch the house system from their music to the band channel, the problem I am having is in some of the bars I can't get an output from the t1 but I can in...

T1 Tonematch and iPad Pro 2018 USB-C

TheLoungeSinger ·
Hi, Glad to be part of the community here. I've been searching everywhere to find some information about this but have been unsuccessful. I currently run my iPad 2 (old school!!) into my T1 Tonematch using a "Golden Gate" 30 pin to stereo RCA cable. I'm looking at getting a new 2018 iPad Pro with USB-C and was wondering the best method to connect this up the the Tonematch. Does anyone have any experience with plugging the iPad directly into the USB-B port on the the T1. Is there such a lead...

L1 hook up with F1

Jerome Hillier ·
Hi I was wondering …. is there an effective way of running an L1m2 (b2 Bass Module) & 1 F1(1 top 1 bottom) system together I realise they have different power capacity but can one effectivly monitor whats coming out of the F1 (front of house ) with what you have behind you (the L1) ? if so what would be the hook up ? I run both a TS8 & a T1 together at gigs and if this is an impractical way to go for whatever reason , no problem :-) cheers Jerome PS - additional info(may/ may not be...

Taylor tuning using a T1 tuner

valvenerd ·
I recently came across a video from James Taylor who said the acoustic guitar is not a precise instrument. He found a method of tuning that seems to account for the vagaries of the instrument. It requires tuning the strings a few cents flat according to the following formula. E. -3 cents; B -6 cents; G -4 cents; D -8 cents; A -10 cents; E -12 cents So on my T1 tuner how can I measure -3 cents for example? What are the graduations on the T1 screen?

ToneMatch T1 with in-ear

Jean Guénette ·
HI, I like to know how to plug in-ear in the ToneMatch 1 for a live gig. Note that I have a belt-preamp with XLR(TRS)for my in-ear. This unit have to be plug with a xlr cable to the ToneMatch 1. Any advice? Thank's. Edit title: Previously "ToneMacth 1 with in-ear"

Is this a bug in the App, S1, both or is this how it's supposed to work?

DavidE2 ·
I used two S1s at my gig last weekend and ran in stereo through the app. I played music from my iPhone, which was connected via Bose Connect. I set the bluetooth speaker volumes the same and their volume was equal. I ran two mics and an acoustic guitar through my T1 mixer, then trs from the T1 to the first S1 and then TRS from the output of the first S1 to the second. HOWEVER, when I turned the channel 1 volume up on the first S1, the volume of bluetooth music on the second S1 got much...

Static - L1 compact with T1, guitar & mic

TB ·
I am experiencing frequent static when touching the strings of my guitar. If not touching strings there is no static. I was wondering if it could be static electricity from my body but other suggestions would be appreciated. The static sounds much the same as you hear from static electricity when touching something. Any suggestions for resolution (other than "don't touch the guitar")? Thanks

Wireless transmitters

zipster048 ·
Hi, I have a Bose T1 Tonematch system and I want to have the ability to mix wirelessly. Am I able to do this and if so what are some some suggestions to wireless transmitters or iPad apps that are compatible? edit subject: previously "Wireless tansmitters"

T1 can I connect two acoustic guitars and two microphones?

KevinW ·
I need to connect two acoustic guitars and two microphones to my Tonematch 1. Can I do this? (chnl1 - mic, chnl2 - guitar, chnl 3 - mic, chnl 4 guitar) Edit subject: Previously "ToneMatch1 and L1 Compact" Bose Pro Community Admin

Connecting T1 Tonematch to mixer.

Darren Holt ·
Need assistance for connecting HP Omen laptop to Yamaha MGP12X mixer to T1 tonematch with L1 model2 I also have 3 mics that will be connected as well. All and any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Darren Holt.

Cracked display on T1

cc407 ·
Bad packing caused the main display panel to crack on my T1. The display still works. Do you suppose that just covering it with clear packing tape is good enough? If not, any idea how much it would cost to replace the panel? ( I bought the item used and there was no hard cover)

Knobs on the T1 are Sticky

FrankieG ·
Some of the knobs on my T1 have become sticky, like the rubber has broken down a bit. Anyone else experience this? Are are the knobs replaceable and how/where would I go to get them? Thanks.

Gain Staging for T1 to two S1s

DavidE2 ·
Last night I used two S1s for my acoustic duo (one guitar, two vocals). I ran the guitar and vocals into my T1 mixer which was connected to input 1 on an S1 with a TRS 1/4" cable. I then ran another TRS 1/4" cable from the output of the first S1 to the second S1. I set the input volumes of each S1 at noon to control the volume from the mixer. I was surprised that the volume of the first S1 was very quiet while the second in the chain was loud. I swapped the positions of the two S1s to...

BOSE T1 tone match replacement knob

Piero Garmendia ·
Hello Everyone, I am a very Fan of Bose. I have lost the one of the Volume "tonematch" knob from my T1 mixer. I have called Bose support to buy another however but they say they cannot sell me one which is disappointing. Do you know where i could purchase or if these are available elsewhere? Attached Picture.

T1 ToneMatch audio engine reverbs...?

studoc ·
Hi all, Bought this unit recently, for live solo gigs. Been pretty handy and compact, have read a bit, fiddled a bit, set scenes and changed them.... A bit surprised to find the reverbs lacking any depth.. There are several to choose from, I dial in something in the rehearsal room and of course at the gig am generally looking for a little more, but it just doesn't seem to have any more to offer. Has anyone else had similar experiences..? I find I prefer the reverb on the Yamaha stagepas and...

Red light and clipping using S1 pro with T1 mixer.

AlzHammers ·
Hi all... I did a gig tonight using the S1 pro thru the T1 mixer and the sound was really bad. The red light was almost constant and was clipping a lot. I have also noticed that when i use the T1 with other speakers (in this case an RCF Evox 8 V2) and daisy chain out to the S1 pro it sounds great. The S1 actually improves the sound coverage and quality, yet when I use T1 connected directly to the S1 pro, it clips really badly. I have tried reducing the source volume to compensate, but to no...

Setting Up....

StoneBose ·
Greetings: I just purchased a Bose T1 Mixer. Need some suggestions on setting this up. I am a Acoustic guitar performer. I have 2 signals coming out of my acoustic. I have one in channel 1 and the other in channel 2. I then take the Master output and connect it to my Looper pedal, then my Stymon Big Sky Reverb pedal. The output of the Reverb pedal goes to the house P.A. Other performers that I see (who also have a Bose T1) said they send 2 signals to the house P.A. 1 line direct from the...

T1: Setting up with Acoustic Guitar with two outputs, and a looper

StoneBose ·
Greetings: I just purchased a Bose T1. I am a solo acoustic guitar performer. I have 2 signals coming out of my Taylor 810 acoustic. 1 from LR Baggs Lyric goes to channel 1 and 1 from the original Taylor ES system goes to channel 2. I then take the master output and go through my looper pedal, then a reverb pedal. The output of the reverb pedal goes to the house PA. I see other artist (who also has a Bose T1) say they take a line out of the T1 and go straight to the house...then they take...

Reverb + Other FX for an outdoor setting

Stevie C ·
Hi, Firstly I just wanted to say what a great resource this forum is and the lack of trolls and negative comments is so refreshing (and rare) these days. I've been a more than happy L1 T1 user for approximately 10 years and counting. I don't like getting bogged down in details and I love just finding a good sounding preset for each instrument, plug in and play...beautiful! I've had wonderful feedback over the years on the clarity of my sound (both the PA and hopefully my performance!) but...

Presets for Yamaha Electro Acoustics

steview22 ·
I'm about to take delivery of a Yamaha AC5R Electro Acoustic Guitar. I'm a long time Yamaha player and L1 user and it has always frustrated me that we can't get T1 presets for the most recent Yamaha guitars. My other Yamaha acoustic is an APX20D. I've tried various Taylor and Martin presets but nothing quite hits the spot. Come on Bose, lets have some love for the Yamaha players out there!

Input volume difference between combo jacks (1,2,3) and line inputs (4/5) on T1 Tonematch Engine?

kevinaugustine ·
Hi guys Just a brief question. Should there be a small drop off in sound (5-10%) between the combo jack inputs (1-3) and line inputs 4/5 on the Tone match mixer. I was doing up settings on my Nylon stringed guitar and noticed a difference when I took it from input (2 in this case) and put it into 4/5 The trims, channel volume and master volume were the same on both and both channels were setup identically (same preset, eq, delay, compression reverb etc) Thanks as always! Kevin

T1 to L1 Model 1S and L1 Model II

rustyr1 ·
I own an L1 Mod1s and T1 tone match and B2. I purchased an L1 Mod II and B2 bass. I'm trying to run both systems through the T1. Any ideas? Thanks Edit Subject: Previously "running two systems together" Bose Pro Community Admin

T8S and T1 with Taylor T5 Preset

Steinberger ·
✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - ✄ I have a Taylor acoustic and applied the T5 setting. The original T1 feels tight and clean.. the T8s seems to be very bright and loss of volume both at the same setting. ✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - ✄ - ✂ - ✄ Maximilan de Souza This topic is spun off from T8s Reverb issues - T8s Vocal quality to deal with the question of the Taylor T5 Preset separately. Bose Pro Community Admin
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Feedback / Microphone

ST ·
What is feedback and how does it occur? Feedback occurs when the sound from the loudspeaker (or loudspeakers if a microphone is connected to more than one) is louder at the microphone than the sound of the voice. This fundamental fact is shown in the figure below. Note that in the diagram an L1 system is shown but the same fundamental fact is true for ANY loudspeaker. If you understand this diagram, it is relatively easy to understand how changes in an amplification system and room can...

Re: How do I set up my microphone with the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine

S70XS_user ·
Great video - explains things so simply. Thanks!

Re: T1® Gain Staging a Microphone

ST ·
Comments or questions about this video? Please follow the link below. How do I set up my microphone with the T1 ToneMatch® audio engine
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