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What are the optimum settings for zEQ and Para EQ for Karaoke singing on T1?

Sam K ·
Hi - Currently, I have an L1 Model II and T1 Tonematch using pre-built scenario of DJ/Playback in T1 and Shure 58A Beta Microphones on Channels 1-3. I use Channel 4/5 for playing Karaoke Tracks from a laptop. With this scenario I do not get much base and more treble. I was wondering whether I should set zEQ and Para EQ, but need some advise on optimum settings for Lows, Meds and Highs. Open to other suggestions. Thanks in advance! Sam K

Sub woofer for my L1 Compact and T1 Tonematch

Danny S ·
I need more base in large open areas for my solo acts and open-mic nights. Is there any way to plug in a Sub woofer into my L1 Compact with T1 Tonematch? If so how and what sub woofer to you recommend?

Can I connect an L1 and S1 Pro to a Yamaha MG12XU mixer at the same time?

KMAC 3 ·
I have a Yamaha MG12XU mixer. Can I run both my L1 and S1 speakers through this mixer at the same time? Edit Subject: Previously "L1 and S1" Bose Pro Community Admin

L1s and compact with t8s and monitors?

Charlie ·
I have a job this weekend where I would like to use my L1s and compact as the “mains” on either side of the stage, but I may have to use a qsc and/or my s1 pro wedge as well (for the drummer and the lead singer). I just got the t8s, but I’m not entirely sure how to connect all this properly. My assumption is to use 1/4in trs cables from the outs on the t8s into the L1s and channel 2 on the compact. Would I run the wedges into the main outs on the t8s?

Not playing back Mp3/aux(background music) properly

nathan lugo ·
Hello there, i just received the bose L1 M2 with B2 bass sub and t4s mixer and i gotta say it sounds great but i've run into an issue. It sounded great when i plugged my acoustic guitar in but when i tried to play spotify from my phone ( 1/8in aux cable to 1/4in adapter into 5/6 aux on t4s) it only plays one of the speakers/pans(right or left) and then when i add a splitter(two 1/4 in to one) and plug that into both 5/6 it does the other speaker in the mix. Am i doing something wrong? or...

L1 classic half work

Fin ·
Hi to you all, I am Fabrizio from Italy. I have a couple of used (not by me) L1's classic with 4x B1. One is perfect, the other nope. I run them always with a line input in the input 3 (at volume 3) and already tried the input 4. The broken system sound awful, No eq and NO x-over. I have full range in the sub output, Removed the radiator and checked the 3 amps individually. All works correctly if driven from their inputs. If I use one of the classic line inputs (3 and 4) in every amps out I...

L1 Model I, no response from B1 Bass module

ScubaBadger ·
Have an L1 M1 with issues and seeking advice. The bass won't work. If we unplug the bass unit the 24 speaker work fine and I can hear the music. (Just less bass). Plug the bass in and the whole lot sounds very tinny. There's also a nasty buz now when we turn the unit on. Checked all leads, bass feed and link for second B1. any advice on other checks please ? Edit Subject: Previously "L1 M1" Bose Pro Community Admin

L1 1S Tonematch Channel Effects Question

Chris Newcomb ·
Hello, I have an L1 S1 with a T1 Tonematch. I love the system! Can you add more than one effect on a given channel under the "comp/gate" channel parameter on the rotary dial? For example, if I am running a microphone through Channel 2...can I put a compression effect on it and also add a De-esser as well. I have tried and when I go to 'Prefs' under 'Global' on the rotary dial...it shows Channel 2 with just 'cmp' and 'rev' (compression/reverb I assume) and no de-esser even after I have...

No power

bobbyniemi ·
I think the fuse blew last night on my L1 Model I. How do I tell if it is blown? Also, I don't remember getting a spare fuse when I bought it.

Connecting Tone Match 8 to L1 Compact via xlr

Phil Milligan ·
Hello, When I connect my ToneMatch 8 ch with my L1 Compact via xlr to xlr, I get a loud hiss. When I go mono 1/4" to xlr via transformer connection, the hiss subsides 90%. (still a little line noise, but not distracting). Is there a reason the xlr out to xlr in would be so noisy? Thank you for your time!

B2 Bass Module cutting out intrmitantly

Kelticdave ·
I've been using my Bose L1 Model 2 system with B2 Bass Module for 4 years now.. I love the system but have been experiencing problems with the bass module pretty much since I bought the system.. Basically sometimes when I set up my PA I would have nothing coming from the Bass at all.. I always have at least 2 of every lead/ cable handy in case of emergencies.. but changing cables didn't help.. then without warning it would start working again.. a bit of a pain but at least it always started...

iPod (1/8 inch/3.5 mm out) to L1 Model 2 (not compact/not using ToneMatch mixer)

TommyG2019 ·
I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't find an exact answer. If I have an iPod (or laptop, etc.) with only a 3.5 mm out jack, how do I plug this into my L1? The L1 only takes a single 1/4 inch input. I understand the 1/4 input to the L1 is mono. My output from my iPod or similar would be stereo. Somewhere along the route the stereo signals will need to be merged. My understanding is using a single cable to merge the signal from stereo to mono is not a good solution. It's a bit...

Bose L1 Classic-Replacement lid for control panel on Base Unit

violinsongz ·
Hello - my guitar player accidentally broke off the lid that covers the controls on my Bose L1 Classic Base. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement for this? Thank you!

Using 2 Bose L1s but just one B2 as FOH Left/Right

MicklePickle ·
I'm a sound guy and have been using a Bose L1/B2 system for several years for smaller venues. But a single Bose tower is mono and I miss the width of a stereo system, especially for keyboards and special effects like reverb and delay. I'd like to use two Bose L1 towers but just one B2. This will help reduce the phase issues (hot and dead spots) associated with two subs running in a small room. Is this feasible? Would I need to make significant adjustments? Thanks.

Mixing L1 / F1

koop1975 ·
Hello, my band is just gearing up and we are using my L1 Model II with (2) B1 bass modules and a T1 to handle my vocals and acoustic guitar during practice. I also have a F1 stack, but only one side (collecting dust). I love the way the L1 sounds, and how easy it is to set up/take down. The F1 stack is fine too, but I need to figure out my next move. My question is, is there any way to have both systems play nicely together? In other words, can I use what I have and add one more piece of the...

T1 blank blue screen when connected directly to L1 model 2

Cary Shumack ·
I get a blank blue screen when connected directly to the L1 model 2. The display works when connected to the optional power cord. This system is new to me. What am I doing wrong and how can I fix this since I prefer to connect directly? Btw the firmware is 1.8. Presets 1.0 and Scenes 1.0

Intermittent Problems with PS1 Power Stand

Patty ·
We have two LI Model 1 systems that we purchased ten years ago for a small acapella chorus. One of the power stands is working intermittently. If we let it warm up for 15-20 minutes it works OK but we haven't tested it through an hour-long performance. I contacted BOSE and was told that the newer power stands will not accept the L1 Cylindrical Radiator Speakers that fit into our current base. Do I have any other option other than replacing both the power stand and the speakers?

Adding External Equalizer

Prota-Zha ·
I have a Bose L1 Model 1 with 2 B1 Bass modules. While I do like the unit and it's power, I am not satisfied with the overall tone. Are there any suggestions regarding which EQ would work well with the L1 to effect the overall sound of 'whatever' is going through it? The Bose EQ is way above my budget of $80 to $150. Also, would I use the insert for this application? Thank you... T

Minimum distance between 2 L1 compacts in a live perfomance

sjrippe ·
Hi, I play in a duo and we have two L1 compacts, overall they work great. Sometimes we play using both L1 compacts. I noticed that sometimes it sounds like we are getting some sound interference, the two modules creating different sound waves that essentially collide. When using two systems is there a specific minimum distance the two units need to be at?

L1 Compact range

pagoos ·
In a bright 20' wide x 60' long x 13' high room, do I need any additional speaker partway down the room to have balanced amplification level and audio imaging with the L1 Compact placed at one end of the room?

Adding the bottom speakers to L1 array

justacoustic ·
I have the L1 array. The top part of the array has the 12 speakers, but the bottom half is just the stand. Can I add the bottom 12 speakers/stand to my system, and if so where can I purchase it. I have been looking and can't seem to find it online. Thanks for any help

Solo artist - Using Backing Tracks and Live Guitar. Trying to decide on Bose L1S or M2 with B1 or B2

Stang ·
My Setup: Bose L1 Compact, Stratocaster into Boss GT100, Professional Grade Backing Tracks on iPad With OneTrack. For the acoustic part of my show I’m using a Breedlove C350cme direct into the T1. Vocal Mic= SM58 I perform everything from Sinatra to 311 to SRV. I have been using this setup for 7 years and have been very happy with my sound except on outdoor gigs or larger venues. Trying to project in an outdoor venue can be difficult with the Compact. It is also difficult to overcome crowd...

L1 Compact with Digitech Vocalist Live Harmony Pedal - which channel?

Frankie P ·
Jus picked up an L1 compact.. play a solo set using guitar and vocals. I run both instrument and vocal mic through a Digitec “Vocalist” Live Harmony pedal. This would then plug using XLR cable into one channel of my PA. Should I plug this setup into the mic side (XLR cable) or do I need to pick up a cable with male XLR plugged into output of pedal to a TRS male plugged into Channel 2 of this rig. Plugged into channel one would be easiest because I have everything Id need but I don’t want to...

Connecting 2 S1's to L1 Model 2 w/ T1 Tonematch

Thomas 4 ·
Is it possible to use the "Party mode" Bluetooth connection between my 2 S1's, then use a TRS cable from my T1 to have all three systems play together? (Using the S1's to fill in the sound behind our guests at our acreage.) If not possible, what would be the most elegant solution? Thanks in advance!

L1 compact buzzing

houpts ·
I have a Bose L1 compact. A while ago, it started making a hum or buzz when I turn the volume up. It's very distracting and it seems to be getting worse. I don't know what to do about it. I'm playing a guitar through a Baggs Venue, but it also happens with a Radial Tonebone preamp. The louder the volume, the louder the buzz.

buzzing in the L1 compact

houpts ·
I have a Bose L1 compact. A while ago, it started making a hum or buzz when I turn the volume up. It's very distracting and it seems to be getting worse. I don't know what to do about it. I am playing guitar through a Baggs Venue, but it also happens with a Radial Tonebone. The louder the volume, the louder the buzz. Help!!!!

Larger Venue Signal Chain Concern

Tom 8 ·
Hi. I just got my L1 Model II, B1 Bass and T8S last week and have been rehearsing with my acoustic-duo mate in my home studio. I'm excited to be free of my old live sound system, and I've been able to find answers to all the question I can think of except one. And I'm afraid this one might bite me if I don't get some expert advice. Q: What's the proper way to set up the trim on the power base, and how does this relate to the master volume setting on the T8S? I've successfully set the channel...

L1 Model II as a Roland kit stage monitor?

psap ·
I have a L1 model II with a single B1 and the TonMatch that I have used for small group gigs a couple of times - all acoustic guitars and mics. I have been invited to gig with my Roland V-drums for the first time (totally intimidated now), here is the situation. The band has one mixer channel for me and only 2 floor monitors for all four of us. They do have two powered subwoofers and some nice powered mains. I am concerned that I will not be able to here myself in the back from the floor...

10 Years of L1 System Use Still & Sounding Great!

jdbassentertainment.com ·
We have been using the L1 Systems for 10 years now! It has been an exciting journey... Here's two pictures that show our set-up progression! We started up with the Model I/ B1's and now we use Model II's with B2's and we couldn't be happier! Way to go Bose!!!

Kemper Profiling Amp and the L1 Model II, (or L1 Compact or S1 Pro)

ST ·
I was telling a buddy about my great experience playing a Mesa Boogie Lonestar 30 1x12 combo amp over the weekend. He's a drummer but he knows that amp and really likes it. The fellow who owns it saw how much I liked it and offered to sell it to me at a great price. Why? Because both he are the amp are 65 (amp in pounds, he in years) and although he loves the sound, he hates moving it around. A few years ago I might have snapped up that amp in a heartbeat. But as I told my buddy the drummer,...

L1 Compact pair needed Dec. 8, 2018, Fontana, WI

Violinist ·
We are looking to rent a pair of Bose L1 compact speakers at a Christmas party for the violinist, December 8th in Fontana, Wisconsin. Please let usus kn the availability of these speakers for rental in the Milwaukee area. Thank you, Alan

Connecting L1 Compact to VL3X & T1

TB ·
Hello all I am wanting to connect a VoiceLive 3 Extreme with my T1 and L1 Compact. Although the sound of the guitar and mic work properly when all three are connected, the T1 controls don't seem to work (can't adjust volume with mic channel etc). Also, there is no way to connect channel three or four as there are only two inputs on the Compact (guitar & mic). Any suggestions about alternative ways to connect the T1 using the VL3X? I am using a single guitar and mic but would like to add...


Jean Guénette ·
HI, I would like to add 2 more monitors with the compact L1 combine with the Tonematch T1. Is it possible to do it and how should I do it? Thank's JG

Performing with the L1 Model II

Stan the Saxman ·
Hello fellow L1 users. I want to share an experience I had this past June that typifies my experience with the L1 product line. I am a solo entertainer. I sing and play alto/tenor sax. Most of my repertoire consists of Jazz Standards. I live in NE Ohio. My venues include restaurants, wineries, country clubs, weddings, parties, corporate events and festivals. I have been a Bose user since 2006. I currently have the L1 classic, 2 L1 Model II, 2 B1, 1 B2, 1 Compact, 2 ToneMatch and 1 T4S. Not...

2 B1s in place of B2

Fretgames ·
Hello fellow Bose enthusiast. I have a L1 M2 and I was thinking of retiring my B2 with much regret, as I love the sound. I can't deal with the weight and size with my shoulders. I'm a solo guitarist and vocalist. I play acoustic and electric. I use a Trio to make my backing tracks. The bass, drums and various keyboards, sound awesome through my current configuration. I don't D J though I have used it a number of times in theaters and outdoors events. I'm worried that the system will loose...

DIY T1 mixer mount onto an L1 Compact.

I, (and apparently other people) wish that my T1 tone match could mount to my L1 compact. I did review the other options and eventually purchased the Bose mic stand adapter which works well enough, but still wished for the on-the-column option. In studying/measuring the bracket inside the base which holds the column, I started looking at off the shelf items that might be able to emulate the Bose bracket and allow me to attach the T1 bracket that came stored in the lid. After a visit to one...

Advice please on L1® Model II system with B2 bass

Jim Hynd ·
Hi. Think I joined here years ago when we started our duo. Got some great advice then and am hoping for some more as we're now both retired but amazingly still getting employment in bars and small venues. I play in a rock duo - covers of all sorts and we use backing tapes, mainly for drums/ bass but also a little piano ( I'm not great on it). We play the backings ( mono) from an iPad using the Onsong app for the lyrics. When we started about 8 years ago we bought: 2X L1 Model 1s ( pole and...

El One The Inventor appearing Saturday with Wachadoo

El One ·
At the Natick Elks Club, Natick MA. www.natickelks.org . Saturday night. See our website www.wachadoo.com for everything you ever needed to know. Plus you can sign up for our mailing list. "Not happy with your life insurance?" This is better. We’ll be playing all original songs from our first album (“Say What?”) and from our newest, “Little White Lie”, now in final edits. Simply put, this is a rare musical treat for all. Even though we’re not playing famous songs by fancy A-list artists,...

Speaker recommendation

Joseph Ford ·
Hey bose family, wanted your suggestion on what system to get. We're a church in a 100ft x 50ft building with a raised stage(25ft-35ft) along the middle of the long side. We're currently using 2 Model L1 compacts as the main speakers . Sitting at either edge of the stage in front of the musicians, singers, and preacher. While these sound clear they lack in base and there at the limiter often. So were thinking of upgrading and using the compacts as monitors for them. What do you suggest?

Using looper multi-instrumentalist

Bill Coward ·
I want to play loops through my Pigtronix Infinity and Bose L1/1S/B1 system. Right now I'm sending two keyboards, a vocal mic, a "guitar" (actually a Banjola going into a Trace Acoustic) and a Beat Buddy into a TouchMix 8, using the stereo outs to go into two Bose towers. I put the Infinity looper between the TouchMix and the towers. I'm getting lots of hum/hiss. But I'm looking forward to a lot of fun with this. Just set up the system today. I'll be experimenting with it a lot tomorrow.


TequilaTom ·
Greetings all, is it possible to Bluetooth the L1 compact to the S1 Pro using the Soundtouch wireless Link Adapter? Basically take the output of the L1 into the Soundtouch adapter and then connect via Bluetooth to be able to use the S1 as a remote speaker???

Using a powered mixer with an L1 Compact

smilnjac ·
My wife is starting to sing with me. Can we use a powered mixer to run both our vocals into the mic channel. Similarly I assume there is no way to use and in ear monitor system. I have an L1 compact system. edit title: Previously "using a mixer" Bose Pro Community Admin

Adjusting Trim, Volume and Feedback

Chris 9 ·
I am a member of an acoustic duo. I know very little about sound system management. We need help! We are using an L1 II, B1 and 2 Tone Match 1 units. First TM1 is connected to the analog input on the L1. Second TM1 is connected to the digital input of the L1. Two Microphones go straight into channels 1 & 2 of the first TM1 . One Resonator Electric guitar runs through Boss pedals and Radial PZ-Pre Preamp to channel 4 of the first TM1 (this guitar needs a boost). One acoustic guitar goes...

using L1 model II as FOH

Shawn 5 ·
Hi all I am trying to run 2 BOSE L1 systems as FOH for a 3 piece band. I connected the L1's to my presonus studiolive AR12 desk left and right main outputs to Bose system analog inputs on the power stands using XLR to mono jack leads but found that one system was louderthan the other.I had to turn up the trim control one the quieter one to about 3'oclock the the other had the trim control at about 12'oclock in order to get a similar amount of volume output from both systems. Am I usingthe...

Vocalist with Big Band

TMcCray ·
Hi - We have an L1 M2 with a B2 and the ToneMatch with 4 channels. The band consists of 5 tpt, 4 tbn, 6-7 sax, bass, drums, piano and vocalist. The only thing that is usually miked is the vocalist. Our last gig we used the L1 for the piano, too, which worked very well, I am not sure if we will continue with that setup or not. We perform in a wide range of spaces, generally either a large room, such as an activity room in a retirement home, or outside with an audience of 100-200 people. We...

Bose L1 Model 1 - Orange Power Light

VooDooFuzz ·
Ugh. Was happily using my treasured L1 yesterday when all of a sudden the sound died. The Power on light now stays orange and the two input channel signal light red, all with everything unplugged. Reading around am I right in thinking this is a back to Bose to fix? It wouldn't be something simple like a blown fuse etc? Many thanks in advance. cheers Adam.

L1 Compact distorted

Dbuelle ·
My L1 compact after about an hour or so gets distorted . When I turn off for a couple hours it works fine. This unit is probably 3 years old or so. I don'y use much. Suggestions on what part to replace. Maybe amp or power supply over heating. When it does it, it has sound, very low and distorted. Thank you in advance for your help!

Power on but no sound from L1 Classic

Eric Shaw ·
Hello, I have 3 L1 Classics that have been trouble free since 2003. One of them however has decided to go quiet on me. The power LED comes on and the signal LED on the channel 1 and/or 2 show that the signal is present to the amp. I can hear a faint hiss in the tower but nothing else. Any suggestions?

T4S Aux 5/6 and Analog L/R Output

KyleT ·
Backstory: My band has eight members. My guitar player (Jan) has an (2) older L1 M1 Bose System with a T1 audio engine daisy chained together. It works great as a stand alone. I have a newer L1 Mll system with a T4S tonematch and I am attempting to put my system into the mix. I have most everything working OK but I am having level issues. This following is how I have it patched together. I am routing the XLR line out of Channel 1 of the L1 M1 base (Jan's system) and patching it into the 1...

Tyros 5 with T1 and L1 Compact

derek 4 ·
Hi everyone I'm new to the forum and would like to ask if anyone could suggest or has experience of settings on the following arrangement. I have Tyros5 Keyboard with L1 compact and have just purchased the T1 Tone Match Audio Engine. derek Edit subject: Previously "suggested settings" Bose Pro Community Admin