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Posker posted:

Great video!

I have a problem with a condenser mike I purchased. It's an Apex 415 which uses phantom power. I can't seem to get any volume out of it without feedback. I've been on the phone with Bose for several hours with no help.

The L1 model II is about 30 feet away from the microphone. Bose told me the closest mike to use was the Shure SM58 (even though it is not a condenser mike).

Any ideas?

We still need some more information please.

Which Apex condenser microphone do you have? Please give us a link to the owners guide.

How are you using the microphone? Vocals, instrument?

How far is the microphone from the sound source?

How large is the room where you are using this microphone.

What other Bose Portable PA equipment are you using (L1 Compact, L1 Model 1S, L1 Model II, S1 Pro)?  L1 Model II

Do you have a ToneMatch mixer (T1, T4S, T8S)?

What are people doing while you are performing?

Thank you,