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DR. Roadkill posted:

i just got my L1 Compact and decided to go ahead and invest in the T1 (for $299 how could I not?!)

Congratulations. This is a great combo.

the down fall of the T1 for me is the lack of channels. Two part question:

1: can I use the mic channel on the L1 in coordination with the T1?


I realize that I would have to adjust the levels for the "extra" mic at the L1 base but would it interfere with the operation of the T1 or L1 Compact performance.

No interference.

Please note: The L1 Compact Channel 1 input (XLR input) has a ToneMatch Preset built-in. It's equivalent to the T1 

Category: Vocal Mics
Preset: Handheld Mics

So anything you run through channel 1 will have this ToneMatch Preset applied to it.

2: can I use a mini xlr mixer with independent level controls per channel and connect to one of the xlr inputs on the T1 to expand the number of xlr channels?


I understand that all the mics running through that channel will be sharing any eq and/or effects. 

If your mixer has 1/4" (6.35 mm) outputs, connect those to the T1 channel 4/5.  That way, you'll get both outputs of the mixer (assuming it's a stereo mixer).

So far I've only used my L1 at one small solo gig where I plugged directly into the L1 Compact.

oh, one other question about setting level on the Compact. Is occasional flashing "Red" ok or should it not hit in the red at all? 

Occasional flickers are okay.  If you hear distortion, turn down the volume.

Thank you!


I'm glad you're here.



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