Reply to "Using the mic channel on my Compact while still using the T1"

I connect the main out on the T1 to the little ART Headphone Amp input. From there one out channel to the Bose L1 Compact, the other to my monitor. Use the other 2 outputs to other things, like headphones. Try it out at home first, until you get the setup & mix right, so it'll work fine on your next gig. You'll need to get used to setting the Volume for the L1 Compact via the small mixer now, not via the T1 anymore. 

Here is my entire setup for Solo gigs: 

- L1 Compact

- T1 Mixer  (Ch. 1 = Mic, Ch. 2 = Guitar, Ch. 3 = iPad/Tracks, Ch. 4/5 = Reverb)

- ART mini Mixer with 1 input and 8 outputs (4 big Jacks, 4 small Jacks) 

- Strymon Blue Sky reverb for my mic (which I loop out of Ch. 1 into Ch. 4) 

- Strymon El Capistan delay for Guitar (guitar direct into unit, into Ch. 2)

- Active floor monitor, volume controlled from the ART mini mixer. 

Hope this helps.