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PS1 Power Stand

Lesson: Leaving it in the bag
It is okay to do this if you like (and personally I find it a lot quicker for setup/teardown)

Hilmar speaks about the heat (relates to leaving it in the bag).

quoting Cliff-at-Bose about the flip-up door on the Power Stand, and getting the L1 with bayonet into the bag:

"I took my cover off right away and couldn't even tell you where it is right now. The carry bag for the PS1 seems to do a good job of keeping things clean in storage, the trunk, in transit. For the upper L1 section, turn it upside down, grab it by the bayonet, lower it into the bag and the bayonet should tuck into the top just fine."

Lesson: No Sound? Look down the well.
See No Sound - thanks to Joseph for this one.

Lesson: Battery Power?
see: Battery Power not recommended
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