Reply to "T8S Reverb doesnt sound as good as on T1 at all"

Hi Daniel,

I've found out a little more - and made corrections to my posts above.

First - the Reverb engine in the T4S/T8S is new and improved from the T1®.

As a result, there is no direct mapping from the T1® settings to the T4S/T8S.

Here is how the percentages are applied to each type of reverb.

Time is
Time Range
for each

Type        Time Range
Plate0 – 4.6 s
Small0 – 0.8 s
Medium0 – 1.9 s
Large0 – 3.5 s
Cavern0 – 7.0 s

So your Medium 1.7 seconds on the T1® becomes

Medium 90%  (1.7/1.9 = 90%) on the T8S.

Try turning up the Mix to 50% and experimenting with the Brightness.