Reply to "S1 Pro battery draining when not in use"

Michael M posted:
ST posted:

Hi Michael,

I'm sorry you've had this poor experience with S1 Pro systems.  

This is all late-breaking news and we'll have more details for you early next week.

Thanks for your patience.


No need for apologies. Bose has been very responsive on trying to take care of it. While the circumstance hasn't been perfect, I've been able to use my units regularly and have just had to go to the extra step of checking to make sure they were fully charged the day before. Bose has replaced my units multiple times, providing return shipping labels and overnight delivery. I posted regularly because I was hoping Bose would figure it out (I was one of the first to post about the issues months ago.) I'm very satisfied with my S1 Pros and am truly hopeful that they really did find the issue. Once the batteries stay charged like they should, I'll be even more satisfied with them!

I have 2 S1 pro speakers.  One without any issues and the other one has the same battery issue as you have been experiencing. I haven't called Bose support on this yet but I plan to soon.  What I just started doing in the meantime is taking the battery out of my second S1 Pro after it is fully charged and putting it back in when I need to use it.  Temporary fix that works for me as I dont use my second speaker as much as it is more of a back up speaker and practice speaker that I can easily plug in when used at home.  I have decided to so this as from what I have heard, the battery is not the is the speaker that is slowly draining the battery when it is not in use.