Reply to "Red light on - battery re-install didnt help"

Hi Joshua,

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I'm sorry you're having a problem with the solid red LED on your S1 Pro.

Joshua posted:


 When my unit is plugged, the light on the back is red. I read what to do, and took the battery out and then re-installed - but it is till red. What can I do!? I bought in September of this year. Thanks

Please check these steps for me.

  • Does the unit work on AC power when the battery is not installed?
  • Trickle charge the battery for four hours
    • Install the battery in the S1 Pro
    • Plug the unit into AC power
    • Put the power switch in the off (middle position)
    • Let it charge for at least four hours
    • Is the red LED still on?

If the LED is still on after trickle charging for four hours, please contact Bose Support tomorrow. They will help you.

Bose® Product & Technical Support at (877) 335-2673
(U.S. and Canada only)
Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM ET
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