Reply to "Porchboard Bass - Check it out!"

I just got off the phone with the R&D guy with Porchboard. FUN conversation!

Big news...

They have 2.5 models now...
the original in solid mahogany now two in segmented pine. The pine is assembled in Butcher-block style and comes in clearcoat or a med stain ( he said somewhere between Mahogany and redwood I think )
The mahogany is now under 500 bucks and the pine is under 300 .

They are trying out some synthetics also and may have a new model in the works in the future.

They have a V-CD you can order ...tho they are back-ordered at the moment.

Since this is available almost exclusivly direct...they have a try-it-for-x-days deal right now so you can send it back if it doesn't float your boat.

btw, Willy Nelson's band uses one now <g>